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The answer to everything

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posted on Aug, 6 2003 @ 03:46 PM
greyhaven u must think that nothing exists but you, because tahts the only thing that can be proved with hardcore evidence

posted on Aug, 14 2003 @ 01:41 PM
How'd you know Banjo? This is the Matrix and you are all just part of a program... **rolls eyes** You can't prove that I exist... I can only prove to MYSELF that I exist. "I think, therefore I am". Us sentient beings, as we are by definition, self aware, are not bound to be aware of others. However, all matrix BS aside, I know this keyboard I'm typing on is real because I can feel it, and see it, (it doesn't really smell though... and I'm not about to try to taste it). That's what I'm looking for... evidence of the truth of this man's story. His story if chuck full of errors and wild prophecies... with NO evidence.

Come on... you can't tell me that if you were taken aboard an alien craft in the manner in which this guy was, that you wouldn't try to snag some evidence. This guy claims to have been aboard their ship(s) on several occasions... and has crap to show for it. At least most hoaxers will try to fake a picture or some footprints where they landed or something.

Believe what you want, I'm just telling you that IN MY OPINION, this guy is full of it.

"If you look for the truth hard enough, you'll find it everywhere."

posted on Feb, 18 2007 @ 06:09 AM
Damn dude, i read his whole compendium, i thought he might have been telling the truth, because it sure is laid out well and he is very clear with all his interpretations.

What sort of person would sit there and write that and pass it off as if he is one of the few 'true' 'legitimate' Contactees?

I'm sick of this absolute rubbish that people are thrown into the mix for what ever reason, we need a task force that just patrols for bull# and then setup a website.. Fight ignorant false reporting with a bit of blatant slander and verbal stomping

We'll call it:
"The cosmic directory for dropkicks who waste time preparing false reports for a subject they would consider a waste of time in the first place, and therefore labeling them selves as the Worlds Greatest Dumb Asses"

posted on Feb, 18 2007 @ 06:23 AM

You make totally valid points regarding this guys credibility. If he we're in fact the special one, he would have finished another book since 2000?

He hasn't done anything for 6 years. He isn't really a consistent source of inspirational light and wisdom, the fact that he wrote 2 full-length pieces, says he was doing it as a project, for fun or was actually trying to convince us so bad, that we believe him and begin le' Revolution.

But! He does raise many valid points in regards to the structure, culture and unity of our world. If there isn't this 'presence', then no big deal, we might have a nuclear war and be fighting terrorists for the next 100 years, most likely break earths air conditioner and cause further separation.

But if in fact these 'reports' from all the place, little details here and there, primarily Gov insiders who report official sources, these are the best we have. If its true, 1 appearance.. If they strap a big sign to the bottom of their cigar cruisers that says:
"yes we are are real, anyone who rips on nerds for their ufo pro'ness, will have their soul removed, carry on and no putting your inflatable moon base in our craters mmk"

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