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Foreign Technology Division

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posted on Apr, 24 2005 @ 07:09 PM
I received this email from Robert Collins, author of the new book "Exempt from Disclosure" his history is very interesting. Here's what he told me:

"In brief, 12 years in Aircraft Avionics, 3 years Ground Communications,
and 7 years in Engineering Physics. TS/SCI clearance while at FTD,
Foreign Technology Div now NASIC-WP 1983-1988. Never been to
Area 51. Learned about this subject while at FTD.......Robert Collins" = FTD

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posted on Apr, 25 2005 @ 08:19 AM
For those who haven't read the book (myself included, will have to check it out), can you expound a bit on the alien connection, general subject, etc.?

All you've told us is that the man in question learned something (we don't know what) while at NASIC.

posted on Apr, 25 2005 @ 08:56 AM
F-T-D =

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posted on Apr, 25 2005 @ 09:24 AM
Collins also worked with Richard Doty as an OSI agent at Kirtland AFB. Both were briefed on the ET presence and shown video footage of Roswell! I can't wait to read this book.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 09:31 AM
Retiring with 35 years at FTD (including the project Blue Book era) I can assure you that Mr. Collins got no alien information at FTD as no substantial information was ever found.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 10:15 AM
reply to post by darkspace

Very interesting indeed. When I went to look the book up on line I saw the price coincided with one of the numbers under your avatar:

By Robert M. Collins (author), with Richard C. Doty (collaborator) (The Black World of UFOs)...Click on the book cover.

Please note, a lot of the book reviews can be seen in Feedback.

Price: 17.17

S & H: Depends on shipping method.

Paperback: 196 pages, 69 Illustrations (Revised 2008)

ISBN: 0976642638

For mail orders please contact Peregrine Communications at, for details.

Kind of freaky huh.....

Anyway back on topic. It looks like a good read I think I shall buy it. I also found it curious that he chose to use THAT photo for the cover of his book.

I think he may be trying to state that, it is in fact a real or true representation or picture of an EBE, if such a thing exists.. thought provoking!

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