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SCI/TECH: Intel Pays $10,000 for Old Magazine Containing Founder's Prediction

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posted on Apr, 24 2005 @ 05:10 PM
Intel Corporation paid $10,000 to an engineer for a mint copy of a 40 year-old Electronics magazine issue that had an article detailing founder Gordon Moore's forecast of how chip technology would advance in the future. The forecast is now called Moore's law and predicted that chip performance and complexity would double approximately every 18 months. To this date, the prediction has proved to be quite accurate.
Intel Corp., world’s largest chipmaker, posted a reward for a 40-year old April 1965 issue of Electronics magazine earlier this month; the chipmaker rewarded an Engineer who still had the near-mint condition copy with $10,000.

Intel wanted the magazine because it contained an accurate forecast of the company’s co-founder, Gordon Moore, who predicted the exponential growth of chip performance 40 years prior to the changes. His forecast has been nicknamed as Moore’s Law, which has a reputation in the $200 billion chip industry.

Intel posted the information on eBay, world’s largest auction site, which led to about two-dozen leads, according to Intel. Intel said majority of the leads were reprinted copies, photocopies or originals that were attached to other publications.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I can see why Intel Corp. would want to own a copy of this magazine detailing its founder's prediction. $10,000 is nothing to a company the size of Intel.

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