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Next war - who will it involve?

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posted on Apr, 26 2005 @ 04:11 AM
I started this just to get some opinions. It's not about mud slinging I just wanted to see what others on the forum thought. Just who you think will go to war and a small reason why you think so.

posted on Apr, 26 2005 @ 04:50 AM
According to E Cayce it begins in the mid-east. Perhap's 'next war' has already begun. Eventual involvement would be global I feel.


posted on Apr, 26 2005 @ 05:57 AM
I think the next major war is going to be the United States versus Mexico.

And I think Mexico is going to lose, horribly.

posted on Apr, 26 2005 @ 06:09 AM
Lichtenstein Vs Luxembourg

Major rumble over the question of who is the best at being a peaceable nation !

posted on Apr, 26 2005 @ 06:17 AM
Hmm....Hawaii vs Alaska.... Hot vs Cold...

posted on Apr, 26 2005 @ 08:52 AM

Originally posted by sweatmonicaIdo
Good thing you're riding shotgun then. LOL

You should have read the report on the RN by the RN....
"The navy must be able to prefrom cost effectively and efficiently in a co-alition."

posted on Apr, 26 2005 @ 07:08 PM
Well let me just say as an American, I am personally gratefull to have you guys shotgun, too. Even though the public might not support the curent effort in Iraq we still appreciate the UK

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 03:00 AM
Its funny..
I think we all agree (american or not).. That the next war will most probably involve the US..
Strange isn';t it..sad even..

And W4rlord!!..
How could you forget Malaysia vs. Singapore!!
Water disputes, garbage problems..its one hotspot alright!!

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 01:59 PM
This is a world war 3 scenario I wrote up, becouse I felt like it .

As the rise of Nations at the power level of United States continues to happen World War 3 is an Inevitability that we will have to acknowledge: the following is a war-game type scenario for World War 3.

Primary Causes for The War: The unification of the Islamic world, for the purposes of the scenario we call this nation The United Islamic Republic. The other Primary cause would be China becoming expansionist and desiring the resources of Siberia, and the economy of the Korean peninsula and Taiwan.

Year of conflict: 2018
World Population: 10 Billion
Nations involves in the Conflict

Untied States of America
Russian Federation (Kazakhstan and Ukraine are basically part of Russia for this exercise

The Peoples republic of China
The United Islamic Republic
Peoples Democratic Republic of Korea

South America
Africa (except for part belonging to UIR)

The Beginning (January 13th to July 2nd) :The War would begin when a charismatic Saudi Arabian cleric claiming to be the new Mohammed convinces the governments of Saudi Arabia, Iran, The small gulf states, Syria, Jordan and Pakistan to Unify claiming only when Islam is unified can the prophets voice be heard all over the world. With Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal the African Nations of Lybia, Algeria and Egypt and the Old Soviet Islamic Republics fall quickly in line. With this kind of firepower at its disposal massive armies of Islamic fanatics overrun Iraq and Afghanistan the only nations besides Israel that are allied with the United States. This New Nation Which is immediately hostile to America strikes an alliance with China. Russia and America Lodge protests about the absorptions pr Iraq and Afghanistan which are firmly ignored, with China and the UIR's Refusal to comply Israel begins and immediate mobilization of its reserves and begs the United States to help if the UIR attacks. China recently appointed a new premier and politburo after the old one was discovered to be planning on making China a democracy. The New premier an ultra nationalist and expansionist. Have plans to make China the most powerful Nation on Earth. The UIR and China strike a deal with Cuba and Mexico (Mexican antigovernment rebels took over the Government in 2015 and Castro died in 2010 his brother Raul is currently in control).On July 4th 2018 WWIII begins.

American front (July 4th to August 19th 2018)
A Cuban and Chinese Airborne assault force of 700 men is airdropped into Miami while Cuban bombers bombard all of Florida and Bombers from the Chinese Carrier REVOLUTION bombard Atlanta. At the same time a massive Mexican assault of 100,000 men pours across the border into parts of Texas, Arizona, California and overrunning most of the Border Defenses constructed since 2015,New Mexico, the focus of the Mexican assault is almost completely overrun. The United States Government begins mobilizing as fast as possible Canada sends what Aid it Can.

Asian Front (July 4th to August 19th 2018)
The Chinese Attack begins at Midnight on the Russian Border. The largest Artillery barrage ever launched plus cruise missile strikes break the back of the Russian border Defenses And a massive army of 500,000 men attack across the border at this same time a naval assault is launched On Taiwan By the Chinese south sea fleet Including The Other 2 Chinese carriers MAO ZEDONG and DENG ZIOPENG This assault is the only major attack the allied armies were able to resist successfully as the Taiwanese Navy ,The American RONALD REAGAN battle group and the Russian KIROV battle group were able to beat back the initial Assault though with heavy damage to the KIROV.And the North Korean Army and Navy Attacks South Korea and Japan with Small successes

Middle Eastern Front (July 4th to August 19th 2018)
The UIR attack against Israel is the worst defeat suffered in the first weeks of the War for either side. The UIR army sent against Israel number 400,000 wipes Israel off the Face of the Earth the Surviving UIR Army Numbers only 50,000. The Attack against India bogs down in the Mountains and is largely unimportant till the end of the war. The Russian army manages to score a victory in the Uzbekistan/Turkmenistan area with an attack from southern kazacaststan.

Summary of July 4th to August 19th 2018.
The Surprise Attacks especially the loss of Israel have hurt the allies badly but the Allies are not defeated yet and still have hope with the defeat of the Chinese Attack on Taiwan, The United States is reeling from the first attack on its border since 1812, The UIR is in good moral from the defeat of Israel and The Chinese is beginning to turn into the bloodiest combat zone in history.

American Front (August 19th 2018 to January 4th 2019)
By December 9th American and Canadian forces have managed to stabilize the Mexican American front pushing Enemy forces out of California and Arizona and beginning a pursuit into Sonora. In Miami the Cuban and Chinese assault force has been reinforced and while American forces try to retake the city, Brutal street fighting takes a heave tole on Both attackers and Defenders. The Chinese carrier REVOLTION has been sunk but it took a heavy tole, Atlanta lies in Ruins and The Carrier GEORGE WASHINGTON has been heavily damaged.

Asian Front (August 19th 2018 to January 4th 2019)
By this time the Chinese assault force has grown to nearly 1 million men and the assault force is approaching Vladivostok despite heavy resistance from the Russian Army and the American 1rst armored Division and the XVII airborne corps. A new front has opened against Taiwan because of The loss of the RONALD REAGAN and KIROV which were both sunk when a Chinese submarine got in close enough and emptied its weapons against the Carriers .This time an airborne Division has been dropped into Taipei and assaulted the Government centers and opened the Airport for more Chinese troops despite heavy counter attacks. South Korea has been complete overrun though the Japanese managed to repulse and attack on Okinawa.

Middle Eastern Front (August 19th 2018 to January 4th 2019)
The UIR has opened a new front against The Ukraine and with Russia trying to resist the Chinese invasion little can is done to resist the capture of Kiev. The Russian Assault has succeeded in reaching the Iranian border. The attack against India has faltered and an Indian assault Force has broken through UIR lines into Pakistan.

Summary of (August 19th 2018 to January 4th 2019)
The American Front has been the most successful for the allies as the Mexican assault has been routed though most of Florida is still under Cuban bombardment. The Asian front has been a Success for the Axis powers as Russia and India are surrounded by enemies on all sides and the Chinese have pushed Taiwan to the Brink of surrender. The Middle eastern front has largely began to stall with both sides gaining and loosing roughly equal amounts of Territory though Indian and Russian Attacks have been succesful.The capture of Kiev is a disaster for the Russian forces.

American Front (January 4th to December 7th 2019)
The war on the American front is almost over American forces having captured Mexico City and the Mexican government has asked for a cease fire. In Florida Miami is still under Cuban control but the rest of Florida has been retaken and Cuba is now under continual bombardment.

Asian and Middle Eastern Front (January 4th to December 7th 2019)
Despite more American and Canadian reinforcement The Chinese and UIR armies which have taken most of Russia except for the area of Around Moscow and St .Petersburg. The Russian Army in Iran has changed objectives to try to break through to the defenders of what’s left of Russia. Taiwan despite heavy fighting has by this time surrendered and Japan Is now the sole target of the Chinese navy. Indian Forces have pushed through most of Pakistan and have sights set on Saudi Arabia and Mecca.

Summary (January 4th to December 7th 2019)
The end of the Third World War is near. Despite great victories on the American front and some success on the Middle Eastern front Russia stands at the edge of defeat and Taiwan has already lost.

Wars End (Version 1) (December 7th 2019 to January 1rst 2020)
The Cubans have surrendered after continual bombing of Havana and The death of Raul Castro. All Available American Forces have been mobilized but it is of no use The UIR and Chinese army breaks through allied lines around Moscow.

Winner: Axis
Most Powerful Nations coming out of conflict: China, UIR
Casulties: 750,000,000

Wars End (Version 2) (December 7th 2019 to January 1rst 2020)
The Cubans have surrendered after continual bombing of Havana and The death of Raul Castro. American and Russian forces believing Victory at any cost use Nuclear weapons on The Chinese and UIR Army and Nuclear Arsenals.
Winner: Allies
Most Powerful Nations coming out of conflict: Russia, United States
Casulties: 1.3 Billion

Wars End (Version 3) (December 7th 2019 to January 1rst 2020)
The Cubans have surrendered after continual bombing of Havana and The death of Raul Castro. American and Russian forces believing Victory at any cost use Nuclear weapons on Axis Army and Nuclear Arsenals .The Axis Knowing the end is near when the receiving information about his devastation of their army Use nuclear weapons on allied cities; in retaliation several Axis cities are destroyed.
Winner: Allies
Most Powerful Nations coming out of conflict: European Union, Brazil
Casulties: 4 Billion
Cities destroyed
New York
Washington D.C
Los Angeles
Hong Kong
New Delhi

Wars End (Version 4) (December 7th 2019 to January 1rst 2020)
As in Version 2 and 3 Nuclear exchange occurs but this time there knows end.
Winner: No one
Most Powerful Nations coming out of conflict: N/A
Casulties: 9.2 Billion
Result: Total annihilation of Civilization as we know it, survivors reverts back to Stone Age existence.

Conclusion: World War III would be a hyper war over, in 2 years or less because of the power and advancements in military Technology. As No Nuclear powers have ever gone to war against one Another a Nuclear exchange would be likely

Disclamer: This is all conjecture if World War III does ever break out this is a possible model it would follow Nothing more then that. The Names of the warships, military units and the UIR in the Scenario are Fake, Raul Castro and the antigovernment rebels are real.

posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 12:12 AM
WOW! That has got to be the best and most in depth answer I have ever seen! 10/10! I'm a bit confused why Australia remains neutral and what happened to alot of Europe. I thought that if it came down to it Australia and MOST (not all) of Europe would eventually side with America. But still WOW! that is both scary and impressive....

posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 12:31 AM
Europe will definetely ally with the US. If the US loses, than Europe loses mainly because Europe is democratic, and the US is democratic. Democratic countries ally with each other, this repeats itself throughout history.

Britain, the US and the French allied because they were democracies in WWI and again in WWII. Democratic countries just don't fight against each other, even in times of distrust.

The reason the US supports democracies so much is because they know that if they can influence a country to become democratic, they will join their side. This was the whole point of the Cold War, make Europe democratic instead of communist, in order to insure that they become allies.

If the US loses a major world war, than Europe does also, they would lose all of their rights to the Axis, lose major economy(the US and Europe hold each others economies up) and lose all of their territory. So its pretty easy to conclude that Europe(unless they suddenly become totalitarian) and the US are still gonna be best buds when a major world war erupts.

posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 01:00 AM

Originally posted by ArchangelOfCool
WOW! That has got to be the best and most in depth answer I have ever seen! 10/10! I'm a bit confused why Australia remains neutral and what happened to alot of Europe. I thought that if it came down to it Australia and MOST (not all) of Europe would eventually side with America. But still WOW! that is both scary and impressive....

Ah but you haven't seen my scenario as yet..
I wrote this in WWIII thread on ATS long ago..

And there's no prophet in my version..

India is not damaged severely by the tsunami...its the only tsunami
stricken country that has refused foreign aid and is helping other
tsunami stricken countries..
But its navy is stretched out in relief OPs..Lakshwadeep (1000k of
western shores)..Andaman & Nicobar (1800k off eastern
shores)...Srilanka and Indonesia(Aceh)..Over 35 ships, 25
heli/aircraft, and over 6000 personnel..largest ever peace ops by the
Indian armed forces..

Here's my scenario:

Its based on the post Dec 13 2001 parliment attacks...
Indian Parliment attacked by terrorists..fat slobby politicians realise
that the war on terro has come to their doorsteps..
wave their arms in anger..
allow armed forces to do 'whatever necessary' to end insurgency..
music to Indian army/AF/navy commanders who have been wanting to carry out crossborder precision strikes to:
1. Obviously to end insurgency that has been bleeding India for the
last decade.
2.Show India's prowess in special ops..They have the capability just
never got the go ahead due some "stupid" peace talks now and then
(notice for Israel its the other way around..precision strikes first-
then peace talks)

Stage I: INDO-PAK War

-India carries out strikes in POK (pak occpied kashmir)..with Jaguars,
Mirage 2000 and MiG27M carrying LGBs ...
-Simultaneously special op forces inserted at various points along the
border capture miltant posts and target paint more sites for aerial
-Then a battalion moves into POK under the cover of Mi-17 attack helis
and does a mop up of all terror camps....
-The Indian forces then withdraw back into their own territory while
MiG-29s and Su-30 MKIs maintain air superiority...
All this done from say 00:00hrs to 9:00hrs...
India happy...END ..?? NOT!!
-Pakistan fuming over unprovoked violation of territory/airspace..
-Launches full scale assault at retreating indian forces and continues
assault into IOK...(Indians instructed not to retaliate unitl pakis
infringe indian territory)..
-Once Pakis push into IOK..India retaliates and is prepared for such an
-India forces the pakis over the LOC again and now hold positions deep within
-Pakistan more infuriated, opens fronts down south in Punjab,
Rajasthan, and Gujarat
- Long battle ensues there, but eventually India prevails...
-Army commanders disobey orders to retreat and push deep into
pakistan... (in th 1971 war they were ordered to retreat due to
ceasefire and consider that a big mistake)
-Frightened Paksitan uses tactical nuke(s) on advancing Indian army to
try and scare then back..
-It doesn't work, India pushes on carries out conventional bombing of
all pak installations at a scale equivalent to the bombing of
afghanistan, thus totally crippling Pakistans defence structure..
-Pakistan implores China and USA its only allies to prevent any further
loss of face/land....

Stage II: Enter the Dragon

-china obliges by moving forces to Indian border and increases
insurgency in eastern Indian states.
-The move works, India panicks and slows down the tempo in Pakistan.
-Indian forces begin a slow and organised withdrawalto border positions
while redepositing forces on the Chinese border...
-The US trying frantically to diffuse the situation, is glad that it
has averted 'nuclear' war by preventing India from replying to
pakistan's nuke attack by using nukes themselves..
-China now viewing the entire situation a completete botchery of
relations with India tries to make the best of it by moving into Nepal
and a few eastern Indian states in which they've started insurgency
-India now caught in a pincer war frantically engaes China in the
eastern front.
-China, taken aback by a 'war-ready'/warring Indian Force realises that
it may need more troops to maintain control of its newly acquired
- It diverts more of its east coast forces to be deployed in the Indian
theatre..while simultaneously encouraging Paksitan to hurt the
retreating India as much as possible
-Pakistan, feeling complacent that India will not respond to a military
nuclear strike, drops another nuke on receding Indian forces..
-That pinches India a little too much, caught in a pincer war with two
countries, nuked 2 times already, India orders a complete nuke rsponse
to Pakistans actions.
-India still avoiding civilian population, completely destroys Pakistans
military structure by carrying out 15-20 precision sub-kiloton strikes
at various bases,industries etc... There are obviously 1000s of
civilian deaths too
-Pakistan now under the danger of losing its sovereignity and control
of it nuke forces(Indians have been hunting for the nukes and the C&C
centres) decides it has nothing to lose and launches a nuke at
Bangalore..India's IT city..making waves in the international tech
-That now prompts Russia, who was supporting India completely in the
PAk conflict but is some what hesitant to take sides in the Indo-China
conflict, to drop around 20,000 paratrooper troops into Pakistan. This
is to attain control of the remaining nukes that Pakistan has..
-The US afraid that terrorists organisation might use the opportunity
to swipe a few remaining warheads, does the same..
-Now Paksitan is occupied by 3 countries all at once out of which 2 of
them don't really like each other..

Stage III: The East

-Meanwhile Japan just re-awakening its military status sees the current
situation as its best opportunity to pinch China on the east Coast,
does so..
-North Korea sitting impatiently until now as events aorund it unfold,
freaks out at the Japanese move and launches a missile,unarmes(but no
one knows that) over Japan and into the Pacific..Just to scare Japan
into receding...
-The US already caught in South Asia views the NK act as dangerous, and
it decides(based on its intel) that NK is poised to strike somewhere
(Japan SK, USA)..
-The US informs the japs and the S koreans who immediately boost
defences..NK takes this act as a precursor to an invasion and does the
unthinkable..Fires mortar and artillery shells into SK positions..The
Korean war has begun
-In a day, 200,000 koreans die, along with 15000 US troops(In Indo-Pak war uptill now 100,000 have died in comparision..
Japan sensing that NK will start chucking nukes everywhere liek Pak did..Invades NK from the North...NK manages to get on nuke off before it loses control
-Where does the nuke go?..Not any city, but it wipes out a US carrier
fleet just off the coast of taiwan..

Stage IV : Taiwan

China, now realising that India is not worth it..withdraws from India
(Not Nepal) and uses the taiwan nuke attack to transfer 100,000 troops
into taiwan in matter of hrs...Taiwan manages reduce that figure to

85,000 no less..China is now in control of Taiwan, and surprisingly the
Taiwanese people welcome them, in order to avoid more blood shed..
-The US caught with its pants down, never expected China to move so
many troops over to Taiwan, especially with China being entrenched in
The loss of a carrier fleet is too great, sothe US also drops troops into

NK which is , like PAk, filled with troops from 3 countries, namely
Japan,China and the US..
SK stays out of NK, thanking its stars that it wasn't nuked..
-The US tries to gauge whether taking Taiwan back will be feasible, but
with the taiwanese not wanting any more bloodshed, and the chinese well
dug in(they've planned for this for years) it seems inadvisable..
-The US is not going to walk away from this defeated though..
they lost a carrier fleet, lost taiwan; US needs to regain some ground..

Stage V :Nepal & Tibet

-The US devises a daring plan:
initially trynig to hold India back from going to war, the US now coerces an already furious India to liberate Nepal, promising air support..
- B-2s,F-117s, and F-22s fly countless sorties, from Diego Garcia,Europe and Missouri, into the region pounding away on Chinese defences in Nepal Tibet, and a pro-China Burma..
Cruise Missiles from ships/subs in the bay of bengal complement the air assault at night..
while Indian troops pour across the borders, first securing Nepal and then moving into tibet..
-All this happens in the cover of darkness, the 1st ever joint Indo-US
military ops in history..
-By daybreak India has "liberated" Nepal & Burma while it is deep
within Tibet.
- China is SHOCKED..they never pre-calculated such a move...
Russia is also quite perplexed...

This is all that I've theorised until now; Now im tired and I've
included every major power in this except the EU..(Britain is in, where
the US is..)
Maybe you guys can pick up from here? I'll add more later..

how was it so far?..pretty realistc IMHO least the Indo-Pak bit

EDIT: OMG I didn't know my point format would make it so lengthy

Heres the link for the thread..

posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 06:16 AM
Your scenario is very well writtian.
Interesting that both of us made europe nuetral.
I made The EU nuetral in my scenario Neutral becouse of Isolationist governments in power, and equal trading relationships with both China and America.

posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 07:09 AM
I have a couple friends in the military, one is an itelligence officer and he says that there is a large action being planned for june of 05. Looks like GW is gonna go for Iran before he leaves office. I don't know what to think as this is all hearsay and why he would devulge such knowledge is beyond me. But if it happens, i told ya so..

posted on May, 1 2005 @ 01:48 AM
I wonder what the coalition of th e"un-willing" will do this time..
Just sit and watch like the last time??
tsk tsk...

posted on May, 1 2005 @ 04:01 AM

Originally posted by Daedalus3
I wonder what the coalition of th e"un-willing" will do this time..
Just sit and watch like the last time??
tsk tsk...

So wait,now UK didnt take part?
And italy didnt take part?
Oh and that people who dont beleive in the war should take part?

posted on May, 2 2005 @ 02:26 AM
I think you completely missed my point..
I said coalition of the UN-WILLING.. not willing..
NOW do you get what I mean?

posted on May, 2 2005 @ 07:03 AM

Originally posted by Daedalus3
I think you completely missed my point..

No you tried to put the EU as the co-alition of unwilling.

I said coalition of the UN-WILLING.. not willing..

No you said coalition eunwilling notice the EU at the start?

NOW do you get what I mean?

I think I've seen enough...

posted on May, 2 2005 @ 07:06 AM
Well the US finds an excuse to shoot its guns pretty much every five years or so, you can set your clock by it.

posted on May, 2 2005 @ 07:16 AM
Daedalus3 your plan is flawed.

in any war in korea its going to be a stalemate it wouldn't matter how many bomb strikes it made in korea you couldn't lodge them from all there hiddien tunnels/holes in the mountains.

And why wouldn't pakistan nukes destroy india. they have the warheads and missile range. your making pakistan sound like they cant even defend themeselves.

Russia wouldn't help anyone except Russia they only go to war for themselves what would they gain from helping india.

How is 20 B-2 bombers going to dislodge chinese troops in tibet and how is india going to get them there. also china has alot of special ops. there not going to stand there and not join the party. India wouldn't be welcome in tibet anyway over 50% are HAN chinese.

the taiwan thing is also Flawed 100,000 PLA are never going to take over taiwan. taiwan has 500,000 american stlye soilders

if there was i war between india-china. china will ultimatily win.

1.More soilders
2. indigenous weapons indigenous t-98 type-95 assulate rifle j-10 (excluding su-27/su-30 the only waepons we really need is ANTI-CARRIER waepons)
3. able to mass produce
4. More $$$
5. Friend (pakistan, Burma)
6. 7 thousand special ops
7. Better missile tech

Dont say anything about indian war experience. they got none. pushing muslims around in kashmir then getting your ass bombed is no experience

I Have to say that india imports 90% of there military equipment from very unreilable sources (Russia)

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