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Tracing Past Phone Calls

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posted on Apr, 23 2005 @ 07:23 PM
I would appreciate any help that anyone could provide with this problem I'm having.

My family has been recieving prank phone calls for about 7 years. I believe I know who the person is that is doing it and I want to press charges. However, I will need proof and I need to be 100% sure...right now I'm only about 92% sure about the person.

Basically this all stems back from when I was in high school. Myself and another friend had a falling out. I will admit to doing a lot of phucked up things to this person....but I was 14 at the time and everything I did was innocent (throwing eggs at her house on halloween, name callling, giving an undesirable person her name and number when they asked for mine) ....and I stopped a very long time ago. Apparently, this very old "friend" of mine can't seem to let this go.

A few years back this girl got into some trouble with the police. She had no ID on her and I guess the police had no choice but to trust what she was saying. She gave them my name, my address and MY phone number. Guess who had to go to court (in another state) to settle all this so that I wouldn't get thrown in jail? Thank god the police officers that dealt with her remembered what she looked like and immediately had the charges dropped when they saw me. I told them who I thought it was that fraudulently used my name and gave them a description that matched with the person they remember seeing. I filled out some type of report and they asked that I not seek her out and press my own charges. They said that the charges they would press would be much worse. They were supposed to call me to tell me what happened and they never did. I don't think they ever did anything about it though. I am 600% sure that I am right about this person being involved in this incident.

She's been having people drive by my home and scream obscenities of all hours in the night. This has been going on for years.

And of course all the obscene, threatening phone calls..... I was willing to ignore everything. I was willing to forget everything she has ever done to me. I was willing to move on with my life and forget this person ever existed......but last night was the final draw....

I will not tolerate this bitch harassing my family for another second. I don't care what she does to me anymore....but she will NOT threaten my family...
I am not changing my phone number.

Around 3:30AM today my mother recieved a phone call. The "officer" on the phone told her that I had been arrested and that they were holding me in a cell. The "officer" said the bail would be $5000 dollars. My mother...knowing that I was sleeping soundly in the next room played along. She asked what his "precent" number was, she asked him what I looked like,etc. Knowing he was caught in a lie (she could hear laughter in the backround) he started threatening to "come over" blah blah blah.

This phone call was the straw that broke this camels back.... and it was a lot worse than what it seems like. What if I had been out last night? If I was at the bar or something? I sometimes miss phone calls or just have my phone off because I get bad service inside the bar. Would my mother have gone out to meet this person after she failed to contact me? What would have happened then? Etc? Where they waiting outside to see if anyone would leave to try to find me?

I cannot use *69 from my home phone...but I'm sure they would have dialed *67 before they dialed my number anyway.

I do not have caller id.

Is it possible to get the phone number of wherever these people called me from? Is it possible to get a list of incoming calls from my phone company, etc?
Should I call the police? What happens if I'm wrong about the person and it's someone else? I really don't want to go to the police until I'm 100% sure on this. Won't the police just wonder why I didn't contact them sooner. This has been going on for about 7 years now.

Other reasons why I suspect this person:

-Back in highschool we smoked pot together.....4/20.... for the past seven years the harassment gets REALLY bad around this date. It's like she gets flashbacks or something I swear....remembering that we used to be friend and she just can't stand the fact that I don't want her in my life anymore.

- Back in highschool... she ran away from home and was staying with me. We skipped school for a couple of days and returned on 4/20. I remember this exactly because this was the anniversary of the columbine shootings....and our school recieved it's first bomb threat on this day.Or atleast it was the first time the school was evacuated and various emergency services showed up. We used the bomb threat as an excuse to skip another day of school and we just hung out.

- We had our falling out around early May.

- The birthdate that she gave the police when she used my name to try to evade the police was 4/20/84. She used to say, when we were friends, that she would give the date of april 20th as her birthday if she ever had to think of one if she was stopped by the police. When I had to go to court I told the police that she used that date as her birthday to kind of, in a subtle way, let me know that it was her. They were all like " weed day" or something along those lines....I told them that the date had other signifgance than that but they didn't seem to believe me. It was kind of funny actually.

I really believe that she is doing all of this to get my attention. She misses my friendship......she wants us to be friends again... and it angers her that she knows that it will never happen.

Sorry this is so long and that I provided so much backround info before I got to the point.

Is there any way I can find out where that call came from last night?
I'm not sure if can help. To my understanding they can only trace past calls on a cell phone not a home phone.

posted on Apr, 23 2005 @ 09:07 PM
Make the leap of faith and buy caller ID....

Or, I do believe that your phone company should be able to provide you with a list of incoming numbers...

I don't think he police can offer this service to you for security purposes....But if you make the situation very clear to them and let them know what's been going on....perhaps record the phone calls or have an officer witness a few of the calls....then they may be willing to trace the call for you....

posted on Apr, 24 2005 @ 01:38 AM
In addition to Caller ID, look into Call Trace. You punch in *whatever, call the phone company, file the complaint, and the legal process begins.

Something like that.

Also, look into getting a tape recorder that loops through your phone line and either doesnt go "BOOP" or has a toggle on/off feature.

Dont worry about state laws regarding the recording of phone conversations. Just do it and store it someplace safe (in someone else's custody).

If you turn up dead or injured (worst case scenerio), it may end up being very handy.

Even if the police cant use it as evidence, it sure gives them something to go on.

Also, pay $25.00 or so and get a background check on the alleged person. It would be interesting to see what turns up on it.

Invest afew bills and do some homework (referring to the tape recorder and background check). Check into call trace with the phone company, file a police report, and go from there.

She likes to use the phone and over time, has obviously become very comfortable with it. Use that against her. If Call Trace can determine who the recent prankster was and that person has a history of talking to your friend on the phone, the rolling ball will pick up lots of speed.

Curious, financially speaking, are you ahead of her or is she ahead of you? The reason I ask is because if you have her beat in the $$$ department, you could try to just out-lawyer her if you decide to exercise a civil suit.

At any rate, keep us up to speed on it.


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