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The Lucid Dream Adventure

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posted on Apr, 23 2005 @ 04:18 PM
The Lucid Dream Adventure

“It should be known that a lucid dream is a dream where the person dreaming realizes that he or she is dreaming and thus, that person is able to control the dream”, said Andrew.

“Lucid dreams are very real and a great adventure”, continued Andrew.

“I plan on having a lucid dream tonight”, Andrew said very merely.

“Can I have a lucid dream?”, asked Stephanie.

“Everyone has the ability to have a lucid dream, but the hard part is recognizing that the dream is actually a dream”, answered Andrew.

“Once you recognize that the dream is a dream, you are able to control it”, finished Andrew.

They both were talking on the phone and the time was way past Andrew’s bed time. He decided that he should go to bed because he had classes in five hours.

“Sorry Stephanie but I have to sleep now”.

“That’s alright”

“I love you”, said Andrew lovingly.

“I love you too”, said Stephanie.

Andrew hung up the phone, brushed his teeth, washed his face, and went to bed. As he prayed to God he thought about having a lucid dream. He focused his mind and reviewed his notes on his past dreams. Andrew wanted to have a lucid dream about a great adventure where he fought monsters and saved a pretty woman from danger.

He focused his mind and fell asleep.

Andrew entered what he called “dream world” and he felt very terrified. What Andrew saw was frightening. He was in a city with a dark sky and he felt cold. Andrew heard scary noises and saw frightening shadows.

“This is just a dream and I can control it”, thought Andrew.

Andrew started to run down the empty and dark road and he jumped in the air and he was able to fly!

“WOOHOO!”, screamed Andrew.

Andrew could see the dark city below him and he didn’t feel terrified anymore. Then, a metal chain flew up to him and grabbed his leg. The chain began to pull Andrew down to the city. Andrew hit the ground hard and he felt great pain.

“Let go of me now!”, screamed Andrew.

The chain then pulled Andrew down the road and into a man-hole. Andrew fell into a sewer and the chain crawled away like a snake would. Dirty water was all over Andrew and he smelt very bad.

“What next?”, Andrew asked to himself.

your turn!!!

posted on Apr, 25 2005 @ 06:20 PM
my girlfriend wrote this next piece...

i e-mailer her my part and she wanted to add-on to it...

she is not a member of ATS so she e-mailed me her part...

here it is:

"What next?", Andrew asked to himself.
As Andrew walked through the streets on his way home he felt very disappointed and meager. His once light-hearted and optimistic spirt was now encumbered by the discouragement he endured. Andrew felt as though his encounter with the fierce metal chain was yet another failure. As he walked through the streets, his head hung low since he was drained of all self-confidence and self-esteem. But just as Andrew lost faith in his cababilities he was quickly reminded in all that he once believed in.
Andrew saw a petite young girl just nearly feet ahead of him. He quickly thought to himself, " Hey, I know who that is." Immediately he began to call out her name. Andrew shouted, " Stephanie...Stephanie is that you?" The small young girl with great radiance in her eyes and vivacity in her charisma, flashed a bright smile and ran over to Andrew quickly. As Stephanie ran up to Andrew with a great deal of joy and gave him a huge hug, she saw how upset he was. With deep concern she asked, " Is everything alright?" Andrew replied,"Of course." Not wanting to tell her how disappointed he truely was. Stephanie didn't want to believe him, so very lovingly she took his hand and promised him that he could always confide in her because she would uncondtionally be there for him always. As Andrew contemplated telling Stephanie how he truely felt, she kissed him on the cheeck and whispered, "Everything will be okay." With Stephanie's reassurance, Andrew began to confide in her."I didn't think that I could be so easily overpowered, but as soon as I knew it I was lieing in a puddle of dirty water with great frustration.I just wanted to rid the world of all its immorality.Yet I feel as though I reneged on my own expectations." Stephanie carefully listened to Andrew's sorrows and wished that there was something she could do to make him feel better.Stephanie began,"Well Andrew sometimes your strength isn't measured by how many victories you achieve or battles you've conquered, sometimes it's measured by the devotion and dedication you have within your heart." Determined to convince Andrew that she was very proud of him,she told Andrew all the things that she was impressed by. Stephanie finally said, "Andrew I love you very much.No matter how many unfortunate circumstances may arise or how many disappointing situations you may endure,I am always here for you and will always remain by your side no matter what the outcome may be...Remember you can always count on me!" With joyful encouragement Andrew said,"I'm glad I can rely on you." Stephanie quickly replied,"That's what friends are for." Stephanie moved closer to Andrew and...

continue on from here!!!

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