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Nick Cooks - The hunt for Zero Point - What is the ' BELL '

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posted on Jul, 22 2007 @ 07:37 PM
Why would the shoot the scientists?

If they actually worked and developed such an advanced piece of technology, couldnt they have been used for other means?

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posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 04:09 PM
Yes a lot of scientists and non scientists from post war Germany were
sent to America.

The numbers vary.

Its top secret confidential and will never be revealed. At least truthfully.
So this gives every one full range to say what was going on.

Saucer UFO technology sent to New Mexico.
Any one suggest that. No didn't think so.

Energy secrets of atomic gases and perhaps helium used in
engines using the aether effects for electrical energy.
Any one suggest that. No didn't think so.

Electric engines for submarines, saying its the old nuke type with steam.
A bomb and N bomb dunder heads in Germany couldn't make it work.

Yet who had shaped explosive technology and what made the bomb
go boom. Ever see the Nazi junior army with the Tank busters and
even seen in IRAQ. Perhaps giving that secret let those buggers in
after Japan got sent some Nazi A bomb technology via the US Air Force.

Yes, its all not true. Everything has been disclosed.

posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 03:52 AM
I have an idea. research the rodin coil. look at the field it creates, and what may just come out of the z-axis. create two of your own, and test them with very well tweaked frequencies....

hope you dont get old.... with two you should get anti grav, with a single one you can get free energy with typical em inductance with another coil

posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 02:08 PM
reply to post by rogue1

Are you talking about the Brotherhood of the Bell.

Some sort of whirly gig mercury arrangement that is more likely to
blow up than send you around town as a UFO driver.

All Nazi saucer looking or bell looking projects amounted to nothing
but conversation pieces of propaganda, except perhaps two were
electromagnetic and the FOO which has no data except observations
unlike the photos of Haunebu and Virl as in Secret Space except for
fuzz blobs in the air in reported photos indicating one million volt
fliers at an early age.

You do not get fuzzy photographs of things in the air unless its
charged with millions of volts ac to energize the air.

posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 02:22 PM
reply to post by WeaponizedRabies

"with two you should get anti grav"

Yeah right.

So how come nobody has won a Nobel prize with this yet? or built anything that works?

posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 02:30 PM
reply to post by WeaponizedRabies

Sure, the mag field collapse is what I call the zero point phenomena.
Its invisible, come from nowhere and re energizes a coil.

Except its stored zero point and a current must have stored it.
Odd thing is, when the coil is disconnected.
It sends the back current into the air.

Waving around loops in the air or a mag field requires mechanical energy.
That can be solved by ingenious engines like the water buggy has.
Better is the noble gas engines.

One million volts is easy with a 1000 winding coil and a 1kv generator.
Pulse it to one side as a capacitor discharges an electric field to
create currents and you have the opposite of force generating current.
The generated opposing fields send the craft off at instant acceleration
because the coil is bolted to the craft.

Two currents create a force which is mass times acceleration.
Good thing its pulsed or you have constant acceleration.

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 05:56 PM
sorry to come on like this, but why would you like to know?
do you have any ideas about it?

posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 04:54 PM
in relation to te bell, does anyone know if there were any other troops in the area, other than the ss, german or other?

posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 11:32 AM
I've read the book and don't agree with all of Cook's research but there is no doubt to me there was a nazi bell, and they were engaged in extremely cutting edge technology that goes way beyond the V-2 rockets. The allies captured a lot of this information at the end of WW2.

posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 05:17 PM
reply to post by Schaden

Bravo Schaden, I'm with you. Actually Nick Cook is a friend of mine. I respect his research efforts and his sincerity. I remain a skeptic about anti-gravity and flying discs. I do think two people can come to different conclusions about the same basic set of facts without having to denounce each other.

Former Penemunde engineer Otto Cerny whilst working for NASA described the Nazi Bell as being mounted inside a circle of electro magnets like a hoop. The Nazi Bell itself at the centre was a large contra rotating centrifuge which spun mercury inside powerful electromagnetic fields.

Various substances were placed at the centre of the centrifuge to interact with plasma which fluoresced from the Mercury. Possibly this was to create compounds between mercury and other elements which was not possible under normal circumstances. (mercury will not normally form compounds)

Nick has found something whose purpose has not been explained and needs explaining.

That book has been rather thorughly debunked. I wouldn't pay too much attention to it.

Nick Cook is an outstanding aviation journalist, but the book is some something else entirely and I think it was a bit outside his field. Fun as fiction though.

It hasn't been thoroughly debunked at all. It has been debated and attacked and those who attack it believe they have silenced all debate by their stubborn refusal to accept any of the evidence... Big difference.

Critics say that SS Obergruppenfuhrer Jakob Sporrenberg was the only source of information about the Bell and thus it is the fantasy of one man and therefore in their estimation, not credible.

Besides Sporrenberg there were two other individuals described the Bell. Dr Wilhelm Voss, Kammler's head of the Skoda Works described it to Tom Agoston and another account by Peenemunde engineer Otto Cerny to the father of Greg Rowe givenat Huntsville Alabama between 1960 and 1962.

Voss, Sporrenberg and Schuster all gave separate, but corroborating accounts that the Nazi Bell was evacuated from it's laboratory in a mine at what is now called Walbrzych, then taken to an airfield near Schweidnitz (present day Swidnica). The claim is that the Nazi Bell was flown from this airfield to Bodo Norway. Additionally it is claimed the aircraft was under SS guard and under tarpaulins with Sweedish air force markings.

What Wembley may be referring to are opinions that the Bell story is discredited because skeptics discount the Ju-390 flight. There are several reasons why the Ju-390 flight is discounted. Skeptics assert:

    A Allegedly there was only ever one Ju-390 flying

    B Allegedly the Schweidnitz area was overrun by Soviets in April 1945

    C Allegedly the 1200m runway at Bodo was too short for Ju-390 operations

    D Allegedly the Ju-390 lacked the range to fly the Bell, Bodo to Argentina

My amatuer website addresses most of these issues:

In reply to A there were two Ju-390 aircraft flown and by rotating the aircraft in both pictures and juxtaposing them with matched wing chords one can easily see that they had very different fuselages.

In reply to B this is an image of Soviet forces in April 1945 around Breslau in WW2 which reveals Schweidnitz was still in the hands of the German 17th Army. It was still credible to fly from airfields around Schweidnitz in April 1945.

In reply to C, it was possible for the Ju-390 to both land and take off from a 1200 metre runway. The EF100 was an RLM sponsored windtunnel evaluation of the design which became the Ju-390. Figures for the EF-100 predicted the Ju-390 could take off within 550 metres at 75,000kg take off weight and land in 520 metres. I attach a couple of photos of Bodo in WW2:

In reply to D the Ju-390 had very low fuel consumption when flown below 12,000 feet at 1600-1800rpm.

Before the declassification in 1993 of Argentine intelligence reports from 1945, few people had ever heard of the Nazi Bell.

Until the Polish Government declassified Sporrenberg's trial testimony, nobody except a few individuals had ever heard how the Bell worked

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posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 05:20 PM
I have no doubt that the NAZIs were experimenting with time travel to alter the future and they may have succeeded as evidenced by our NAZI CIA and other government agencies trying to rule the world.

Time altering devices exist in nature. Tornados can put a piec of straw into a brick or glass--even drive a straw through a two by four.

The Montock Project was our version of time altering devices along with the Elderidge experiment. There must have been something to it as all the greatest minds worked on the project to put ships into a higher energy state so that they could send them across the globe at 4,000 miles per hour. Tesla, Einstein, Townsend Brown and others worked on this project so there must be something to it.

I have persoally lookied into charing objects made of iron by filling up all the electron orbits. Eventually the molecules of iron (iron ships) push apart forming larger objects that don't exist in this time. It takes very little enery to push them throuh the water at high speed becaue they don't weigh anything.

Counterrotating photons can also be used to create time warps by running them throuh fiber optic cables. Cooper paired electrons passing each other at twice light speed also reduce mass by kicking objects up into higher energy states or dimensions. My book Space Ships of the Gods deals with this as well as my 400-page book, COSMOLOGICAL ICE AGES coming out next month on Amazon and Barns and Noble and book stores around the world.

posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 05:54 PM
For some reason post above shows up as anonymous ?

The Bell was just an experiment, it was never weaponised. It also says in the book that the 62 scientists who worked on it were executed after the mine had been evacuated by the SS.

Nick Cook was wrong that all scientists involved with the Nazi Bell were executed.

SS Scharsturmfuhrer Dr Kurt Debus involved with the Bell became the launch director for Saturn V rockets at NASA. Dr Herman Oberth became a NASA scientist. Peenemunde engineer Otto Cerny also became a Nasa scientist so many of the Bell scientists did go to work for the Americans under Operation Overcast.

kickoutthejams said:

Kammler remains however a very shadowy figure in the Nazi hierarchy and 'disappeared' in mysterious circs just before the end of the war...

Most interesting because he was given sole charge of ALL Nazi research projects in early '45...

A German court in Charlottenburg on 7 September 1948 declared that Kammler died by committing suicide on 7 May 1945 at Jilove u Prahy south of Prague. This was based on testimony from his driver Kurt Pruek and aide SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Heinz Zeuner.

Unfortunately Zuener had earlier in February 1948 told a de-nazification tribunal that he was already in US custody on 2 May 1945.

Preuk was already badly injured on 5th May 1945 from an attack by rebels at Prague. Preuk claimed Kammler drove to Prague from Ebensee Austria on 4th May 1945, yet the US 80th Infantry Division reached Ebensee from the north on 4th May 1945. Indeed the 65th infantry division reached Ens near Linz on 3 may 1945 preventing Kammler from reaching Prague by driving east from Ebensee. The US 5th Infantry division controlled towns in south west Czechoslovakia and the 2nd Division controlled the road to Pilzen on 1 may 1945. The route to Prague from Ebensee was impassible by 4th May 1945, yet Preuk gave no account of dodging US forces on their drive from Ebensee.

Several German historians cling to the court ruling of 1948 oblivious to the facts discrediting it. Pruek even gave an affidavit in 1958 altering his original evidence in 1948 trying to suggest the date was now either 9th or 10th May 1945.

Zuener gave new testimony some years later when indicted for executing woman and children KZ prisoners in March 1945. Zeuner in that trial mentioned that he had been in US custody before Soviets arrived throwing further doubt over his 1948 testimony.


posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 09:23 PM
go to and download joseph farells "fourth reich, the brotherhood of the bell", discussing the black ops projects of nazi germany.

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