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Skeptics say none of it is real

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posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 06:54 PM
ive seen meteors quite often; ive even seen one Explode midair and Light up the entire sky for at least 30 seconds to a minute
this was 3am in the night

meteors make straight streaks ; easily identified
*btw ive seen a meteor in broad daylight
it made a HUGE smoke trail all the way to the ground
when i saw it i thought it was a ICBM w/chemical weapons or something! LOL!!! there was no nuclear blast so i said to my friends "OH NO CHEM WAR STARTED "
but that night on the news *in odessa* they reported a small town outside of odessa a meteor landed
a kid found it on the sidewalk next to where they were playing basketball
the city police tried to confiscate it but the govt said "NO" and the kid got to sell it for 40,000$ i believe

ill find the link for ya

satilites travel at a constant speed if im not mistaken
and satilites *space shuttle and space station* are easily identified in the night time; if your used to sky gazing for hundreds of hours

helicopters; jets; VSTOL aircraft; rockets;weather balloons; whatever you can name i can identify readily
nowdays my vision is failing rapidly *thanks PC moniter*
and when i see a "UFO" i ALWAYS get a 2nd opinion
i get someone else to look at it too to confirm what i see
but several years ago when i saw over 30 + Actual UFOs my vision was perfect

what did i see?
i saw a small dot of light moving; then it stopped ; then it grew to a large size; then began moving at super high speeds back and forth
and then when 2 military jets arrive at the scene *coming from 2 different directions about 90degrees angle*
the dot of light would dart off upwards into "outer space" at speeds i cannot even imagine...

that was the basic sighting; ive seen this type of phenomena over 30 times with over 30 witnesses
NEVER did i see one alone; I ALWAYS had someone with me

the BEST sighting however; was a DISK that flew over my house one night at about 11pm
my friend Levi *now paratrooper* and I got a friend Chris to go "see the UFOs" with us
we expected it to take at least half the night to finally spot one;
but the Moment we got outside Chris said "What the F*** is that???"
and Levi and I looked up and saw it

Metal round disk w/maroonish colored lights on bottom
it spun like a wheel and it even looked like a wheel from this perspective
the metallic bottom of it was 'segmented' in a way; that is why i say it was "a wheel in the sky"
draw a circle and draw radius lines from the center of it
thats what it looks like

the Up Close sighting is by far the most amazing thing ive ever seen in my entire life
i was crappin my pants; we all were when we saw it
little dots of light flying around at mach50 + still cannot compare to the sight of a friggin disk up close!!!

this thing flew over odessa at 11pm or so; a city of 100,000 people
and Chris < Levi and I were the only ones to see it ; it seems

always call the local airport and ask the radar tower people "what is that"
if they say "its a 747 w/southwest airlines" well there you go it was a airliner ***which always have blinking lights***
but when the radar tower guy says "There wasnt ANYTHING there"
you know something is amiss
Especially when they deny seeing the MILITARY JETS....

i am NOT saying the UFO is "aliens" but i am implying that is a very possible answer
its quite obvious ET pilots the things; in a way
they always dart off into outer space when Human Aircraft try to intercept it
i dont know of any Humans that go into outerspace in this manner; so i safely assume it was Probably ET

The Disk i saw very well could have been Military; but im doubting that for the most part
Why would they fly right over my house in a city of 100,000 people?
are they nuts?
ET may have no reservations about that; but the military is always being very secretive; so i assume they had little involvement being the object flaunted itself so prolificly....

*** i know ive told my UFO story on here countless times but i went thru it agian for the member whom asked me about it***

hey and gimme a few months or so to get a good job going and if you cannot afford to visit Odessa ; i can arrange to help you afford a train ticket
i am NOT joking; once i get some $$$ id love to show all of you !

keep in mind i havent lived in odessa since january 2000, but due to the massive amount of sightings ; i will assume *to my own expense* that they still regularly visit the area

like i said; a wager is at hand
if im wrong; which im not; but in case you dont see anything after we waste a few 100 hours; ill pay you for it
but when u see it; id like a 100$

fair deal eh?

until i can get hitched w/a good job; i can only part w/100$ on the wager
once i get some good $$$ coming in; i can afford to help other ways in getting people there *train ticket bus ticket etc*

so if your broke you gotta wait; but if u can afford the trip
by all means make it and go see for yourself
ONE NOTE:::: do not talk to the locals more than you have to; they are nuts usually

the reason i did not take a camera was because well ; several reasons
i only have a photo camera; not a video camera
and a Photo of a dot of light moving ; just looks like a Non Moving Star; in the photo
still photos of most UFO sightings are worthless
plus i never expected to see one up close either
if i had a photo of the "up close" sighting
it would be definate and we would all see it clearly
how i hatemyself for not having a camera that night

i am pretty sure however; that no matter where you live; the same phenomena exists there also
But it requires work

you cant see one unless you go look
they are Everywhere and its a near daily occurance

but think of it like this

Your looking for something super small in a huge huge sky
Your looking for a 10second snip out of hundreds of hours of earth time
you Must be Patient
You will be Rewarded

a needle in a haystack in a barn in a complex of a thousand barns...

any information you may need in regaurds to this
or if you wanna ask questions
im here and ill be ready to answer anything you may ask

thanks for your time and please do not be offended by my anger towards those who Dont Look yet Still Deny; because I know from First Hand expierance that The Phenomena is Real and its happening almost everyday !!

[edit on 30-4-2005 by muzzleflash]

posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 07:01 PM
found a link to the meteor i saw in 1998 in broad daylight
it really Hit the Ground !!! i saw it !!!

what a lifetime expierance ! Exhilerating and Unforgetable!
how i wish i caught it on film

too bad im paranoid and i freaked out when i saw it! LOL
still it was amazing!

good one here

posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 07:30 PM
MuzzleFlash, stargazing sounds like an excellent idea. I thought about doing the same thing, but where I live the sky is pretty much washed out by city lights, and we have alot of tall trees. That's why I don't have a telescope. But recently a freind tells me that you can still see stars pretty good with the right equipment, in the right location. He has GPS locator equipment with a large scope and has invited me out for some gazing. I know you said not to use one, but it's still a chance to look.

So I may tryout watching the skies when I'm on vacation, stayup late (drink some beer) and learn how to take pictures at night (drink some more beer). You got me all excited. I even thought about going to the park where the veiw is less obstructed, but the cops would probably run me off.

Thanks for the tips, I'm gonna have to try this.

posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 07:45 PM
hey one more thing for you HAL and anyone else interested in first hand investigation of our local skys

seeing one in the city is possible ; as all of my sightings were in a city *100,000 population*
anything bigger than that may be unreasonable as light pollution only gets worse

also having a few beers is fine it wont skew your mind

i will say that you will probably NEED those beers as this job can become very boring indeed
the beers will help pass the time in a more fun way

Always have a friend there however; for you can have a 2nd opinion on the object you may see

A 2nd person cannot possible "hallucinate" the exact same thing, as that is nearly 99.9% impossible

both of you can be drunk and it will still be credible to anyone who can think rationally

2 drunk people do NOT hallucinate the same thing , much less hallucinate at all

Now you may fall out of your lawnchair but thats another story altogeather! HEHEHE

so take a case of beer; because it may take all night

maybe a portable battery operated radio too
oh and like our bro earlier said ;
take a Camera --preferably a Video Camera

Helps pass the time while your looking for the awesome UFOs

posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 08:08 PM
Seeing 'something' in the sky is not proof of anything. It is evidence.

In addition, seeing 'something' in the sky is not proof or evidence of aliens. Even having large masses of people all thru history and from different locations saying they saw 'something' in the sky is not proof of aliens. It can, at best, only be considered evidence that people are seeing 'something' in the sky.

We dont know yet what that "something" is. It could be aliens, swamp gas, lightning balls, interdimentional holes, hallucination, optical illusion, demons, government experiments etc. etc. to infinity adnausium. Thus the coined phrase Unidentified Flying Object.

Saying, "I saw something in the sky, therefore the Fermi Paradox is bunk", is just not logical. The Fermi Paradox is simply asking, Where are the aliens?

When you see some light in the sky moving, can you really say, definitively, I saw aliens? No, it is simply a sighting of "something" in the sky. It does not logically follow that something is alien. It is just unknown at this point in time.

Therefore, while there is overwhelming preponderance of evidence that people are seeing something. There is no overwhelming evidence that this "something" is aliens from another world.

At the same time, this is not proof that there are no intelligent aliens lifeforms anywhere in any universe. It simply means that to date, we do not yet know what UFO's are.

The logical thing to do, is to gather all reliable evidence, analyze it, and test all possibilities in controled conditions to try to form an overwhelming preponderance of evidence that can be replicated and tested by other researchers.

The illogical thing to do is jump to conclusions that "it" is alien, and try to prove that assumption.

posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 09:10 PM
Hi makeitso,

If masses of people sighting similar phenomena around the globe is not proof of anything,
does this mean that Halley's comet, for example, is still just a theory ?
Just because science has no explanation, doesn't mean it's not happening...

All we can say's a something

If these aliens and ufo's are inter-dimensional, then there may not be any way of proving it
beyond a doubt....we can only go by anecdotal & photographic evidence, which can always be disputed...

Tricky aliens...


[edit on 30-4-2005 by Ganesh2005]

posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 09:33 PM
Hi Ganesh2005.

If masses of people sighting similar phenomena around the globe is not proof of anything, does this mean that Halley's comet, for example, is still just a theory ?
Just because science has no explanation, doesn't mean it's not happening...

Halleys comet has been observed, theorized, analyzed, experimented, and tested. Then the knowledge and the theory was tested in controlled conditions by experts from various fields worldwide. The theories passed the tests. All the experts worldwide agreed to the premise that it is a comet with a know trajectory on a given path that can be tracked and traced that will appear approximately every 76 years. For example,

There are no dissenting opinions in the field of science/astrophysics that I am aware of.

Can you say the same for UFO's = alien from another world?

I did not say it is not happening. I said that just because some humans see 'something' in the sky, it does not automatically follow that it is aliens from another world.

Gather all the realistic and relevant evidence and put it to the test with an open mind under worldwide controled conditions until there is a preponderance of evidence that can be replicated by all other researchers. Only then will you have a concensus that could be considered proof.

Don't jump to the conclusion that UFO = alien, and vica versa. To do so without a preponderance of evidence is not logic or science, it is simple superstition and propaganda.

Peace to you too....


[edit on 30-4-2005 by makeitso]

posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 11:23 PM
makeitso, I agree it is not justified to make the assumption from UFO's to aliens without a connection. But as I stated earlier from a list of things it could be: inter-dimensional, ghosts, mothman, God, or aliens, and add time-travelers. Well out of this list, I think the best guess would be extraterrestrial. Could it be something else? Yes, but you need to start somewhere.

If you agree "something is happening" then the next step is to try to figure out what it is. The problem is the subject has been ridiculed to the point no one with the credibility will touch it. So it is almost impossible to do what you’re suggesting.

It is my belief that there are those that know, or at least have more knowledge than the general public. It has been speculated for more than fifty years now. What could be so fantastic that has not been speculated to this point. We need to know, and should be told the truth.

It is my wish that a serious investigation be done, and let the chips fall where they may. If there are no aliens, then I would be willing to accept it, if the past events could be explained within reason. But I doubt this can be done. It could turn out to be something we have not even thought of yet.

But still, it could be the greatest discovery of all time. Is that not worth looking into?

posted on May, 1 2005 @ 02:07 AM
I'm an aetheist and I'm skeptical about UFOs. I believe there is life in the universe besides us. I believe there's other life in our solar system. I believe there are civilizations out there more advanced then us. I believe a few, and I stress a few, UFO sightings are actually alien craft. But here's my theory on the whole UFO phenomenon:

Throughout history man has used religion to explain things his brain could not comprehend. Every religion has a creation myth to explain the age old questions of how we got here and why are we here. Religion has been used to explain things like comets, thunderstorms, volcanoes, etc. Aanton LaVey asks a question in the satanic bible (and I'm not a satanist, I spent a lot of time a while back studying every religion I could, guess I was 'searching' back then) "Why is it that man has always invented his gods and not the other way around?".

I believe UFOs are taking the place of religion in today's society in that UFOs, aliens, secret underground government projects, etc., are used to explain things we cannot comprehend. We are advanced to a point that miracles and magic are generally believed to be false, and we look for more 'high tech' answers. Man's ego just doesn't allow him to accept that there are things he does not and can not understand. Aliens provide a solution for this.

Another question I have to ask is "Why Earth?". I believe there are millions of places where life exists in the universe. Why would aliens come to Earth several times a day to simply fly their ship around? Judging from a human perspective, if we had the ability to travel the vast distances of space, would we focus all our attention on one simple planet that had life, or would we try to catalog them all? Most likely we would be sending robotic probes to places where we found life, we wouldn't focus on just one planet and send a daily barage of spacecraft there, ignoring everywhere else. Why put so much resources into investigating one planet? I think the answer again lies in man's ego. For thousands of years we thought were the only planet with life in the universe. Now we are realizing that life most likely exists everywhere. What a crushing blow to our ego! We're not the only ones anymore! Well, maybe we aren't the only ones, but we're obviously the only ones worth checking out so that's why all these aliens come here instead of another planet. It boils down to man's ego again.

I feel most of the UFO sightings are not UFOs but have an Earthly explanation. The sightings that cannot be readily explained could be genuine UFO's or they could be some natural occurance that isn't understood yet. Who knows?

posted on May, 2 2005 @ 02:32 AM

Originally posted by Ganesh2005
Sceptics....'seek and ye shall find'

This is the main problem...none of the sceptics even bother to watch the Disclosure press conference video, or look at any of the hundreds of pieces of footage on the's all there

I consider myself an open-minded skeptic . I have read a lot of information about UFO/ET's. I have no doubt that people are observing/experiencing something real in many cases but I've seen no proof yet that proves that aliens are involved.

posted on May, 2 2005 @ 05:17 AM

Originally posted by AdamJ
it took me 30 minutes looking out my window before i saw something i couldnt easily explain. it was hardly conclusive of anything but still very interesting.

Yeah Ads......It took me about a minute.......I see them all the time

And.......guys......don't get me wrong......Im not bragging here, it just all seems part of everyday life to me

posted on May, 2 2005 @ 11:04 AM
To say aliens do not exist is saying god dont exist, it is told that god created the heavens and the earth, well he would have to be an alien himself people, because if there was no earth and he created it then he had to come from somewhere else other than earth which would make him alien. Also with the power they must have they can remain invisible as long as they wish, and let a few see them at any given time. I think our life on this planet was a gift and we should appreciate the one that gave us our life. I personally in my own opinion believe we are not alone and we never were.

posted on May, 2 2005 @ 11:39 AM
Interestingly enough, even most scientific-minded skeptics DO believe aliens exist, and that alien intelligent life exists. The math simply reinforces the odds.

What they DON'T agree with is the idea of them being capable of visiting us here on Earth, over such vast distances in the universe...where, using drives WE have access to, it would take many lifetimes for us to travel to even the nearest stars.

I imagine that scientists of old would have the same conclusion if one had told them that at some point in the not so distant future, they could pick up a device and talk to someone on the other side of the globe as well...

So much for scientific ideas of what one can and cannot accomplish given even a short amount of time....

Not to mention, who's to say that such lifeforms DIDN'T commit to those numerous lifetimes to get here?

Ahh, but then the skeptics say, "but why travel all that distance, to not publicly say, "Hello"?"

Interestingly enough, these are the same skeptics who then point out that we have no way of knowing the alien mindset....

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