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If you could be Supreme High Ruler…

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posted on Apr, 22 2005 @ 01:38 PM
If you could be Supreme High Ruler…

If you could be Supreme High Ruler of your country for one year, what would you do? Anything and everything you commanded your government to do they would do. What laws and policies would you implement? What changes would you make? Although a far fetched premise, I’m hoping for mostly serious answers.

I live in the USA, so my answers are US related:

#1 Get back to basics, EDUCATION
- No more summer vacations for kids, year round school with maybe a week off here and there. Kids start at 4 years old and complete at 17. Strict dress codes, no cell phones, etc… Teachers are paid based on the test scores of their students, 1% pay deduction for each student that fails to pass the year and a 1% bonus for each honors student. Tests and grading done by an independent group. The highest rated school each year per state based on student body GPA gets a $1 million bonus to be used for school programs.

#2 MANDATORY armed forces enlistment.
- 100% Of all high school grads must enlist for a minimum 2 years active duty. First year is a training year, no active combat or operations from 17-18 years old. Second year is full active duty doing Homeland security and administration, no over seas deployment. Free to go after second year or they can stay as regular full time active duty.

#3 National lottery.
- National lottery with daily drawings. All money earned from the lottery provides free State university tuition for all students averaging a “b” or better GPA. All students with an “a” GPA can have a choice of the free state education or subsidized private university tuition and interest free loans. NOTE: The student MUST complete their 2 year armed forces obligation to receive these benefits.

#4 Socialized medicine…With a twist!
- Privately run hospitals. BUT, it’s a contract that needs to be earned to maintain. Each hospital has a small government office inside monitoring all costs and care given. At the end of each patients care they fill out an exit survey. The surveys are converted into a score. The company running the hospital gets paid based on that score. I.e, if your patients didn’t like their experience, the hospital may not get paid. The higher the score, the higher the profit. If the hospital gets low scores for a period of time, they will be replaced. Win-win socialized care with the patients the top priority!

#5 Taxes, fee’s, and tolls.
- Flat tax. No sales tax, no taxes for anything other than income tax. Period. No deductions, brackets, nothing. No tolls or excises or fee’s of any kind. The ENTIRE population pays a 40% income tax. That’s it, nothing else ever. 40% gets you no bull crap anywhere, free college for your kids and a world class health system, and 10% of that 40 gets put aside for your retirement with a 5% interest rate, automatically and guaranteed. Not bad huh?

#6 Population control.
- To many people here. Period. Two pronged attack on this issue. First up: tighten immigration to near militant standards and lock down the borders. Big, thick walls people (where do you think all those fresh 18-19 year old recruits will be stationed?). People petitioning to come to this country need to show a really good reason and the ability to add to the culture, not just escape their problems at home. Secondly (and most controversial): Child limit per household of 2!!!!! (Calm down, read on).You can have as many kids as you want, but your tax rate will increase 5% for each child after 2. Example: Your income tax would be 50% if you had 4 kids. So, if you want more kids, you better make sure you have the cash. People with more than 2 kids prior to the change would be exempt.

#7 Welfare, social services, and unemployment
- FREE RIDES OVER PEOPLE!! All money paid out to its citizens for any social program will be EARNED. Social services would be considered a JOB. I.e., you’re going to work for it. Doesn’t matter what your physical or mental condition your in, there is always something that needs to be done that you can handle. Cleaning streets and sidewalks, stuffing envelopes, making calls, toilets need cleaning, lunches need to be made, etc. So…all social services will need to be worked for. After all, there needs to be incentives NOT to be on a social service right? Cleaning toilets is a fine incentive.

#8 Three Strikes and your out…Literally!
- Career drug dealers get the death penalty. Three strikes and their out…for good. Also: EXTREME foreign policy towards countries who send illegal drugs to the USA. I call it the 100 100 100 policy. First offense: We keep your ship/plane, you fix your problem or we will. 100% search and seizure of all incoming shipments from that country. Second offense: 100% trade sanctions until you can prove the issue is corrected. Third offense: 100% destruction of all that countries suspected drug producing facilities and ports of trade. Tough? GOOD!

#9 MAJOR focus on replacing oil.
- Major effort to replace dependency on oil. Offer huge incentives to auto and equipment manufacturers to create new hybrid power plants and similar tech. Offer perks to citizens who conserve the most energy, etc. Special tax breaks and bonuses to companies that focus on new energy tech development. Basically, make energy conservation big business.

#10 Streamline the government, cut the fat.
- Flush the government. Shorter terms, stiff penalties for poor performance, etc. Start rolling some heads when things don’t go well. Create a special “checks and balances” task force with its sole purpose to look for corruption.

#11 Start paying heroes what they are worth
- Policemen, Firemen, Teachers, etc. Pay them WELL!! But then hold them to the highest degree of responsibility.

I have a 1000 more, but these are the biggest. I believe the start needs to be with the kids. Start providing the best education they can get, get focused on it. Too many distractions. Then a couple years in the military to build some respect and responsibility.

The flat tax and free medical and school care will put some cash back into the people pockets while maintaining plenty for the government. The national lottery on top of regional lotteries will keep the budget loose as well.

Get tough of illegal drugs and keep kids focused. That’s the ticket. Happier, better educated kids is the backbone of a strong country.

Keep the population under control means less tax on the environment and the countries resources. Not to mention cleaner air and less traffic.

And with the government putting social care recipients to work at one level or another, the country will save a ton of cash to put back into itself. Retired members of the country would be very well off with that automatic 10% of their taxes added to a retirement account with a 5% yield.

I think I would be EXTREMELY un popular in the beginning, maybe even a few execution attempts. But in the long run I would go down as the bestest supreme ruler of them all!!!

posted on Apr, 22 2005 @ 01:39 PM

Originally posted by skippytjc
If you could be Supreme High Ruler…

If you could be Supreme High Ruler of your country for one year, what would you do?

Make myself Supreme High Ruler for life

You'll get my serious answer when I have more time on my hands

posted on Apr, 22 2005 @ 02:28 PM
I'd have some great ideas...but I'd probably just loaf around, secure in my Supreme High Ruler Palace on High...totally confident that I AM supreme....

posted on Apr, 22 2005 @ 02:41 PM
Make Scotland independent of the UK.

Military: Nuclear disarmament - return English nuclear weapons ( all of which are stockpiled in Scotland ) to sender, via rocket propulsion if necessary. Military neutrality - reduce army to 100,000 man defence force.

Education: Outlaw religious observance of any kind in schools, but maintain education on the customs of a broad spectrum of religions.

Tax: 75%+ income tax for anyone earning over 1 million a year. Legalise cannabis and tax it heavily.

Public Services: Nationalise public transport and oil industry, maintain National Health Service.

Hand ownership of the means of production to the workers.

posted on Apr, 23 2005 @ 02:55 PM

Originally posted by skippytjc

No more summer vacations for kids, year round school with maybe a week off here and there. Kids start at 4 years old and complete at 17. Strict dress codes, no cell phones, etc…

If I was supreme ruler..I would make sure you were never supreme ruler...neva eva

posted on Apr, 23 2005 @ 06:30 PM
Hmmm, deportation of all illegals, and not back home, they got here once from there. Deport them to Africa and laugh as they wish they were back home.

Second, take all those "Liberals are gonna eat your babies!" republicans and have them shot. Sure this ends Fox News, the south, Alaska, but oh well.

Third, make drug tests mandatory in schools. Once every 3 months at random times a hair sample, not urine which can be cheated easily, not blood for that requires needles and many people have a phobia of needles, but hair samples that tell you if they have done drugs any time the hair has been there. ALso, if they shave their heads bald, armpit hair can be used, and if that is shaved, well, other hair, and if that shaved, arm/leg hair, eyebrow hair, any hair can be used for a hair test.

Fourth, make many things death penalty, like three strikes of any violent or drug related felony. Also round up the priests known as pedophiles and bye bye. Not defrocked, not slapped on the wrist by the church, but dead.

Fifth, keep christmas holidays, thanksgiving, labor day, MLK Jr, all the others, but only get "vacation" time from school for christmas, thanksgiving, labor day, MLK Jr, and New Years Eve. Also, keep summer vacation, it is cheaper then buying air conditioners for all the schools to keep kids from passing out from heat stroke. No dress codes, just common sense. No gang clothing, no g-string thongs only, have to be wearing pants, jeans, skirt, dress, whatever. Belly button can be shown, no big deal, same with shoulders. Face/body piercings no problem. Cell phones allowed on school grounds, but if it interupts class it is taken for the day.

Sixth, raise Minimum wage. Republicans want slave labor, this is wrong. If you sell a TV for 5 dollars, but no one has money, then how can they buy the tv? If you sell gas for 50 dollars a gallon, and people make 80 dollars an hour, they will buy gas for they can afford it. But if you sell it for 1 cent a gallon and no one has money for they are slaves the republicans want, they won't buy gas.

Seven. If an abortion clinic or hospital is bombs, the church members connected to the attack are killed. If a doctor is shot, the person and church members are shot. Why? They say they are pro-life, yet they go out and kill, therefor are hypocrits and I don't like hypocrits.

Eight. Guns for everyone! If the little old lady has a 45, you aren't mugging her. If everyone in the bank have 9mm or .22, you aren't robbing it. Morton Grove banned guns, crime went up, a town in georgia made it illegal not to own guns for protection, crime went down. The country with the least gun control has the lowest crime rate. England and Australia ban guns and crime sky rockets. In other words, guns kill people like spoons made Rosie fat.(look down)

Nine. No more "You give me money or you go to hell!!!!!" Tv, sure I lose 3 channels but those douchbags need to be stopped. Also tax religon, the land they are on, the money they make, so forth. Use this money to pay for education, pay off debt created by republicans in wars for oil, and save social security.

Ten. PC is gone. Black, white, yellow, red, green, blue, whatever. No more "well, he has 3 PHDs, invented half the technology used here, but he white and this HS drop out is black, black man is hired!"

Eleven. BS lawsuits=jail time. Your kid is fat cause you fed him fast food every day? You in jail for child abuse. You cut your hand when breaking into a house? You in jail. You suing the train company because the train didn't kill you when you were committing suicide? You in jail.(Yes, a woman did this, won 10million) You spill coffee on your lap and sue? You in jail. Yes go back and get another cup, but suing because coffee is hot? No.

Twelve. Have implants planted in christians that explode when the christian starts spewing forth BS. This way we get rid of most of them. They start going on about 6,000 year old earth or Noah being right and BOOM! One less idiot in the world.

Thirteen. Censorship gone! Nudity, blood and gore, words, none edited. If you don't like it, DON'T WATCH IT!!!! Japanese television is far more blood and gore then us, yet they don't have "WAAA! I did this because I saw it on tv, I said this cause I heard it in a song!"

Fourteen. Gangsta Rap is no longer considered music. Rap, Hip Hop, whatever is music, cussing to a beat while adding how much drugs you do or how many "hos" you banged is not music. You can sell it on cds, concerts, whatever, just can't call it music.

Fifthteen. Cable for everyone! No more basic tv, no more 56k modems, cable for everyone! Not satellite, those things don't work if it is raining/snowing, anywhere in the world. "What? It's snowing in Antartica? Nothing on tv. What? Somebody sneezed in Ghana? Nothing on tv."

Sixthteen. No more Canada/USA, it's now United States of North AMerica. Mexico has been contained, Wall on border, ships in water, and as said earlier, all illegal aliens were deported to Africa.

17. Science, and only science, can be taught in public schools. Gravity, relativity, evolution, lightning/thunder, plants, biology, whatever is to be taught in school. No more christians crying because they want BS taught. Wait, they all dead anyways when the implants blew up, nvm, strike 17.

18. Old enough to kill, old enough to drink. Drinking age is 20, draft age is raised to 20. Cigs are legal, but the companies must pay the family of anyone who dies of smoking related cancer 1 million dollars. Not toe cancer or liver cancer, but lung, throat, cheek, nose, whatever cancer. Weed is legal, but heavily taxed and 18 or older. Prostitution is legal and regulated. No more pimps, drug tests every month, in legalized government controlled Whore Houses. Need a license, which requires the passing of a psych test, drug test, and STD test.

19. Sex education. No more "You touch yourself, YOU GO TO HELL!!!!!!! Now come here little boy so I can rape you." Taught the reality of sex, STDs, condoms, pills, abortion, all that. No more being taught AIDS can be spread by tears or holding hands.

20. Welfare reform. No more welfare forever as you do drugs. On welfare, drug tests. Also have a work program through welfare that helps people get jobs instead of just paying people to sit around and not try to get a job. Tired of seeing these "poor" people with brand new 25,000 dollar trucks and 8 checks following, I mean kids.(Futurama with Bender was not that far off in the episode where he adopted kids for the government check for each one)

21. For new immigrants, SPEAK THE F******* LANGUAGE! Also, if you are here, you wanted out of where you came from, SO STOP TRYING TO MAKE HERE LIKE HOME! If you hated home so much, why do you whine that we aren't like them? No special laws for you, you here legally, you follow the law. If here illegally, get deported as mentioned.

22. Work with NATO, UN, the world on global problems. Work on reducing Green House Gases. Work on making Hybrid cars better and cheaper so everyone can afford them. Work on saving the animals endangered in other countries that the country still kills, like Pandas in China.

23. Make ATS the official Supreme Ruler website, nominate Simon as Minister of Common Sense and Skeptic Overlord Minister of Super Heroes.

That is all, for now.

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