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ATS reference for ST Malachy Discussions

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posted on Apr, 22 2005 @ 11:55 AM
I am posting this to help members determine wether to start a new thread and to help find information. The recent deat of the pope, and election of the pope (the pope is dead, long live the pope....) has resulted in a flurry of information. These are the active threads, there might be older ones that have been inactive.

Specific to Peter the Roman
Malachy Prophecy, Soon to see number 112 (5 years possibly)

Specific to the choice of the name 'Benedict XVI"
Was the Pope's name chosen to fulfill the Malachy prophecy?

JPII, Malachy, Mayan 2012
John Paul 2, Saint Malachi, & the Mayan Calendar

Specific to the length of Pope Benedicts p.....apacy
This St Malachy thing is starting to get REAL freaky

Misinterpreting Malachy
Misinterpreting Papal Prophecies...

Is the prophecy correct in general?
Do you agree there are only two popes after this one?

This is not neither official nor complete. I have cobbled these links together from the front page of the Prophecies forum only. There are probably, almost certainly, other threads elsewhere, and obviously older ones that are god but simply not active (because they covered everything perhaps???) in the older part of the forum.

Search is Your Friend.

Please feel free to add indexing links here, don't bother discussing the prophecy itself.

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posted on May, 10 2011 @ 10:56 AM
reply to post by Nygdan

I used to believe in the St. Malachy pope listing, then I took a list of people who had been popes and the list of popes Malachy predicts, and they don't match up. At least that is how I remember it going down. Forgive me, this was back when Benedict was named the new Pope.
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posted on Apr, 30 2017 @ 07:29 PM
a reply to: Nygdan
Popes don't procreate heirs. But there's still the interregnums between their reigns. Both Malachy and Nostradamus dialed into the same Psychic energy nodes. Malachy used the catastrophes of a Pope's death, to illuminate who, or what, came after him. This was, and probably still is, limited to the Sistine Chapel's Papal Conclaves. Nosty used local catastrophes, in order to track a bloodline, down through the Centuries. I only speak English, so I can only follow it across North America, from the Quebec Bridge disasters, to the May 18th, Mt. St. Helens, eruption.

Your take on Benedict XVI is telling. "Glory of the Olivatians", shows that a member of the Benedictine order would follow " The toil of the Sun ". But since there already was a historical Pope Benedict XV, then the present one has to be Benedict XVI. There's no catastrophe, from him merely reclusing himself, and allowing the election of Pope Francis. Indeed, he may still out live Pope Francis, if the latter makes too good of a target out of himself. My guess is that after Benedict XVI dies off, then the next Papal Conclave will fulfill Malachy's list of Popes. Only then will Roma be destroyed, and the "Rock of Roma" will minister to his flock in the deserted streets.

Re: Nosty, he uses capital M's in his texts as the throwaway letters in his anagrams. You put them back onto the cover of his book, as Ten Hundreds, ( M ), in Roman Numerals. So you judge his book by it's cover. Then the local catastrophes kick in, along with one family's genealogy, and suddenly you can read him, like the morning newspaper.

It ain't really rocket science! But it's not academic encryption, either. It was designed for yours truly to stumble into it in Nov. 1985. This is the earliest, 500 years of months, after Nosty's birth in 1503 A.D., that a 500 year decoder can see through the garbled verses. I looked up my old school mate, Bobby S. in Moscow, in the middle of Nov. 1985, and got the rest of the story about his bringing his dad's ( Mis et Mal ), photos of Mussolini, hanging upside down, back in 1945, in Milano, It. When I knew that he only brought that ghastly folder of photos, one time only, in 1957, to our Fifth Grade Class, I realized that I had nailed it. Bob wasn't interested in anything to do with Nostradamus, and that's the last time I saw him. He passed from cancer in 1988, only three years later. Nosty told the story in his verse, C. VIII, Q. 31, in the same order as the story of the death of King Saul, and the transmission of his Royal ring, to the Biblical David, in the Book of Samuel. Both of these "dark and evil men", ended up, hanging upside down, on city gates. Saul was flummoxed by the Witch of Endor, and Mussolini was tricked by Nosty, himself.

The Stars and Stripes were flying over Milano, when I'l Duce was strung up in the night. So his fate by the legend of anagrams, in English, ( Muslin Maker ), can read " Fake Muslim " , or "Muslim Faker". Mussolini, who was a student of Nostradamus, was so afraid of the jeune Selin, who Bobby S., once handed off his dad's photos to, that he refused a plane ride over to Spain, and a comfortable exile there. Then he was caught by the Partisans on the way to Austria, and shot, along with his "girlfriend", at Dongo, near the southern end of Lake Como. You simply cannot make this stuff up, although Nosty creates a Mosaic, made out of several different verses. Bob and I are both Baby Boomers who were born in 1947. So we were both in our eleventh year, by early June, 1957.

Use Cent. 7 & 8 together for a buttress, ( 78 ). subtract Q. 31, and then add the numerals in 47 together. This 11 years after 1947, gives you the missing time for Mussolini's spirit, captured in one of those ghastly photos, to make it all the way across the world, from the territory of the old Venice Republic, into Washington State. Both Malachy and Nosty, both had a series of visions, this precisely accurate. Malachy's were in a previous Basilica, before the present St. Peters'. and Nosty skryed in a brass bowl of water on a tripod.

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