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UN Ambassador Nominee Bolton's Troubles Mount (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on Apr, 22 2005 @ 12:26 AM
John R. Bolton's chance of being confirmed as U.S. åmbassador to the UN by the Senate diminished today as new allegations regarding his past behavior and rumors that former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell has been making negative statements about him to Senators on the Foreign Relations Committee surfaced. Committee hearings stalled earlier this week after some key Republicans sided with the Democrats in requesting more time to investigate the nominee. The White House still supports Bolton and is pressing for his confirmation.
A former U.S. ambassador to South Korea said Thursday that John R. Bolton, President Bush's choice for U.N. ambassador, may have misled the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about a provocative and controversial 2003 speech on North Korea.

The former ambassador, Thomas Hubbard, also described a confrontation in which Bolton yelled at him and slammed down a telephone, in another example of the confrontational behavior that has helped stall Bolton's nomination.
Hubbard has spoken with Foreign Relations Committee aides, who are expanding an investigation into Bolton's background after senators this week postponed a confirmation vote until mid-May.

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Former secretary of state Colin L. Powell is emerging as a behind-the-scenes player in the battle over John R. Bolton's nomination as ambassador to the United Nations, privately telling at least two key Republican lawmaker that Bolton is a smart but very problematic government official, according to Republican sources.

Powell spoke in recent days with Sens. Lincoln D. Chafee (R.I.) and Chuck Hagel (Neb.), two of three GOP senators on the Foreign Relations Committee who have raised concerns about Bolton's confirmation, the sources said. Powell did not advise the senators to oppose Bolton, but offered a frank assessment of the nominee as a man who was challenging to work with on personnel and policy matters, according to two people familiar with the conversations.

"General Powell has returned calls from senators who wanted to discuss specific questions that have been raised," said Margaret Cifrino, a Powell spokeswoman. "He has not reached out to senators," and considers the discussions private.

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I used to strongly support Bolton's nomination, but now I'm not sure. I agree that these allegations must be looked into to determine if they are real or overblown out of partisan dislike of his beliefs. I hope that he will be given a fair hearing and the truth becomes clear.

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