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(ACSS) Dragons on the Wind

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posted on Apr, 21 2005 @ 09:17 PM
I didn't like the cold winds in north China. Sometimes, even on a hot day
I could feel a cool wind blowing... To me, this seemed somehow unnatural.
So I have a theory. My theory is that these cold winds that seemed to blow so capriciously were really the spirits of ancient dragons.
Long ago these creatures lived. I believe that they lived for a very long time. Maybe they even lived thousands of years. But eventually the magnificent bodies of these dragons died. Yet, I believe their spirits lived on. So today if you feel a cold wind gusting up and around you near Beijing,
it is really the spirit, the remnant of one of thoes ancient dragons.
I observed, that some people were even "friends" with these winds.
There was a person where I worked who seemed to be very good friends with these winds. This person was also very plotting and calculating.
In the usual area where this person worked, I always noticed an area of coldness. If I would stand in a certain area I could feel this. It was in a room, near the middle , in the path of the window and the wind.
Even in my own abode I had observed unnatural conditions.

During the SARS epidemic, I caught a sore throat. But I didn't want to go to a doctor, or to a hospital... In one of my rooms I felt an area of extreem cold. It was in the bed.... If I would lie down someone or some-
thing would try to talk to me.

But, let me start at the beginning. At first there was no talking. I only felt a presence. It felt like a body was near me., but there was noone there. The presence was not frightening, in fact it was soothing.
In Christian mythology strong believers believe in something they call
"the Holy Ghost" or "the Holy Spirit". So because this presence felt benign, I allowed it to enter me. Almost instantly, my sore throat was gone. In fact
I felt energized. I felt as if a great power was inside me. As I rode my bike
around that day i felt as if the world was at my feet. I felt as if nothing could be denied me.
When I returned home, I contemplated. I gazed into the reflection of my telivision and I saw visions. I saw people; men and women indulging in an orgy of various sexual acts. It looked hyper realistic.
Suddendly, my body jerked! I felt like I had had an impact with a moving object. My lower neck suddendly felt very strange. I even felt like I had impacted an object so hard, that I could have died if I had hit it any harder.
Then I felt guilt.
Would God want a sinful man to walk about the earth filled with godly power? I think the answer is , "No."
Very quickly my sore throat returned. And when I laid in the area of cold.
someone talked to me. They said many things. They said they were thousands of years old. They said we were on the same level, and they said if I did terrible things, they would give me greatr power; anything I
wanted. But I refused this offer.
I felt as if I had made a concrete choice. I had chosen good over evil.

Someone once said to me, "Morality binds you." I believe this is true...
And so, I am bound by my morality.


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posted on Apr, 22 2005 @ 09:18 PM
Welcome to the contest. It is fantastic to see so many new writers coming together and sharing the works of their heart and soul. You my friend are a gift to us all.

Love and light,



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