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posted on Apr, 21 2005 @ 01:41 PM
for two whole weeks
I hoped you'd say
" it still looks good,
I'm A-okay,"
but when you called
my world turned gray

I know your not the kind to whine
but that doesn't go for me
We see eye to eye on nearly all,
but were free to disagree
If you've never listened to my words
please listen to this plea,
" do the surgery and radiation
and do the Chemo-Therepy"
Your the only man I know
that I consider family,
your the only man I know
that I always long to see

I know for you to do it all, there's much you must endure
when all the time, inside your head, you know it's not a cure
I'll give you all the help you'd take,
of that you can be sure

I could help you when you want up
I could fetch you things to read
I'd even prove to you I know
what's a plant and what's a weed
I'd do all the things a good friend could
to get you up to speed

You're worse than anyone I know
at doing what your told
but I want to sit around with you,
to bull# when we're old

When I met you I'd given-up
on being friends with guys
I always thought I had a bunch
but all, were based on lies

Friendship always led to drink
at the games or at the bars
Our bond was full of macho tales
of chasing women with fast cars
We worked to please those women
but never worked at pleasing ours
Our heads were so far up our ass
we never knew that there were stars

I ran with guys for thirty years
never knowing I was blind
Never questioned their ideals
never cared about their mind,
until my growing pains of consciousness
caused those friendships to unwind

I ran from who I always was
in hopes I'd shed my past
for years I fought a war in me
I now, know that I'll out-last
My vision is much clearer
my old baggage falling fast
and you define what friend should mean,
what you've given me is vast

There's still too much to talk about
of our species gone astray
Of how we screwed our planet-up
and how were gonna pay
Sometimes were all too serious
sometimes it's how we play,
but for me to get my fill of it
I need for you to stay
But know my friend, I love yo
and we'll do it all your way

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