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New Disclosure Organization

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posted on Apr, 21 2005 @ 09:41 AM
This is a continuation of a previous thread that was getting off topic. If you want to view that thread to get a little more background, click here:

I tried posting this topic before, but with the little hiccup we had the other day it got lost in the shuffle. Anyways...

Hopefully the above will describe what the organization is all about. If it doesn't detail it well enough, ask in here; someone else might be curious too, so a U2U wouldn't necessarily be the best way to go.

The main thing I'd like to ask people for right now is suggestions on research material. The main event that I can think of is the Roswell case, but at the same time I'm fairly new to the scene and I'm sure there's more cases that can be (and have been) researched quite well. Gaz did a wonderful job with his ongoing Roswell article, and that's the kind of detail we'd need for any case. I've seen a few articles on here about Dulce and Lacerta; those seem to be good stories at the very least, but we need more sources than a couple of interviews if possible. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

As Gazrok pointed out to me when I first attempted this post, I might be in violation of the T&C rule 12 by asking people to join. I confirmed this with Simon, but with the attack we had I lost the U2U. If anyone is interested in helping out or getting involved, please U2U me, and if me asking for that is in violation, please let me know. I'll retract the statement with no argument whatsoever.

I honestly feel that if enough people work together we can get the lid taken off of some of this. Any help or comments are appreciated.

posted on Apr, 21 2005 @ 05:00 PM
What everybody seems to mean when saying "disclosure" is "FULL disclosure". There has always been an ongoing process of disclosure, with highly-placed individuals speaking out every now & then, more or less discreetly. Aliens, too, are doing their share of the task, by showing themselves openly again & again. We're being prepared for a quiet takeover with no mass hysteria.

There is an early example of this going as far back as 1959, when Prof. Hermann Julius Oberth, the rocket scientist, retired. A special event was held in which the U.S. Gov't. gave him an award, & then, during the press conference, he said, "Gentlemen, we cannot take credit for all the technological developments that we have had in the last decade. We have had help."

He said no more, so a reporter asked, "Professor Oberth, can you tell us what other country helped us?" Oberth replied, "It was those little guys from out in space." But he refused to go any further. This is Bill Cooper's version of the incident.

For some unknown reason, lately Russia seems to have been assigned the leading role in this piecemeal mission of paving the highway for the aliens' arrival in force.

See, for example, the articles published by "Nexus", the Australian magazine, in which a Russian official describes something that sounds like science-fiction: The Installation, an alien base in Siberia whose purpose is to destroy incoming comets & asteroids, as was the case in 1908 with the Tunguska explosion. The links:

The Installation (interview)

Mysteries of Siberia's "Valley of Death"

The problem is that there are two points of view concerning the intentions of the invaders: people holding Gov't. posts ALWAYS claim that they will help us build the perfect world, a wonderful Utopia. They will do away with diseases, clean the environment & teach us how to generate clean, cheap energy, & nobody will go hungry ever again.

On the other hand, many others claim that they have received warnings that these invaders are here to enslave because they live off our instinctive emotional energy, our animal passions, but they will try to make us believe that they are our helpers, & eventually, when everybody realizes what's going on, there will be an uprising. It will be like a real-life "V" TV series.

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