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Are US Corporations showing any solidarity?

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posted on Apr, 20 2005 @ 10:08 PM
The following paragraphs are a section of an article entitled “Good and Bad, Angels and Devils” from my site.

What goes on with the pricing structure which is messing up all the rational of "Supply and Demand" model? The Americans BY LAW are forced to pay higher price for the same prescription drugs which are developed and produced inside the United States. This is because the pharmaceutical companies CAN PASS SUCH A LAW. Is this the way that the US Corporations are showing their solidarity, and thanking their FELLOW CITIZENS?
So, where is that horizontal economic world that Mr. Thomas S. Friedman in his book entitled "The World Is Flat" is talking about? Since 1990s most of the prominent economists and the politicians are championing the merits of the Free Trades. And they have been urging to knock down all trade barriers. The US Government has passed some massive laws in pursue of that policy. How come these knocking down trade barriers do not apply for the American consumers?

In the International Free Trade competitions, the Americans' work force are in GEART DISADVANTAGE; not only we have to compete with other work forces who are having much lower COST OF LIVING, we also have to suffer from the prices which are kept ARTIFICIALLY high by our giant Friendly Corporations. Americans' Incredible Productivity could easily compensate for our high wages. But NOBODY can overcome the ARTIFICIAL obstacles that are thrown in the way of the Americans' work force. These Friendly Corporations are openly creating financial crises and they are demanding the public to take care of them. And our legislators are so shamelessly willing to oblige the Wishes of these Corporations at the expense of American's public.

Can anybody claim the US Government is working for the People?
How do you define Bribery?
Does US Government fit to the meaning of Democracy?
Does it make much of a difference in US economical policies whom we vote for?

May God bless us all,

posted on Apr, 21 2005 @ 04:40 AM
Corporations show solidarity in controlling D.C. through lobbyist's, screwing the average joe, and wasting the world's resources. Why care though? We're only here for 80 or so years!


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