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posted on Apr, 20 2005 @ 04:32 PM
Hi, in case some of you haven't heard of, it is another alternate reality game ala and Halo. They post challenges (puzzles) every so often that, when solved, lead to the revelation of some clue/info/picture pertaining to the next-generation XBox 360.

Anyway, all the challenges have generally been quite simple--until now. We folks at TeamXBox and other online communities have been thoroughly stumped. Since I remembered that the folks over here at ATS happen to be some of the most creative, innovative, and intelligent people on the Net, I've come to ascertain your help, if you would be so kind as to give it.

Well here is the challenge (puzzle)...
It is in the form of an image with no further details attached. The solution is of length 40 characters and under.

For reference purposes, previous challenges have sometimes contained symbols that correlate to a message encoded in binary, notes hidden in the hex of an image, and symbolic importance in the filename of the image. Those have all been checked to some degree already in this challenge. Note the presence of several Photoshopped features.

If you have any further questions/requests, please post them...
If you would like to see what others have discovered and/or tried, here are links to two forums of note.
One Colony, Many Clans

Thank you!


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