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Shiite Bloc Says Saddam Should Be Executed.

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posted on Apr, 18 2005 @ 06:55 PM

Iraq's most powerful Shiite bloc said Monday it wants former leader Saddam Hussein executed if he is convicted of war crimes by a special tribunal. It called on Iraq's interim president to resign if he refuses to sign the execution order.

Astounding that the Kurdish President would not seek the same.
Opps, here's why:

In an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation on Monday, Talabani said that signing a death warrant for Saddam would go against his beliefs as a human rights advocate and someone who opposes capital punishment.

Just amazing to se such forgiveness among the Kurds.

Speaking in an interview with The Associated Press, Dabagh said: "We feel he is a criminal. He is the No. 1 criminal in the world. He is a murderer." He added: "He deserves a trial, and he should be subjected to the law and the court. Whatever the decision, everyone should follow it, even if the president says he cannot sign it."

Wow. And all this time, I thought Bush was the world's #1 criminal?

Shimmari said the death penalty was supported by both Islamic tradition and Iraqi criminal law.

"The 1969 penal code is very clear and orders the death penalty for anyone guilty of premeditated murder, incitation to murder or assisting in murder," he said, adding that the Koran also allowed for executions.

Interesting. Learn something new everyday.

The rest can be found here:
Shiite alliance says Saddam should be executed if convicted

Anyone else surprised by the Iraqi Shi'ite call for Saddam's execution?
Thoughts and comments?


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