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Pentagon Video FOIA Requests

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posted on Apr, 18 2005 @ 05:30 PM
It seems that there is mounting pressure for the Pentagon / FBI to release the videos of the Pentagon attack.

There is the FOIA request in process by 'Flight' ... ( ), and now...

I have just discovered another FOIA request filed by a Mr. Peter A. Gersten of Sedona, AZ...

Although, upon checking Gersten's website I found it is dedicated to some pretty far-out stuff (face on Mars, etc), I believe that should have no bearing whatsoever on the DOJ response for properly filed FOIA requests.

The pat answer being disseminated by the DOJ as a refusal to release the videos is that...

First... "Gee, we can't find any records of what you are talking about ???"...

Then... upon being pressed further they admit...

"Oh, yeah - we found 'em, but refuse to release them because they are in an 'investigative file', and releasing them could jeopardize 'the investigation' !"

What Investigation??? It was an open and shut case as of the afternoon of Sept 11... wasn't it?...

IE - 'Officially'...Hani Hanjour and a band of 'wacked out muslim terrorists' hijacked Flight 77, crashed it into the Pentagon, killing themselves and everyone else on board. End of Story. Case-Closed. Right ???

WTF is left to investigate IF that is the story??? What possible relevance to any 'further investigation' could these videos have?

I submit... NONE Whatsoever !!!

I urge all US citizens to contact their representatives, and/or to file additional FOIA requests to mount pressure for the release of these videos to end the controversy regarding this matter once and for all.

Enough of this 'hiding' BS. Let the truth be exposed, and let's get an answer to (at least) this aspect of the 9/11 controversy.

posted on Apr, 20 2005 @ 07:28 PM
This would be considered an ongoing investigation because no one has been brought to trial for the attacks yet and Moussaui (


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