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Ready to explode-Kazi

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posted on Apr, 18 2005 @ 03:21 PM
Half the world is starving
as the rest ignore the stench
there's far too many people
and that pope won't give an inch,
as he struggles with his own crew
and the hungers they must quench

Too much manipulation,
it's a no win suituation
and we're ready to explode

All the company Christians
sitting on the boards
smoked their big cigars
theri bottom lines have soard
they handed out the pink slips
to those they should reward
they hooked a cheaper workforce
to their umblical discord

Republicans scream for morals
as if they were free of sin
the democrats play Robin Hood
in a forest growing thin
Too much special interest
to see were caving in

Radiate, Asphyxiate,
corporate devastation
it's a no win situation
and we're ready to explode

There's a consciousness arising
with the people on the street
that those blowing winds of freedom
have been laden with deciet

Self-fulfilling premonition
fed by eons full of greed
brings apocalyptic horsemen
on their fire breathing stead

Massive weapons of destruction
or economic annihilation
it's a no win situation
and we're ready to explode


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