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The Hidden History of an Enigmatic Agency

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posted on Apr, 18 2005 @ 02:16 PM
Want some inside information on the SS, this book was recommended to me by an associate of mine who is going to their academy. We were discussing JFK, I had a special video they havn't seen, and it so happened they read I book I havn't heard of. So with out any more delay I'll post the chapters, and eventually a report. There are some images in the center of the book, I may scan them and post as they fit in the report.

The Secret Service - ISBN 0-7867-1251-1
Author Philip H. Melanson, Ph.D.
with Peter F. Stevens

"Unveils the agency in ll its glory and blemishes...
[V]aluable in revealing how this apolitical agency has frequently been used as a political tool." - Richmond Times-Dispatch

Part one - The evolution of the mission
Chaper # /Page / Title
1/3/death to traitors
2/26/the work of protecting me has at least became legal
3/58/losing lancer-the JFK assassination
4/90/agents in action
5/113/go the the Gearge Washington hospital fast!
6/130/fortress white house
Part two - On the job
7/151/a few good men and a very few good woman
8/195/ the politics of protection
9/224/the sixth sence
Part three - The human factor
10/259/booze, burnout, demands, and depression
11/273/family matters protecting the first ladies and first kids
12/183/getting to know you presidential psychology
Part four - The secret service today and tomarrow
13/305/breaking the code of silence- from John F. Kennedy to Ken Starr
14/314/ a whole new ballgame the secret service in the age of terrorism

333 conclusion
341 endnotes
357 Bibliography
363 acknowledgements
365 indes
375 about the authors

A link on the book.

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