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Pics of National protest against Japan become a permanent U.N. Security Council member in China(New)

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posted on Apr, 18 2005 @ 10:53 AM
Hi~ my first post about the pics of last weeks protest's pic seems very popular so i decide to post more pics about this week's protest in China.
I say it again i only post pics and facts and try my best to not to have any politic biase.
Before this i want to make one thing clear, some west media and japanese
still get confused about why chinese people protest and japanese government even say it's a "roit", actually if you send more people or ask more people in china you will find out it's a protest and nothing more.
you see police? any other country don't send police while people are protest in the street? As a chinese i tell you government control the protest is a joke! !
It's not chinese people don't want to forget the past, the main reason of the protest is because japan government let the history textbook publish, japan prime minister go to the god damn temple...etc and they are all happened in 21st century people!!! So stop blaming chinese people for not let the past and hate go, they would if they could! Think why Korea and other asia countries stands on the same side of China this time~, too far away from my topic, here you go the pics

protest in shanghai on 16th

Police get a little joke

people people people....

another joke

another joke 2

people didn't go to street

japanese embassy, people were stoped here and this is the result of the "riot"

one of the post people made


here i must say, some store been attacked is very rare and west media just don't miss it. You have more violent accident in your protest history and why you pick the 1% from the total and make the peaceful protest a roit? biased west media i can only say so.....(and this is only the second major protest in China after 1989 accident, those violent deed also get critics within China)

Afterall i want to point out again the cause of the protest is what japan did now but not because of what they did in the past.

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posted on Apr, 18 2005 @ 11:42 AM
Original Thread

Please keep comments on this event there. Thankyou, thread closed.

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