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Principal tortured/killed by Visine & Limeaway injections

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posted on Jul, 24 2003 @ 11:20 AM

Kristofer B. Warden Arrested in Monday's slaying

In the hours before a longtime Springfield educator died, he was cut with a razor blade, bound hand and foot, and household cleaners were injected into his body.
But what killed Gaylen Terrill, according to a Tuesday autopsy, was that someone wrapped an electrical cord around his neck and strangled the former principal. That's what authorities released Tuesday, shortly after prosecutors revealed they had charged a 27-year-old Springfield man with first-degree murder.

As a couple of officers continued to comb Terrill's small white home on North Summit Avenue for evidence, neighbors tried to understand the new details emerging about a man who shared pears from his backyard tree and grapes from his vine.

What was toughest to take for friends and neighbors was the image painted by words from a court affidavit describing the charge against Kristofer B. Warden and the death of Terrill. In that description is Warden's reported confession that as Terrill was tightly bound in his own cellar — to the point he couldn't move — Warden injected Visine and a lime chemical into his body.

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