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UK Armed Forces: Institutional acquiescence in rape of hundreds of Kenyan women?

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posted on Jul, 24 2003 @ 06:49 AM
Well we all know that some soldiers, are bad people, but some are more insane than that, they think nobody is looking at them, or that what they do won´t be punished.

Six hundred and fifty allegations of rape have so far been made against members of the UK army posted to Kenya for training over a period of more than 30 years, Irene Khan, Secretary General of Amnesty International said today.

"The fact that so many rape claims over such a long period of time were neither investigated nor prosecuted shows a systemic failure of the UK army and may amount to institutional acquiescence which encouraged a pattern of grave human rights violations by members of the UK army."

Amnesty International has received information that UK Army officials in Kenya may have become aware of some of the rape allegations as early as 1977.

"It is particularly worrying that both the UK and Kenyan authorities failed to investigate these allegations, and the fact that there were no repercussions for the perpetrators of these crimes inevitably contributed to their widespread repetition," Ms Khan said.

Speaking at the launch of a new report United Kingdom: Decades of impunity: Serious allegations of rape of Kenyan women by UK Army Personnel, Irene Khan called on the UK government to establish without delay an independent and impartial commission of inquiry. The inquiry should examine the conduct of the UK Army in light of hundreds of allegations of rape of Kenyan women by UK Army personnel over the course of more than three decades.

"The women and children born allegedly as a result of these attacks have been suffering in silence for over thirty years -- stigmatized, discriminated and outcast within their own community. They have suffered a double injustice -- not only were they sexually abused but the crimes against them have never been properly acknowledged let alone thoroughly investigated."

Rest of the article:

posted on Jul, 29 2003 @ 08:09 AM
No replies on such a thread?

Weird i thought people were more insterested in this kind of things...

Anyway shows again how abusive is the army sometimes in war time, or in a war zone, when NWO will be running 100% there will be no way to escape, even if media talks about this sometime nobody cares, but if happens in UK or US the world turns over....

posted on Jul, 29 2003 @ 12:35 PM
and rape that occurs in modern warfare, is to me...staggering. I mean really, haven't we risen above this already? Just look at some of the reports of what soldiers did in Iraq... Surely, they were trained better than this... Absolutely amazing, that after hundreds of years, our soldiers still behave like the men of Attila the Hun...


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