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Chemtrails/Orbs Over Ottawa: STORY AND PHOTOS

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posted on Apr, 17 2005 @ 12:10 PM
FACT: It was the hottest day yet yesterday... actually.. it was OUR FIRST hot day so far... first day you could go out without a little sweater or jacket on yourself.

At 12pm I said to my friend.. "Hey look at those two planes making contrails.. or are those Chemtrails?" (and laughed about it for a minute or two.. discussed the issue too)

7 hours later we were filling in some people who are not in the know about the issue and coincidentally we looked outside and saw this....

And I was like.. "See?! See!? That isn't ice crystral! Why does it hang in the sky like that?"

And we ALL noticed a haze in the sky.. it was like there was the bluest sky ever.. except there was a film over it all... along with the thicker lines we were looking at...

Out in that distance you can see some new ones being made out there. Someone commented that the on/off switch effect was present in the lines there too. There were planes right overhead making some more... and can you 'see' the haze in the blue (you can't REALLY see it in the photo but I feel that if it wasn't for the spraying the sky would have been the most beautiful blue) ....

It was the HEAVYEST spraying I have ever seen (if that is indeed what it is).

I thought it was interesting that it was the FIRST HOT day concidering what I had read about Chemtrails being a weather control issue...

(and other articles here at ATS of course)

.... but finally I just wanted to add something else....

While we were standing there on the balcony... we were all discussing this issue and these were your more mainstream people I was hanging out with (although VERY open minded and intellegent) and as we were doing this I kept one thing to myself... the orbs...

... BUT IT WAS SUCH a heavy spraying I said to myself...

"gotta see something tonight.. gotta see SOMETHING in all of this..."

And then.. there it was... I waited about 60 minutes or so.. and I was looking all over the sky for it.. bingo..

See that red circle? Okay there is a little glowing dot in there.. see it?

Okay I said at that point... "GUYS! LOOK! See that?!"

(of course that is what I said)

And they said "What is that?!" (duh)

And I said "That is what I've been waiting the last hour minutes for."

(and I WISHED at that moment of course I had said 60 minutes PRIOR to that.. 'hey have you guys heard about the ufos seen in and around trails?' - of course)

(but these people know I'm not a liar.. and took my word for it.. plus I was excited that I was seeing what I had been waiting for)

And then one of my friends said "Thats a plane. Or it is Venus?"

And I said "A plane that is going to glow THAT bright and sit there for..."

(it had been sitting there for about 5 minutes now)

"Is it a star .. or a planet?" someone else asked... (because it was VERY bright)

...and I said ... "I don't think so.. but let me tell you.. its common to see these big glowing lights after this type of spraying - I can show you photos."

And someone said at that point.. "K, I'm getting creeped out."

This light in that photo (my digicam isn't GREAT.. its cute.. not powerfull) isn't that impressive.. but when we were looking at it with our eyes.. it was JUST SO BRIGHT.. like VERY VERY bright.. like someone was buring a magnesium strip out there. Here are two more photos taken over the duration of about 10 to 15 minutes...

That is when I left to come upload these photos and leave them pointing and chattering (it was really great to turn some new friends on to something and get them talking about something 'new' - do you know what I mean) AND THEN I WAS TOLD...

"Well it was just a plane, Vis."

And I'm like.. "Oh yeah? It came over.. was it coming towards us and that is why it just seemed like it was hanging there for 10 minutes?"

"No, no.. it went off South slowly."

"Oh! You could see the regular green and red and blue standard 'plane' lights then?"

"No, no.. it stayed glowing like that."

"And planes do that a lot right?"

But I was glad they saw it anyways.. and I'm glad you read this. This is almost my first 'report' for ats. Congratulate me.

- Vis Mega

"See truth! Confront your fear!" - Noranti

posted on Apr, 17 2005 @ 12:34 PM
WOW, 20 years without the spray send chills down my spine..
Seems like this gifted man could no longer face what he was a part of or perhaps the suicide was 'staged'?
There have been over 30 microbioligists murdered or suicided in the last 3 years...
Thank you for the article and the pictures.. I shall do more investigation...

[edit on 17-4-2005 by siriuslyone]

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