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From the 'other side' -- Message recieve while replying to a post.

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posted on Jul, 24 2003 @ 01:20 AM
I was replying to a different thread and didn't want to highjack it so I thought I'd copy/paist my reply to a new thread....I'd like some feed back from anyone who gets something from this.

...The last time this happened was a music box that had not worked for many years (and when it did work it played a different tune) played "it's a small world after all" [happened after gramma (not mine) died - seconds later].....Oh...I think someone wants to talk about this.....if the groups would like I can pass on what I get.
(for your refference this happend when 'gramma' died - not my gramma but the house I lived in, we all called her gramma and I cared for her till the moment she passed....I was living there to care for her actualy)

Angelo! Hello Angela. I didn't have to have the cake. You are sweet to have felt bad for so many years over this. I am so comfortable there now. It is gone and Cindy is fine now. I leave you with this Angelo, As you are yourself I will be meaningful and alive always. Ending life is many times to be. Do you understand? (I tell her no, that I don't believe in reincarnation but I know the spirit lives on and can come again - I don't understand how these can both be true but know they are and I ask her how this can be true)....she responds: Angelo, I am telling you far more than a life on land and water. Angelo, do you see the land? Your land? (I say earth? Yes.) Now look again past land and water. Go and look past done things and to new things. In you is the new waiting to live. Go see. Do you see? ( I tell her to help me see, ask her for direction). Be aware of your starting place. Mind your thinking. In you is new life. Have a seer look Angelo. Have them see it and hold it close to you in memory always. Place it in your heart and go far. Done

Cindy's gramma, the one I cared for - she called me Angelo. LOL, I don't know why. The cake she reffers to - The last thing she ever requested was some coffee cake. But I was afraid she would choke and didn't get it for her. She went into a sleep like state the following day and stayed that way until she died. I have felt so bad for many years over not getting her that cake.
I'll post this on a new topic --- a seer??? If there is a "seer" here maybe they can help with this?

If it is ofencive, if anyone would rather I keep words written here my own, please say as much and I will certainly do so.

It's only been the last few months that I have even let on anything about these things to other people. After all, I don't think I'd believe a word of anything like this had I not experienced things myself all my life. So - taking the safer approach I have "come out of the closet" via internet - nice and somewhat annonomus. I have only lived with these types of things - they are normal for me. But, I never actualy 'learned' about them if that makes any sence. Kind of like your eyes. You use them and see with them from birth - you never really stop to think why or wonder if others see the same as you. I guess I'm here to find someone who 'has this' and find out more about it.

Any mentors here? Any one know what exactly this is and why? How it works, why it works ----

posted on Jul, 24 2003 @ 07:56 PM
What this could imply is that what is inside us is alive as we are and at death we become aware of that.

From the context of a body which is made of flesh we are as well a body made of cells, molecules, atoms, particles ect.. the common conclusion is that when we die the life that is us either stops or in some way ceases to occupy the same space it occupied when we were alive.

An alternative response is that at death our awareness begins to perceive reality from the perspective of what in our bodies is still functioning. Given what is known about Quantum Mechanics such a premise is plausible.

It also ties into what is suggested in many ancient cultures as well as are there references in modern belief systems which apply.

To further elaborate you do not actually leave the body. Because at certain levels of existence the body is interconnected with everything that exist.

Any Thoughts?

[Edited on 25-7-2003 by Toltec]

posted on Jul, 25 2003 @ 10:05 AM
"when we die the life that is us in some way ceases to occupy the same space it occupied when we were alive"

I really like this - this is a great way to word it.

posted on Jul, 25 2003 @ 05:29 PM
AngelaLadyS thank you

Wanted to add that I feel is very important to confirm that one is having a real experience, one way to do this is to ask your friend to help you find something that is lost.

Have you ever tried to do this?

posted on Jul, 26 2003 @ 10:21 AM
I think that to 'test' them makes me feel guilty actualy. But yes, they help me know where to find things, I hear about things before another person does it or says it, I'm told when the 'wonderful guy' in my life is doing this or that (what a great GREAT asset - LOL!), they check on people for me (when certain people are online - people I'm close to and spend time at their house ect, they will say "he's waving" or "what ever" and they have been right every time.
The other day someone asked me to ask someone what they were whearing. Of course I felt bad to ask them a question like that - kind of feel like I'm saying "I don't trust you". I was on the phone with my BF at the time and asked them what he was wearing - they told me white shorts and I asked about his shirt. They said it's stolen. LOL. So I asked him, he had on white shorts and a t-shirt. I asked if it was his shirt he said no, it belonged to his daughter (she left it over there because it was too big for her.)
There are some - the ones I don't know that just kind of cut in some times, that seem to want to cause trouble and lie on purpose though. That I don't really get. I don't usualy ask about stuff myself they just tell me things. Sometimes, like I saw a bag in the parking lot of wallmart the other day that looked like it had something in it. It was --> over there, kind of out of the way and I was a bit embarrised to walk over there just to look in a bag...but someone popped in with "it's empty". And it was, I saw a man go over and step on it.

But like I said - there are some that lie on purpose, and some that seem to try to make me upset on purpose.

posted on Jul, 26 2003 @ 10:48 AM
To me such things are not strange at all. It is just cool to see another one be aware of this. Our mind is as you say a powerful thingy. All humans have a spirit. This is our mind, everything we hear, see, feel, believe and speek etc. is captured in our spirits and God and his elect hear these "voices" and "images". Some people are marked with this Spirit even before the ressurection.

Our life also has two stages: One in which we live and die, and is given the possibility to believe in our Creator and expose our true souls to God. The other stage is the ressurection, where we are all ressurected (some of the most holy are ressurrected first, 1000 years before the rest) and judged. The result of this judgement may result in two things: Eternal life with Love, or eternal life without Love (God is Love). In that past death life, which the true life, not the illusion and the race of wisdom we now live in or participate in, our souls are fulfilled, and through the spirit, some are allowed to contact pre-ressurrection people to warn, help or instruct their loved ones back in time. Some have this ability already, and this is how prophecy works and how witnessing works. For the Spirit of God brakes down all barriers of time and space and delivers the truth of the ages. But please take my advise: Never try to contact her yourself, if it is God's will, she will be able to contact you wwhen you need it. If you do seek to contact her yourself, this may only brake her heart, for she is not allowed to contact you unless she has God's allowance. May God be with you, may you find peace in your heart!


posted on Aug, 3 2003 @ 08:17 AM
ah ha,

my searching thru the many posts, for a relevent topic-
has revealed the 2nd AngelaLadyS post

your general AURA, from my viewpoint, relates to
the 'SPIRITUALISM', prominent in the early 20th
century 1900-1939 era...

(until war & naziis etc Tore up that Landscape)

your personal 'sensitivity' 'contacts' seem to be the
dis-embodied souls or recently deceased...perhaps
souls 'in transition'? too- they may have been
in this 'transition' realm for many years? I donno~~
**get with a Spiritualist about those things...***

your 'gateway' 'connection' to the other realm/ other
reality should be encouraged, exercised, enhanced by
letting go & listening, carefully. & test all things!

?Q? is anyone aware of the shaman journey,
beyond the tunnel /bright light vision...
even beyond the cosmic journeys, faster than light !
Conversing & learning Stories, from the Spirit that lives
where the 100 monkey lives?

glad to'of met you AngelaLadyS
be happy

posted on Aug, 4 2003 @ 06:36 AM
Thank you, and glad to meet you as well

I am currently trying to 'exersice' this link between worlds or time or what ever it is. It seems that there are times when it all but floods over me and takes on a life of it's own. I have fgound myself 1/2 way through a day still having nothing done, sitting here at the desk trying to type in what I get and asking questions so I can sort through it later. Then there are times that I get a bit here and there, only when I call ect.
The heavy times seem to come with the smells and warm tingly like "Hey! Listen up!"
Anything you might be able to pass on, advice or info wise would be greatly apreiciated.
I'm on a mission of knowledge it seems. And the subject seems to elude me more times than not. But, following my gut vs. my head has always been my way.

posted on Aug, 4 2003 @ 09:56 PM

thats what i came up with too,

i'm here to experience all that i can.
and everything that i can.

whether i desire to or not...
the good, the bad, the glad, the sad, the happy, the's all a giant (fill in your analog here)

recall the adage; experience is the best teacher !?!

of course i take the sour stuff, with a little 'ZEN',
try some next time...

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