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posted on Apr, 16 2005 @ 12:48 PM
Eh ehm , now that I got your attention , let me make my self very VERY clear ..

Jewish people = good
Zionist people = evil

Look people it aint too hard to figure out what’s going on in the world and who is behind it. Just ask your self a few simple questions?

For the last 80 + years who has benefited the most from every thing from the great depression to the current wars in the mid east.
Who today has all the wealth and power?
Who today controls industry?
Who today was just put in change of the World Bank?
Who drives the geopolitical agenda of the world?
Who today controls the media and what we our entertainment is?
Who today controls history and creates it?

people its right in front of our faces.

These Zionist, and their co-conspiritors these Elites, the now corrupt Roman Catholic Church, the rich Saudi oil families and most likely the upper levels of the Mason brother hood. They have been the sole benifituaries of our misery and torment. Call them the illuminati, call them reptiles call them what you will, I call them the Adversary.

The Zionist dog use’s his own brother a fauder in the war in the mid east to continue the illusion that his people are the victims. What does a wealthy Zionist have to fear about a terrorist blowing himself up in crowed bus? Or in a coffee shop in down town Tel aviv, nothing. Hell who knows how many terrorist attacks he has allowed to take place in Israel. These Zionist only pretend to be Jewish , their are perversion of that faith and Jewish people every where .

Let me continue the Zionist steals and cheats the European out of every thing including his home land, by forcing unfair, reckless and dangerous immigration policies on his government and society. Instead of good and decent people from around the world the retchs flow in. Thus weakening the European in his own home land and frustrates him into becoming fearful and hateful. Who get the blamed, the Jew. The innocent Jew gets blamed. What does the Zionist do as a result of this; He points his cruel figure and tells every one you see you see the evil Aryan can’t stand any one. He hates us all. Then the Zionist continues to plot against his brothers and the other races of man, why cuz he can. No one is going to question a Zionist in the guise of an innocent Jew. You don’t want to be labeled an anti Semite or a Nazi do you?

Finally we all know who has suffered the most, during all the lying stealing and killing that come as a result of these cruel monsters games with us. I need not mention who these people are, we know who they are and they them selves.

We’re all in this together folks, the only thing that’s keeps their control over us is our hatred and mistrust for one another. If we believe our selves superior and righteous to each over than, together we must certainly be superior and more righteous to those whom have benefited from our misery. If we don’t act soon hells going to break loose and they will achieve their final goals; full control of the human race and elevate them selves to the level of GOD hood. You think they have control now you aint seen nothing yet.

Yeh yeh this speech is full of hokey clichés you all heard it before, but hell its true you know it to be.

SOME food for thought!

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posted on Apr, 16 2005 @ 03:28 PM
i will go and agree with you 90% or so Opus

good point

Jews = Good guys
Zionists = Bad Guys

the Zionists use the Jews as a Step on the Ladder nothing more

they profit from the Holocaust by using it as another Step on their ladder to power and domination

we are Not Anti-Semitists!!!!

we are outraged at how the jewish people are USED by their Zionist controllers as a 'fallback' in case someone disagrees with their psychotic agenda

if we disagree with them we are AntiSemetic

its all Propaganda BS ...

Jewish people are getting screwed actually!
the Zionists dont care about their Jewish brothers at all not ONE bit!
its all about greed power and self-love to them. they hate everyone else!

Zionists are the biggest Anti-semitist of today!
how surprising ! ?

i for one am getting tired of this game...its sick
sick sick sick

Zionists are NOT jews at all!

Jews believe in the Ten Commandments from God

Zionists break two of the Ten Commandments daily in their quest for wealth and power

- Thou shalt not steal
- Thou shalt not bear false witness

True Jews do not break these basic rules
Zionists abuse them constantly

your points are slightly Bias; as mine are Opus

but whos arent??

im glad we can point out that Jews and Zionists are completely different people

Jews are like a Sheep, and Zionists are like the Wolf who preys upon the Sheep, even wearing Sheep's clothing to sneak in undetected

to me; thru my years of reading and watching news seems all to obvious

I am NOT anti-semetic!!!
i love all humans!

but i dislike the attitudes, agenda, and angles of rich greedy scumbags
i dont care who they call themselves
i call them all
Abusers of Humanity!

posted on Apr, 17 2005 @ 12:57 AM
Wow this is a Strongly Worded Thread!

Quote: "the Zionists use the Jews as a Step on the Ladder nothing more."

I am going to have to agree! Here is an example of how Certain Rich Jews allowed Certain Poor Jews to be treated in Europe 70 Years ago:

I am not an "Anti-Semite" either - but I don't doubt that this is what I will be called if I say something like: "I dis-agree with a Nation such as Israel being Founded on a Religious Document (the Torah) that can be Interpreted any number of ways"!

This is the thing that REALLY gets to me - the term "Semitic" is a *RACIAL* Term! It has nothing to do with the RELIGION of Judaism! Zionism is a *CORRUPTION* of Judaism that mixes the Religion with Politics & Property!

Witnessing American & European "Jews" with *WHITE SKIN* calling
Arab Moslems (which are themselves SEMITIC) "Anti-Semitic" because they disagree with the STATE of Israel is Ridiculous! Yet you still get this in the American Media *ALL THE TIME*! Notice that Arab Moslem has become Synonymous with the Term "Terrorist" (as if that is the only kind - as if it wasn't possible for people of other Nationalities & Religions to also in fact be "Terrorists").

posted on Apr, 17 2005 @ 11:37 AM
True indeed^^^.

The true Semites(Arabs) are nothing but "terrorists", and the fake "Semites"(European Ashkenazi-Jews) -who are flooding into Palestine due to the direct influence of the Zionists- are the victims?

Makes no sense at all.

Though let it be known; that pale-skin European Jews(Ashkenazi) are not the only ones taking advantage of the Zionist agenda to take over Palestine. They do however, constitute the majority.

Also, see this thread:

Judaism does NOT necessarily equal Zionism; because Judaism can be recognised as a religion in itself, not a political movement as well.

There are many Jews who are opposed to the corrupt form of Zionism.

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