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Confessions of a Tormented Catholic

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posted on May, 3 2005 @ 01:07 PM
It's not. I wasn't referring to you in particular. The guy I had a major issue with doesn't seem to be around anymore. I have no problem with anyone saying that religion might be part of the issue, but to be honest, there isn't much difference between kinds of Christianity. So my Jesus is your Jesus, whether you think so or not - at least that's my opinion.

Sorry for turning this into a religious debate - but then again, there are a lot of aspects of Catholicism that border on paranormal, I guess.


Originally posted by Ryanp5555
Okay, but I am still a little confused. I don't mean to start a fight or anything, but how is calling on Jesus going against your religion?

posted on May, 3 2005 @ 01:11 PM
Thank you! This is exactly the kind of explanation I was hoping for.

Tryptamines, which induce schizophrenic states in some, Have been known to induce very vivid spiritual experiences. They block your brain's ability to link objects with cohesive words and description, leaving sights and sounds to endless posibility. If you are interested in altered states of conciousness i would reccomend reading Pihkal and Tihkal.

The first symbol is already manifest in your fear of mirrors and corners. Corners represent a box, in your case a containment vessel of some sort. This vessel seems to you I can only imagine, as something ominous, that you cannot escape. The fact that the mirror is frightening means that your body represents the same thing that the corner symbolizes, a conatinment for your soul. Right now the walls are closing in on your soul and it is doing everything it can to hold on. The diety is within you, not necesarily the church. The fear of doors, as far as i can see is symbolic of you wanting to escape the bounds of soeting (possibly your religion) but you are afraid, to let go of a belief so engraved, that it would be like removing a part of your self, or your history. It is where you go when you need stability, and now it is being questioned. All these feelings are normal, except one, the pain in your chest, as described as under your heart. This pain is either an acid reflux reaction due to an extenisve amount of worry, or it is your heart chakra trying to tell you something. The best thing to do is meditate, to ponder the nature of the pain, the reason you cause it to exist.

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posted on May, 4 2005 @ 11:06 AM

Originally posted by dbrandt
OK, lets be open-minded. Next time someone abuses a child, let's all be "receptive" to this idea. Next time there's a school shooting let's be open to the new idea that a kid had problems with some classmates. He solved the problem as he saw fit. Now these classmates can no longer be mean to others and this shooter can once again begin to feel better about himself. I know how about this, anything goes as long as it feels "right" for you and the circumstances your under. Sure, we're gonna lose several billion people, but once we get down to just a few thousand the problems a should stop.

Please don't be open-minded to the fact that there's a christian God who says you don't have to be like this. I can change you, if you let me.

You may be talking in extremes here. You can talk to me and try and 'change' me if you wish. I, if nothing, respect your opinion. So try away.

Here is your chance, let's take it off this particular thread!

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posted on May, 4 2005 @ 11:09 AM

Originally posted by supremetechgoddess
To the person who had mentioned "riders" -

I have long known about these things. My father calls them leeches. I attract them in droves, but I know how to make them stay away. I should've also mentioned that my family is Slovak and very old-world Catholic so we know a thing or three about chasing off nasty things. I was concerned because what I haven't been able to get rid of is something my family can't do anything about, and that's what's scary.

Hi Supremetechgoddess

I was the guy that mentioned riders. Any tips on chasing away nasty things or getting riders off peoples backs would be gratefully accepted. Any knowledge you could share would be appreciated.

Good luck!!

posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 12:10 AM
Scripture states "Unless you eat of My Body and drink of My Blood, you do not have life within you" John 6:53 The Roman Catholic Church is the only church in which TRANSUBSTANTIATION occurs. This means the bread and wine are miracously transformed into Jesus' body and blood.
This is nothing short of a MIRACLE that occurrs every Sunday at Churches around the world. When Jesus taught the above stated verse, many of His disciples left Him and went back to their old ways because this was a very hard teaching. The truth is sometimes hard to hear, but the Roman Catholic Church is the church Jesus founded and Jesus taught love, not DIVISION with our fellow Protestant brothers and sisters. We have more in common then we do in differences. I suggest watching EWTN with Mother Angelica, Fr. Corrapi and Fr. Benedict Groeschel. The are experts on the Catholic Church and it teaching and the speak the truth in love

It hurts me deeply when Protestants attack what they don't know.
Many, Many former Protestant Evangelical Ministers have coverted to Catholicism, Marcus Grodi, Alex Jones, Tim Staples, Scott Hahn......they all used to bash the Catholic Church to in their Evangelical circles, but Jesus showed the the truth and the converted. May I suggest you study what you do not know, and not just regergitate what you hear Protestant ministers putting in your head!!!!

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