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Hard to be Non-Partisan!

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posted on Apr, 16 2005 @ 12:44 AM
Its so hard to be non partisan when you have so called conservatives like Bill Frist trying to dismantle the checks and balances built into our constitution. I want to keep my mouth shut and remain civil but this is ridiculous! The man is trying to officially christianize America and he's not even hiding it. Heck he's even being encouraged! I dont even know what to say Im so upset about the blatantness of this. At least on ATS conservatives have the sense to see that what this maniac is trying to accomplish is wrong. Its too early to judge the official republican response in washington to this issue so Im not completely condemning the GOP. However if key people (people other then John McCain dont start speaking up soon or there isnt at least an outcry from the rank and file the GOP deserves every epithet thrown at it. Even the really ridiculous ones from the complete wackjobs on the extreme idealogical left.

This concludes my rant.

By the way all you ATS republicans who actually see through this BS being shoved down Americas collective throat please dont think this rant was about you this is directly at your ignorant brethren who seem to believe that Theocracy is a good thing. Realistically this is the ideal moment for Bipartisanship what America needs right now is a Bipartisan movement to dismantle the religious right.

Bipartisan Political Movement
freedom hating religious wackjobs

Odds are it will never happen though collectively we're to stupid to know whats good for us.

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