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Tuition deal for illegal aliens?

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posted on Apr, 16 2005 @ 10:02 AM
I think illegals in California are alredy getting 'in state tuition'. It disgusts me.

If illegals want to go to college and can get accepted, fine. But pay the same tuition that those from other countries have to pay.

It makes NO sense that we are catering to people who are here illegally. NONE! They are costing us billions of dollars a year with all of the free services that we provide them with. Either deport them all or make them citizens.

As long as they are ILLEGAL they should be NOT be given benefits of any type.


posted on Apr, 16 2005 @ 12:08 PM
the truth of the matter is theres enough money and rescorces for evrey one on this dam planet to live happily, people who run, it dont run it like that, so instead of calling other humans "illeagals" for trying to make a better life for them selfs, lets realise its not there fault, and that you would do the same!

posted on Apr, 16 2005 @ 01:10 PM

Originally posted by slack
the truth of the matter is theres enough money and rescorces for evrey one on this dam planet to live happily, people who run, it dont run it like that, so instead of calling other humans "illeagals" for trying to make a better life for them selfs, lets realise its not there fault, and that you would do the same!

your arguement might be considered ligitimate IF there was NO imigration alowed. the fact is there is a way for people to enter countries LEGALY. admittedly it is a time consumeing process. there are even shortcuts available for those who are in danger to use. if one comes to a country legaly then they are entitled the SAME privalages as those who are born there, (with the noteable exception that they can not be president of the united states).

this is the reason why illigals can and should be delt with either by deportation or imprisonment. if they want to change countries then by all means use the LEGAL methods available. don't just go tromping into a new county and expect to be welcomed with open arms. anyone who is caught hireing illigals should face stiff criminal chages, any found harbouring illigals should also face stiff charges (and if they happen to be here as legal imagrants mabe they should be deported as well).

why do we have immigration laws at all? there are many reasons includeing: trying to keep foren agents (SPIES) out, to try to keep TERRORISTS out, to try to keep DISEASE and SICKNESS from migrateing. to try to keep CRIMINALS out, to try to maintain social services at a manageable rate, the list goes on. they are in place to try to protect the citizens of the country, indeed to keep the country itself safe.

illigal immigration puts everyone at risk. yes i understand that most have no ill will against the country that they are invadeing. that is why we have ways to immagrate legaly. there is no need to just invade because you feel that you need to improve your life, this is quite selfish on their part. this is realy no differant then if i were to say " i am broke i know i'll rob a bank, or murder people so i can get money". if we followed this type of logic then everyone would be in danger. all due to some people being selfish.

if their old country is so bad then they should stand up and try to change things for the better of all. how many mexicans invade every year? just think on how those same people if banded together could effect change in mexico. mabe if they did that then they would not NEED to invade another country. but no they take the selfish and illigal actions and sneak into another country as theives breaking into a home.

no illigal alians should be punished to the full extent of the law, not handed out a free education that even most citizens can not afford. if they sneak in to have their babies then the babies should be sent back with them. not kept here and giveing the family an excuse to stay as well. this is just a shortcut some use to be alowed to stay. we have all heard of illigals sneaking in towards the end of their pregnancy just so they can stay, if they are not caught in time. when those babies become old enough maby they they could come on their own if they so choose.

no, stop rewarding those who come like theives in the night. this only sends the message that it is okay to invade. sure come on over you can get educated for free. you can get social asistance. come on over they realy do not care as long as we just come. they will offer up their rear ends for us. we can get a good life without working for it.

posted on Apr, 16 2005 @ 04:28 PM
i see what your saying but them lovley men in the white house tend to bleed countries dry

posted on Apr, 16 2005 @ 04:36 PM

Supporters say they'll keep pushing the initiative.

Supporters of this need to be shot. As if we don't have enough educational problems with CITIZENS....

Mind boggling....truly mind boggling....

posted on Apr, 16 2005 @ 09:39 PM
This is not a racial issue. I don't care what country they come from... they are ILLEGAL and should not receive free services. They could be purple and green with pink stripes and from Mars.. for all I care. The issue is they are coming over for a free ride.... these illegal people are abusing our system. They don't care about the US or the people. They are looking out for #1. When they start putting back into the US what there using then people will stop bit*#$n...until then us americans have a legit gripe.

posted on Apr, 16 2005 @ 09:58 PM

Well said!

They should try to build their own country. Unfortunately, as long as we have spineless grapes for politicians the problem will persist.

posted on Apr, 17 2005 @ 04:44 AM
Hey everyone. Instead of just bitching and moaning about the illegal situation, take action. You can make a difference simply by sending e-mails to your congressman. It's easy. The site clearly explains the issue then offers several letters you can chose from to send. All you have to do is decide which letter most closly expresses your view on the matter then sign it and send it. You also have the option of personalizing it with your own output. I always give em my two cents. It's a good way to vent your political frustrations. But most important, you really can make a difference. It's the the sheer numbers that grabs the attention of our policy makers. When they have actual proof the masses are against a given policy, they think twice before voting to pass that bill.

Take action now. Make a difference.

posted on Apr, 17 2005 @ 01:48 PM
The illegals are PEOPLE, remember? The question is, if "we" supposedly are so against illegal aliens being here, why are "we" enticing them to come here with jobs and social services?

Can you blame these people? If you couldn't get work, were living in a box and feeding your kids cat food, wouldn't you sneak across the border if in that country they had programs to give you free food, school tuition, and you could even get a job? Heck yeah!

This is a classic issue that politicians will always pay lipservice to. Hate illegals in speeches because it is popular with constituents, but in private, support leniency for illegals because it pleases the campaign-donating corporations. So I have no doubt that illegals will continue to be tolerated--if not invited to the U.S. I am not surprised that individual states have begun to court them.

Good for the economy? The easy answer is no--but that may not be the case. The overwhelming cost of social services provided to illegals is clear, but on the positive side, there are the payroll taxes that 75% of all illegal aliens are paying into Social Security--$7 billion last year. These benefits will never be collected.

Then there is also the fact that cheap labor is contributing to lower-cost production, keeping consumer prices lower. Consider the following....

Shortly before Thanksgiving last year, Tom Nassif did something few law-abiding citizens would ever think to do: He called the U.S. Border Patrol here and suggested agents stop manning a highway checkpoint intended to keep illegal immigrants out of the country.
A former U.S. ambassador and currently the president of a powerful farming association, Nassif told officials that the agency couldn't have picked a worse time to beef up enforcement. Didn't they know it was lettuce season?
The checkpoint - complete with drug-sniffing dogs - was meant to stop the flow of illegal immigrants who might have slipped through the regular border controls. But it was also ensnaring busloads of undocumented workers who are critical to the task of picking lettuce and other vegetables during the winter growing season. Border Patrol public information officer Joseph Brigman says he told Nassif that "we aren't targeting fieldworkers; we're conducting normal operations."
Nassif, head of Irvine, Calif.-based Western Growers, an association of 3,000 farmers who grow, pack and ship about half the nation's fresh produce, didn't buy that. The next day, he issued a public protest saying the ill-timed action was provoking an "acute shortage of labor" that threatened the harvest, which was just getting under way, and the economy of Arizona's richest agricultural region. Calling for the checkpoint to be moved, Nassif demanded a "reasonable application of enforcement now and in the future."
Few industries have come so close to admitting they cannot survive without the labor of illegal immigrants. In the process, the growers raised one of the trickiest issues in the widening debate over immigration: how to close the U.S. border to terrorists and drug smugglers without also stopping the flow of illegal workers who prop up big industries like agriculture.
At least half of the 1.8 million crop workers in the United States are undocumented, according to the Department of Labor. They sustain an industry valued at $30 billion annually. They also make lawbreakers out of thousands of employers who hire them to do work they say Americans are unwilling to do.

Americans complain about losing jobs to illegal aliens and outsourcing, but this is why tomatoes don't cost $5 each and you don't have to buy a service plan or wait on hold four hours to find out what is wrong with your cell phone.

Agriculture, construction, food service, and the hotel industry are dependent on illegal aliens. Without illegal immigrants harvesting our produce, we couldn't afford salads. Without illegal aliens washing our dishes, only the uber-rich could eat out--and many restaurants would close their doors. Without illegal aliens making the beds and washing sheets, hotel rooms would cost more than they do.

These people (and they are people) come here because there are jobs for them--and in many cases, they are courted by industries. Most corporations care more about their bottom-line than what they are doing to Americans. Sure, many Americans don't want to take a low-paying job with no benefits that involves menial labor, but if a corporation can access a workforce that is non-union, non-regulated, and pay them low-wages and not have to pay benefits, they are going to do it--whether it means they hire illegals in the U.S. or go abroad. The stricter laws become regarding illegal aliens, the more business in these industries will close their doors and just relocate to Mexico, Central and South America where they can pay workers $1.50 an hour and work them to death.

So whether it is luring illegals to the U.S. with jobs and social services or seeking a low-cost workforce abroad, American workers are going to continue to be downsized because corporations don't want to pay-up for our healthcare, safety and salary requirements.

And the kicker is that we, the taxpayers, wind up subsidising these corporations. They get to take advantage of a low-cost workforce of illegal aliens and we pay for the benefits that the company isn't paying via tax-funded social welfare programs.

The sad part is that these illegal aliens are just pawns. Punishing them for wanting to work, working to help keep our prices lower, and taking advantage of programs designed specifically for illegal aliens is putting the blame in the wrong place.

posted on Apr, 17 2005 @ 06:08 PM
Whew! I read what drogo and ms_Bhavn write, and I think, yeah that's the ticket. But then you really can't argue with what lmgnyc says, either.

So what's the solution? Annex Mexico, IMO.

posted on Apr, 17 2005 @ 06:37 PM

Originally posted by jsobecky
Whew! I read what drogo and ms_Bhavn write, and I think, yeah that's the ticket. But then you really can't argue with what lmgnyc says, either.

So what's the solution? Annex Mexico, IMO.

Yeah, lmgnyc definitely eloquently put across the disconnect that exists in the realities suffered quietly by politicians and outrage suffered loudly by citizens.

I think part of the soultion would be educating Americans on how the economy works. Where your food comes from. How your Hotel room gets cleaned. How much more that Mexican family does for America than takes from it. And especially the difference in Nicaraguan PHD's that teach spanish at the local High School and immigrant farm workers from Mexico. Aye yi yi! :shk:

posted on Apr, 17 2005 @ 07:53 PM
so what you are basicaly saying is that to keep prices at an afordable rate we need to reintroduce slavery? that in order for some to be able to live comfortably many more must have a bare existance? perhapse the real problem is not that we need to have slaves in order to live, that instead companies should not be alowed to make proffits untill, evryone from the first step in manufactureing or farming, to the final sale of the finished product earns enough to have a comfortable life.

there should be no need to have a slave like population. the problem is that at the top of everyonre there are those who make much more then they need. why does a ceo of a company get payed millians a year, while those that actualy do the work to make that money can barely survive? why not pay ceos say $100,000/ year instead and split the rest up amonst those who actualy make the money in the first place with their work? surly one can live qite comfortably on that amount of money.

why should some (and i will also include sports stars, and celebraties) earn more in a year then the average person can earn in a lifetime? can you imagine going to a baseball game for a couple of bucks, and pay a reasonable amount for food while you are there? if we didn't have to pay the players and the ceos of baseball so much we could. how much would a jug of milk cost if the store that sold it did not make millions in proffits a year? if the ceos did not make a couple of mill each a year?

the problem is that we have such a vast differance in how much people make across the bord. sure those who realy do a good job deserve to have a bit of extra money. but no one deserves to be able to make more in one year then most will make in their lifetimes. unless of course they were only able to work for one year and then would for some reason be incapeable of doing anything but sit there doing nothing, then i could understand it.

we all could have a nice standard of liveing if it was not for the greed of those in controll. we don't need to pay illigals less to be able to afford things. what we need is to get rid of those who make so much more then they need, those who are proffiting off the hard work of others. what use is it haveing so much anyway? what have they done to deserve to have so much more then everyone else? to have more then those who actualy make the money for them? personaly they are just parasites, as they realy do not cotribute anything other then soaking up way more then they need.

posted on Apr, 17 2005 @ 08:43 PM

I understand the economics of this issue. But I also believe our system shouldn't work this way. I can only see it as we...the US.... have a broken system.
I'll have to agree with drogo it does seem like slave labor. We use them ..they use us..

I understand they pay into a social security and never get back. But they also send billions of dollars each year back into the Mexican economy, and they make full use of county hospitals emergency rooms, not to mention other free I have to ask.... is it worth it.....are they costing us more in the long run. Those tomatoes may really be costing us $ 5.00 a lb.

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