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Alpha state

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posted on Apr, 15 2005 @ 01:51 AM
Alpha refers to the rate of electrical vibrations of the brain. The normal waking rate, the beta state, is from 13 to 30 cycles per second. In alpha, brainwaves slow down to between 8 to 12 cycles per second. You can even go deeper, as you acquire expertise in processing, entering the theta state of 4 to 7 cycles per second.

Processing begins: The Higher Self and the Witness begin to function. The psychic abilities are awakened. Sensitivity to the energy flow (as perceived through the feelings) increases. Visualizations and affirmations are more effective. Clearing begins, almost spontaneously. Integration is facilitated.


I tried searching for more information, but sadly only a few relevant information came out.

10 ways to attain the alpha state :
#1 Alpha Technique - Classical Superlearning Music for optimum accelerated learning
#2 - Meditation
#3 Alpha Brainwaves Technique - Yoga
#4 Relaxation & Super Learning via Floatation in a Float Tank
#5 The Jose Silva Method as a tool for Superlearning
#6 Relaxation through Breathing
#7 Rapid-Alpha using Light and Sound Machines - Brainwave Synchronizers
#8 Alpha Technique - Biofeedback
#9 - Autogenics
#10 - Alpha Technique - Before sleep


Meditation and using CD technology can help in attaining the Alpha State, a state where the memory is best. Has anyone tried attaining the Alpha state before? I thought of buying a cd that can help. Any comments?

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