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UFO's and Precognition? An Experience

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posted on Apr, 14 2005 @ 09:34 PM
Has anyone ever felt or known that they were about to SEE something, like a UFO, Alien etc. and then it actually happened? Here's what I mean:

Back in 1997, I believe it was September... man I really wish I took the time then to write down my experience... Anyways, I was sitting on the deck outside my apartment, relaxing and sipping on some tea. I was just staring at the sky, which by now was about 8:30pm and of course dark as night. It was clear and I could see many stars. I was just enjoying the moment, when out of nowhere I said to myself - I am going to see something, no words, it just came in my head, with my voice, I wasn't even interested in seeing anything unusual, there was nothing extraordinary about what I was doing.

Well, I saw something -unusual - alright, I saw a UFO!

Within a matter of seconds a white dot of light sailed silently across the sky. I took it to be an airplane, as it travelled horizontally through my view. If you held a dime 10 cent piece in the tips of your fingers and stretched your arm towards the sky, then looked, you'd match the size of the light that I saw... Sorry but that's the best I can do in judging the distance between myself and this light in the sky.

Their was no trail of light behind the dot of light, and certainly no rays extended down to the ground that would suggest a spotlight was in use. The light just carried on the horizon and I watched it travel until it slipped past my view. There was a large Maple Tree in the next yard that completely cut off the view of that part of the sky from my 3rd floor level apartment.

So I thought, okay that's that I guess. And I sat back in my chair to relax.

Well either it wanted to show itself off again, or this time it was a different dot of light, but after several seconds of disappearace it returned on a similar path. Now, instead of remaining horizontal for the entire view, it easily curved in a downward direction over a period of about 5 seconds before returning to the level of the initial horizontal position and finally ascended really fast and totally disappeared up beyond the sky.

The thing moved purposefully, as if directed by someone or something. During it's strange maneouvring I thought that it could either be an orb or a disk turned on its side that was spinning.

Pretty cool experience, I wasn't scared at all, in fact I just had a sense of awe and peacefulness.

posted on Apr, 16 2005 @ 06:52 AM
I have also seen a lot of these lights but actually most of them are satellites.But if it is doing high speed maneuvers then probably it is a ufo.

posted on Apr, 16 2005 @ 08:43 AM

Assuming that this was indeed an alien craft, your precognition suggests a personal meaning to you specifically, from the beings of the craft. If so, the further clues of this would be in surrounding events throughout your life.

Assuming that what you saw was something mundane, your precognition was not mundane, and suggests that your spiritual ability is extraordinary for a human. Further clues to this being the case would also be in surrounding events throughout your life.

Either way, you have a good connection of awareness between the spiritual and physical aspects of your self. If you stay true to it, you can expand it if you want to.

This is what I get out of what you wrote, based on my experience and teachings with alien life and similar precognition.

However minor you may think such an event is, if you write it down asap, that will preserve its integrity. Then no matter how your ideas, feelings and memories change continuously, you can always refer back to the original moment and position. As a number of events occur, and you preserve the integrity and order of each, you will draw an invaluable kind of map.

The beings of your spiritual experiences are dropping crumbs for you to follow, even when the other being is your spiritual self. After you follow and map a few, you will already be headed in the right direction "and" you will know where you are going by where you have come.

All people are spiritual. All have spiritual experiences. Some with advanced life. Few pay attention. Fewer have a map.

posted on Apr, 16 2005 @ 09:51 AM
There have been many precog instances that I have been consciously aware of since I had that initial experience with the UFO sighting. More often than not, they do seem to come from my 'spiritual being' as you mentioned. I'm sure there are many more that I haven't picked up on either.

I'd like to U2U about precognition and awareness.

posted on Apr, 16 2005 @ 10:22 AM

U2U is fine and so is email.

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