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Tiraspol - Moldova - Mafia in Uniform

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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 08:49 PM
Tiraspol Bans Western Diplomats

Tiraspol has banned EU and US diplomats from entering Transnistria. This is supposedly a response to a EU travel ban on 19 Transnistrian officials, including Igor Smirnov. As a result of this, Voronin refused to go to Tiraspol for an important meeting on Wednesday.

Taiwan News Online: Moldovan separatist leader bans Western diplomats


The leader of the Trans-Dniester separatist region Igor Smirnov said Tuesday he had banned the U.S and Czech ambassadors and a European Union representative from the region he controls.

Smirnov said the ban was in response to an extension of a travel ban on 19 Trans-Dniester officials, including himself, to EU countries.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.



Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin refused to go to Tiraspol on Wednesday for a meeting with Transnistrian leader Igor Smirnov, the Ministry of Reintegration reported late at night on Tuesday.

The Ministry wrote in a press release that the ban on entering the Transnistrian region, announced yesterday by Tiraspol on U.S. and EU observers for the 5+2 negotiation format, is demonstrating that the Transnistrian side is, so far, not ready for meeting its own commitments or for continuing a dialog just taking shape.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

And another source:
RIA Novosti: Moldova's president cancels talks with Transdnestr leader

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 12:19 PM
Gas pipeline explosion

Gas supplies from Russia to Turkey has fallen by 40% after a gas pipe exploded in Transnistria.

Exploded pipeline will not affect Gazproms customers

The gas supply from Russia to Turkey has fallen by 40% following an explosion on a pipeline going through the territory of Transdniester. Gazprom says it will increase supplies through alternative routes.

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 06:23 PM
In the RussiaToday video above, it was mentioned that the gas pipeline was "old". However, it is only 21 years old and checked last year. The restoration of the gas pipeline will be carried out by Tiraspoltransgaz.

Blast on Ananiev-Tiraspol-Ismail gas supply pipeline does not affect gas provision to Moldova

The head of the Moldovagaz enterprise added that, presently, a group of experts works to establish the reasons for the explosion, and considers the version of technical problems. The works of abolishing the explosion's impact and restoring the gas pipeline are carried out by specialists of Tiraspoltransgaz, as the accident took place on the segment managed by this institution.

Gusev specified that the technical state of the gas pipeline, which was constructed in 1988, and checked in 2008 last time, is normal, and the exploitation term is 40 years.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 09:07 PM

The explosion was apparently caused by "a landslide". There was a 1 km high gas flame.

RTTNews: Russian gas supply to Balkans disrupted

The explosion occurred in Tiraspol in the southern district of Causeni, a region controlled by separatists, at 5:30 a.m. local time.


Regional authorities said that a landslide had caused the explosion after incessant rain in the hilly region.

Fire-fighters struggled for hours to extinguish flames that flared 165 feet into the air.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Forbes: UPDATE 4-Blast reduces Russian gas supplies to Balkans

The explosion created a 5-metre (16 ft) deep hole and a 1 km high gas flame, said Ernest Vardanyan, a reporter from Transdniestria's Novy Region newspaper.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

posted on Apr, 4 2009 @ 09:40 AM
Restoring the gas pipeline

A brigade of specialists from Odessa is assisting. They were called in to help fixing the pipeline asap, and hope to restore it within 3-5 days.

Ukrainian specialists help moldovan colleagues

April 04, 2009

A brigade of the line-maintenance service of the Odessa Line Production Department of the Ukrtrangaz is repairing the gas main near Tiraspol together with Moldovan and Transnistrian gas-transportation specialists.

According to the press service of the Naftogaz Ukraine, the Ukrainian brigade arrived in response of the Moldovatransgaz to help in executing welding works for the speediest resumption of the Russian gas transit to the Balkans.


Specialists hope to restore it within 3-5 days.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

edit: fixed link

[edit on 4 Apr 2009 by Hellmutt]

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 08:55 AM

The elections in Moldova April 5 was "won" by the communists. The opposition refuses to accept the results and claims that the communists cheated. The word is that i.e. 180,000 dead people voted for the communists, etc.

There seems to be some sort of revolution being organized via i.e. Twitter. To find these messages on Twitter, search for the keyword "#pman".

Protests in Moldova Explode, With Help of Twitter

The protesters created their own searchable tag on Twitter, rallying Moldovans to join and propelling events in this small former Soviet state onto a Twitter list of newly popular topics, so people around the world could keep track.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 12:38 PM
Here is a direct link to the Twitters on #pman. Some twitts are spam (of course), and some disinfo should be expected. There are tweets from all sides of the fence here. Russian, Rumenian and other languages, but most is in English. I've seen reports of Transnistrian military on Moldova's soil, people being kidnapped and/or harrassed by KGB-like men-in-black, etc. In some of the videos and streams that I've seen, I could see burning (government?) buildings and a huge crowd of angry people.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 12:55 PM
I just hope that this doesn't turn into another color revolution - and thankfully it doesn't appear as well organized or backed by the US/NATO. It is just a bunch of bored youths feeling a bit roudy. OSCE has approved of the results, and communist victory was predicted before the election. My guess is that this will fizzle out, but it will deal a blow to relations between Moldova and Romania.

On the bright side it may improve relations between Moldova and Russia, which in turn may pave way to resolving the Transdniester issue. That is a long shot of course, and for now I just hope that the majority of Moldovan's have their wishes respected by both the international community and the violent insurectors within. The election's results should stand.

posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 11:58 AM
Dmitri Soin's Proryv

The Tiraspol organization Proryv (which is run by Dmitri Soin) is being compared to "Nazism and Fuehrerschaft".

Transdniestria, Moldova: Unloved, Unresolved

9 Apr 2009

A scandalous incident occurred at a meeting hosted in Tiraspol by the organization that calls itself the Proryv! (Breakthrough!) International Youth Corporation. Proryv's members had just shown a new video about the kind of public activity they conduct in Transdniestria. After the viewing, the chair of the meeting, a German who had before been totally diplomatic, could bear it no more. ‘What I see here is Nazism and Fuehrerschaft,' he announced decisively. ‘I oppose the methods your organization and I am leaving.' And so he did.

Proryv's members watched him open-mouthed.

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 09:39 AM
Ilie Ilaşcu

This time I have no link, but only a tweet from twitter. However, it wouldn't surprise me at all if this is true. Transnistrian secret service and Proriv/Proryv/ПРОРЫВ are allegedly involved in the riots in Moldova. Btw, for those who don't know: The head of Proriv, Dmitriy Soin, is wanted by Interpol for murder.

According to Ilie Ilascu the transdniestrian youth organisation Proriv and transdniestrian secret service are involved in #pman riots.

Who is Ilie Ilascu? Here he is:
Wikipedia: Ilie Ilaşcu

posted on Apr, 12 2009 @ 09:47 PM
Alazan rockets & Soin

Soin was also involved when the Sunday Times bought modified Alazan rockets from Tiraspol.

Pridnestrovskaya Moldavskaya Respublika – Terra Incognita

The MGB officer passed the British journalist to a middle man, Dmitri Soin, of whom the journalist knew nothing and thought to be a member of the underworld. The journalist met Soin several times, first time in Transnistria and then in a hotel in Chisinau. Their negotiations led to a final quote of 500 thousand dollars for three Alazan missiles, with the option of prior inspection. The missiles were to be delivered on an airport in Southern Ukraine . Sunday Times broke the deal and issued an article on the subject.

There's a thread on it here:
Radioactive Rockets For Sale To Terrorists

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 02:57 PM
Moldova's pro-western parties won the latest election in Moldova.

RFE/RL: Moldova’s High Court Confirms Election Results

August 14, 2009

Moldova's constitutional court has confirmed the results of last month's parliamentary election, which gave pro-Western parties the upper hand over the incumbent Communist Party in Europe's poorest nation.

Four opposition parties have formed a coalition on a platform of moving closer to the European Union and have 53 seats in parliament -- enough to form a government but too few to vote through their choice of president.


If the coalition does succeed in installing its president, it may try to bring the nation of 4.3 million, bordering EU member Romania and Ukraine, closer to Europe and away from former Soviet master Russia.

But it will also have to cope with an economic crisis – the economy is expected to shrink by 9 percent as remittances fall - and try to resolve a years-old dispute with its breakaway Transdniestr region, where Russia has a military contingent.

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 02:08 PM
Moldova's government resigns

RIA Novosti: Moldova's government resigns

CHISINAU, August 26 (RIA Novosti) - Moldova's government has formally resigned, Prime Minister Zinaida Greceanii said on Wednesday.

BBC: Moldovan government to stand down

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 10:06 PM
Tiraspol Wants Integration With Russia

Transnistria says it belongs to Russia, despite the outcome of the latest election in Molova.

Moldova rebel region says belongs with Russia

TIRASPOL, Moldova, Aug 31 (Reuters)

Moldova's rebel Transdniestria region said on Monday its place was with Russia despite the victory of pro-European parties in a Moldovan parliamentary election last month.


Speaking on what Transdniestria calls its "Independence Day", self-styled President Igor Smirnov said the election result showed Moldovans have chosen as their allies the EU and the NATO military alliance.

"That is their choice. Our choice is integration with Russia," Smirnov told journalists. "We are not going to run to the EU, to those who gave birth to the current economic and financial crisis and, in the 1930s, to Fascism."

posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 06:16 AM
Igor Smirnov says that "instability in Moldova" could lead to armed provocations...

RIA Novosti: Instability in Moldova could lead to armed provocations - Smirnov


"Instability in Moldova is increasing. This could lead to various provocations, including armed ones," Igor Smirnov told the Transdnestr Armed Forces that mark the 18th anniversary on September 6.


Moldova's acting president Vladimir Voronin formally resigned September 2 to become a member of parliament, after strongly criticizing the incoming leadership.

posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 04:51 PM
reply to post by Hellmutt

With the recent events in Moldova this is indeed shaping up to be an interesting scenario. From what I heard, the new Moldovan government renewed the issue regarding unification with Romania. Immediate effect of this on Transdniester is unclear yet, but I am sure there is going to be more and more news about this. The Moldovan government has to tread very carefully when approaching the Transdniester issue, and cannot ignore the problem. I don't see this spiriling out of control, but there is no clear resolution either.

posted on Sep, 8 2009 @ 05:41 PM
How can you have an election in a country that technicaly dosnt excist ?

i mean its not regonized at all, as far as the world is consearned this pice of land is in moldovia ?

so therefor i call the question,

isnt the election illegal in the technical therm that you need a state in order to have an election ?

posted on Sep, 8 2009 @ 08:03 PM

Originally posted by Rufuz
How can you have an election in a country that technicaly dosnt excist ?

Very easy: you get the local people to vote for who ever they want to lead their separatist region. Just like Pepsi vs Coke polls taken on the streets. Who decides what election is official and what isn't? Whoever part takes in the vote.

And what does it mean to "technically exist"? Many autonomous regions exist around the world - some are recognized by many countries, others by a few countries, and others still by no country. Yet these regions govern themselves due to some circumstance.

Look at Taiwan for example. Not all countries recognize Taiwan. Or Kosovo, or South Ossetia, or Transdniester. Yet they still need a government of some sort. Who is to tell them whether they can or cannot hold an election? The UN has no such authority - nor does anyone else.

Originally posted by Rufuz
i mean its not regonized at all, as far as the world is consearned this pice of land is in moldovia ?

While Transdniester is not officially recognized as a nation by any country, there are some countries that acknowledge Transdniester's claims for an autonomous government (that does not necessarily mean independence). The fact is that Transdniester in reality does not fall under Moldova's authority (legal technicalities aside), and as such it governs itself and holds its own elections.

Originally posted by Rufuz
isnt the election illegal in the technical therm that you need a state in order to have an election ?

"Illegal" according to whom? Who has the right to say what actions are legal or illegal for Transdniester? UN passed no such resolution in regard to Transdniester, therefore under international laws there is no violation. Sure the right of "territorial integrity" can be brought into question, but again the UN will not oversee the matter, and local elections have little to do with "territorial integrity". Moldova may see the elections as illegal, but just the same Transdniester can claim that Moldova's elections are illegal - and neither claim would have any value in the international arena.

So to answer your question - no the election is not illegal. Nor is it legal. It just is - and nobody really has a say about it.

[edit on 8-9-2009 by maloy]

posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 08:24 AM
reply to post by maloy

Thanks for you post maloy. It was a real good read =) and answered all my questions

i am not too satt in this situasjon so thats why i asked these open questions although they might have seemed some what dumb,

but atleast they are technicaly under controll of moldovia as on the map.

i was wondering though, this regoin has tons of weapons etc, problem with this as i can see is the security of the world. there are TONS of guns stored at this place and are reported as missing. and probaly seeing actions in regions like africa. this place should be shutdown and regulate. bye some state. or form of controll. The civilian population dosnt have to suffer for the maffia/corruption. (Just a personal opinion)

[edit on 9-9-2009 by Rufuz]

posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 07:24 PM

Originally posted by Rufuz
i was wondering though, this regoin has tons of weapons etc, problem with this as i can see is the security of the world.

There is no consensus as to how many weapons and what types are in Transdniester. Most of the weapons that used to be there in the early 90's were actually kept in bases overseen by the Russian army. A part of these weapon stocks were transfered away to Russia. How much remains is really anyone's guess. Furthermore there is no definitive proof that Transdniester sells weapons to terrorists or has any deals with terrorists.

The issue is that most of the claims about Transdniester are rumors - just like there were rumors that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. And that is the problem when it comes to confronting the separatist area about these weapons claims.

Does Transdniester pose a security threat to the world? Not to US or Western Europe - at least not untill there is proof that the region does business with recognized terrorists. It might pose a threat to Moldova. So really, this is an internal issue - it is between Moldova and the separatists. Any involvement by any party from outside, will only introduce bigger problems.

Originally posted by Rufuz
there are TONS of guns stored at this place and are reported as missing.

Depends on who you listen to. And Ak47's in Moldova do not really pose any realistic threat to US or Western Europe.

Originally posted by Rufuz
and probaly seeing actions in regions like africa.

Perhaps, but Africa is pretty much a playground for all arms manufacturers around the world. US, EU, Eastern Europe, Russia, China, Midde East, Latin America - are all involved in weapons business in Africa to some extent. Unethical as it may be - it is business, and it is not illegal. Even if the supplier violates some sanctions - chances are they do not consider themselves to be subject to those sanctions. Again nothing legal or illegal about it - it is a gray area.

Originally posted by Rufuz
this place should be shutdown and regulate. bye some state. or form of controll.

By what state? Moldova is the only state that has any justification to get involved, but it was already defeated once by the separatists. Moldova today is still in no shape to regain control of the area. UN will never pass a resolution on the matter. US/NATO cannot risk to get involved, because it could draw in Russia and Belarus, and spiral into a proxy war.

So for the forseeable future, Transdniester will remain in a frozen conflict without a resolution.

Originally posted by Rufuz
The civilian population dosnt have to suffer for the maffia/corruption. (Just a personal opinion)

Large portion of the civilian population in Transdniester support the separatist cause. It is true that the government is corrupt and run like a mafia, and that is primarily because Transniester is not recognized as a nation by anyone, and the government makes their own rules without being subject to outside influence.

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