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A very detailed timeline of 09/11/2001

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posted on Apr, 14 2005 @ 04:13 PM
Since there have been alot of 9/11 thread popping up lately, I thought this might be interesting. It's a VERY detailed timeline of the events of 9/11 (with the info coming from a variety of sources).
It explains alot, and I know a lot of people didn't know some of the info it gives.

9/11 timeline
It's very long so I'm not going to copy and paste the whole thing. Definately a good read though.


According to the 9/11 Commission's review of airport security footage, the remaining three Flight 77 hijackers pass through a security checkpoint at Dulles International Airport in Washington. Hani Hanjour and his two carry-on bags fail to set off any alarms. One minute later, Nawaf Alhazmi and Salem Alhazmi enter the same checkpoint. Salem Alhazmi successfully clears the magnetometer and is permitted through the checkpoint. Nawaf Alhazmi sets off the alarms for both the first and second magnetometers. He is subsequently subjected to a personal screening with a metal detection hand wand. He finally passes. In addition, his shoulder strap carry-on bag is swiped by an explosive trace detector and returned without further inspection. [Independent Commission, 1/27/04] The video footage of the hijackers going through this security checkpoint has yet to be publicly released.

Flight 93 is delayed for 41 minutes on the runway in Newark, finally taking off at 8:42. The Boston Globe credits this delay as a major reason why this was the only one of the four flights not to succeed in its mission. [Boston Globe, 11/23/01] [Newsweek, 9/22/01, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/28/01 (B)] Apparently Flight 93 has to wait in a line of about a dozen planes before it can take off. [USA Today 8/12/02]

Boston flight control decides that Flight 11 has probably been hijacked, but apparently it doesn't notify other flight control centers for another five minutes, and don't notify NORAD for about another 20 minutes. [“About 8:20,” Newsday, 9/23/01, “about 8:20,” New York Times, 9/15/01 (C)] ABC News will later say, “There doesn't seem to have been alarm bells going off, traffic controllers getting on with law enforcement or the military. There's a gap there that will have to be investigated.” [ABC News 9/14/01]

Flight controllers hear a hijacker on Flight 11 say to the passengers: “Nobody move, please, we are going back to the airport. Don't try to make any stupid moves.” [8:33, Boston Globe, 11/23/01, 8:33:59, Guardian, 10/17/01, 8:33:59, New York Times, 10/16/01, 8:34, 9/11 Commission Report, 6/17/04] Apparently, shortly after this, the transmission tapes that are automatically recorded are played back to hear the words spoken by the hijackers a few minutes before (see (8:24 a.m.)). Everyone in the Boston flight control center hears the hijackers say “We have some planes.” [MSNBC, 9/11/02 (B)] Ben Sliney, the FAA's National Operations Manager, soon gets word of the message “We have some planes” and later says the phrase haunts him all morning. [USA Today 8/13/02]

Around this time, Boston flight control attempts to contact an Atlantic City, New Jersey air base, to send fighters after Flight 11. For decades, the air base had two fighters on 24-hour alert status, but this changed in 1998 due to budget cutbacks. The flight controllers don't realize this, and apparently try in vain to reach anyone. It is known that at the time Flight 11 hits the WTC and possibly at this time, two F-16s from this base are practicing bombing runs over an empty stretch of the Pine Barrens near Atlantic City. They are only eight minutes away from New York City, but they aren't alerted to the emerging crisis. Shortly after the second WTC crash at 9:03, the two F-16s are ordered to land and are refitted with air-to-air missiles, then sent aloft. But they relaunch over an hour after the second crash. They're apparently sent to Washington and don't reach it until almost 11:00 (see 10:42 a.m.). After 9/11, one newspaper questions why NORAD “left what seems to be a yawning gap in the midsection of its air defenses on the East Coast—a gap with New York City at the center.” [Bergen Record, 12/5/03, Independent Commission Report, 6/17/04]

Flight controllers ask the United Airlines Flight 175 pilots to look for a lost American Airlines plane 10 miles to the south— a reference to Flight 11. They respond that they can see it. They are told to keep away from it. [Guardian 10/17/01; Boston Globe 11/23/01; 9/11 Commission Report 6/17/04] Just prior to this, Flight 11 passes from Boston flight control airspace into New York flight control airspace. John Hartling, the New York flight controller put in charge of the hijacked flight, later recounts being told that Flight 11 was hijacked: “I didn't believe him. Because I didn't think that that stuff would happen anymore, especially in this country.” [MSNBC 9/11/02 (B)]

Just prior to the crash of Flight 11, flight attendant Amy Sweeney is asked on the phone if she can recognize where she is. She says, “I see the water. I see the buildings. I see buildings,” then after a pause, a quiet “Oh, my God!” Mere seconds later the line goes dead. Meanwhile, flight attendant Betty Ong ends her call repeating the phrase “Pray for us” over and over. Apparently there is quiet instead of screaming in the background. [ABC News 7/18/02]

At the time of the first WTC crash, three F-16s assigned to Andrews Air Force Base, 10 miles from Washington, are flying an air-to-ground training mission on a range in North Carolina, 207 miles away. Eventually they are recalled to Andrews and land there at some point after Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon. [Aviation Week and Space Technology, 9/9/02]

Flight 11 slams into the north tower, 1 World Trade Center. Investigators believe the plane still has about 10,000 gallons of fuel and is traveling 470 mph. [New York Times 9/11/02; USA Today 12/20/01]

CIA Director Tenet is told of the first WTC crash while he is eating breakfast with his mentor, former Senator David Boren. Boren says Tenet is told that the WTC has been attacked by an airplane: “I was struck by the fact that [the messenger] used the word attacked.” Tenet then hands a cell phone back to an aide and says to Boren, “You know, this has bin Laden's fingerprints all over it.” [ABC, 9/14/02] Another account has Tenet saying into the phone, “They steered the plane directly into the building?” Then he says to Boren, “That looks like Bin Laden.” In a reference to recently arrested Zacarias Moussaoui, he muses out loud, “I wonder if this has something to do with the guy who trained for a pilot's license.” [Stern, 8/13/03]


(sorry mods for quoting so much...)

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posted on Apr, 14 2005 @ 05:11 PM

Originally posted by ThatsJustWeird

It's very long so I'm not going to copy and paste the whole thing. Definately a good read though.

As is the companion piece tracking Bush.

"[url=]It was an interesting day.
" - President Bush recalling 9/11 (White House 1/5/02)

Actual events, before the heroic myth making or RNC '04 Convention brainwashing session.

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posted on Apr, 14 2005 @ 06:19 PM
Good link and good reminder ThatsJustWeird!

Detailed analysis of what happened on 9/11 and why is not for all ATS members.

Attitudinally, some would prefer to let it go, because it's "history" or because they cannot believe that any government of the United States of America would be so complicit or negligent as to allow the biggest national security failure of all time to occur.

So, in the end, 9/11 topics at ATS are cyclical arguments between researchers and denial merchants. And there is unlikely to be a database of established facts to build on, because ATS is a discussion and entertainment forum.

But there are ways to move forward to uncover more about 9/11.

A simple philosophical example:

--- The Two-Step 9/11 Truth Expedition

Understanding the full truth of 9/11 seems to require two separate awakenings.

The first, awakening to the fraudulence of the "official 9/11 story," is a pretty simple brain function and only requires a little study, logic or curiosity.

The second step, however, consciously confronting the implications of that knowledge--and what it says about our media, politics and economic system today--is by far the harder awakening and requires an enormous exercise of nerve and heart. (As the Chinese say, "You cannot wake up a man who is pretending to sleep.") In other words, this part of the journey depends more on character than on maps and evidence... inspiring heroes and heroines who have courageously faced that truth, spoken out, and survived. (Though we might also point out the intriguing fact that our 9/11 heroines now outnumber 9/11 heroes by about six to one.) ---

posted on Apr, 14 2005 @ 06:28 PM
I don't know what is sadder, all the confusion within our own system during this crisis, or the fact that partisan lines have helped to sweep this whole thing under the rug. I don't care if it was Bush or Clinton, Roosevelt or Lincoln, (even Ross Perot) that was president at the time. The fact is that there are so many inconsistencies and mistakes made, especially with the FAA and NORAD, these cannot be over looked. But, the republicans think it's all about ripping on bush, so they refuse to listen and then make a comment about michael moore. And democrats think it definitely IS all about ripping on Bush, so they refuse to really do anything about it and get stuck somehow defending Clinton or Kerry. It's all so sad. We are being run by a Heirarchy now. The only qualification to be in our govt. (besides the usual age limits and all that jazz) is to have family member in it, or just be rich and have nothing else to do with your time. It's all in who you know. That's sad. Why do we only let rich people make our decisions for us? I'm not rich, and I don't think any rich a-hole knows how to make my life any better. Yet, those are the choices. Sure, you could vote for a 3rd party, and throw your vote away. Just kidding, Simpson's reference.

Sorry for the rant. Good post.

"Would someone please just let the aliens land, they might be here to take me with them."

posted on Apr, 15 2005 @ 12:53 AM

I don't care if it was Bush or Clinton, Roosevelt or Lincoln, (even Ross Perot) that was president at the time. The fact is that there are so many inconsistencies and mistakes made, especially with the FAA and NORAD, these cannot be over looked.

I agree.

You know people who say the Gov is to blame....they're partly right. They were way too slow to respond. When those red flags in your brain start waving like that, DO something!
But, to their defense, nothing like this had ever happened before so mistakes and confusion were bound to happen. (still should have acted quicker though)

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