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Satan: The bible's own boogyman

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posted on Apr, 14 2005 @ 02:30 PM
Johnny was 6 years old. He was told not to disobey his parents since he could remember. One day he decided to play ball in the house despite his parents warnings. The game ended with him accidentally breaking a glass bowl set on the table. When his parents found out they became furious. They sat him down and told him a story about a little boy who did not listen to what their parents said and was taken away by the boogyman. According to the story the boogyman only harmed those who were disobediant to their parents. The good little kids would be safe.

Does this story ring any bells? Let me clarify...
Johnny: Humanity
Parents: God
Disobeying: Sin
The boogyman: Satin
The story: The bible

Imagine the bible and the church with only God. There would be no Devil and no hell. Thus there would be no real punishment. The symbolic devil would not be there to scare you into believing. Ok lets say for one minute that the devil wasnt a boogyman made up by the church to scare people into believing.

Lets say that he was real and he really didnt want you to believe in God. If the Devil really wanted you to stop believing in God, he would most likely end his little punishment dimension. Because I know alot of people who would not be going to church if they werent scared of being in pain for all eternity. If Johnny wasnt in danger of getting in trouble then he would have no reason to why he shouldnt play ball in the house.

Does anybody else think that the devil is a scarecrow?


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