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beating down of a wife beater

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posted on Apr, 14 2005 @ 07:03 AM
Why if a man hits his wife he doesnt go to jail but when i beat him down. I spend a night jail. he get off scott free for hitting his wife in front of the kids and breaking her nose. all i did was break 3 of his ribs and im scewed. it was by the book he was on my land and trustpassing.

posted on Apr, 14 2005 @ 08:40 AM
That's a night spent in jail I would be proud to boast of....

There's only so much a cop can do though....It sounds to me like the girl must have defended her piece of # husband, in which case the cops can do nothing but give him a stern lecture and take you away for giving him a taste of what he deserves.....

I'm sure that deep down inside, those cops were happy you taught him a lesson....But unfortunately it occurred during their 9-5 hours, so they probably didn't act too gracious having to haul you back to county.....

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posted on Apr, 14 2005 @ 09:22 AM
I think there's a lot more to this story that we're not hearling... like what the wife said. Seems to me that if she spoke up to the cops and said "this man protected me while my husband was trying to kill me" that the outcome would be different.

There's also reasonable force and several other things. So... I think we haven't heard the full story, and until we know that there's no real way of judgiing.

posted on Apr, 16 2005 @ 03:34 AM
right with you dude.....i did 3 months in prison for battering a guy i saw beating up a women outside a bar.....and 3 months community service....if id known that was going to happen id have really,really hurt him and got my money (and times worth)...his crazy bitch girlfriend lied in court and said i attacked them????.....being an ex ametur boxer also went down badly in court.....

but id do the same again if i saw it tomorrow....i despise men who hit women....its not right.....and its feck all to do with equality and guys saying "well....she hits me?".........basic rule dont hit chicks ever.

posted on Apr, 16 2005 @ 04:25 AM
wow 3 months that's a tough one, my cousin found a guy that was stabbed in the neck on front of a building and went to help him, she was holding down his cut so he didn't bleed to death when this undercover cop didn't say a word and just jumped her, they began to struggle and my cousin got the upper hand on the cop (it was a smaller female officer) this is when she identified herself when she couldn't just knock her down....after a few more seconds of fighting some uniformed cops come around and first club my cousin then mace her. She was taken in for suspicion of attempted murder ( the kid was in very bad shape) and assualting an officer, resisting arrest... and blah blah blah. any way they begin to notice after a while that things are not what they thoaght so they didn't book her, just took her prints and stuff and started trying to get her to confess to assauting the cop. In the hospital some of the kid's friend show up and say that somebody else stabbed him and it wasn't my cousin, so they keep my cousin for 2 days no charges trying to get her to confess to minor charges (oh she was 2 months pregnant at the time) and then they start tryign to butter her up getting her snacks and trying to small talk. well after 2 and half days she's released after her mother get's her lawyer to treathen a lawsuit which didn't get far cuz a lot of the paper work was inconsistent. it was just a terrible situation she said she heard a girl that was in lockup with her ending up miscarrying cuz the cops thought she was trying to pull a fast one when she wanted to be taken to a hospital.

another time my friend heard a big struggle going on and a man screaming so he kicks open a door and startles a narcotic officer arresting a suspect, this guy ends up taking out his gun and well my friend notice what was going on and just stayed calm and everything settle, any way back up arrives and they end up taking my friend's statemate and ask for his id and everything is settle then a Supervisor shows up not knowing the situation just that my friend ended up spookign his guy and his guy calling for backup and just goes all big shot and orders them to take every one in, my friend ends up spending the weekend in jail (saturday arrest no court till monday) just to have all charges dropped before he even sees a judge.

well those are just 2 stories I've known in the last 4 or 5 years.

posted on Apr, 18 2005 @ 10:54 AM
I know that the girl didnt lie because shes blood. that the only reason i didnt kill him,yet. the reason i went jail i think is i stopped him while he was on the ground and i have 50lbs. more muscle. my cousen has filed assult charges on him.

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