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A New World Order in the making

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posted on Apr, 14 2005 @ 03:54 AM

The First Jerusalem Summit, planned as an annual event, was held at Jerusalem, now under the control of Israel, on October 12-14, 2003. According to Richard Melson of the Cambridge Forecast Group, the purpose of the event sponsored by the Strategic Dialog Center, a think-tank in Israel, was to serve as an off-shore think tank to guide and control US foreign policy, particularly towards the Middle East and to push the world towards a clash of civilization in the form of a global war between the USA and the Arab-Islamic world. The immediate objective was to mask Israel's crimes against the Palestinian people and to complete Sharon's Wall, squeeze the Palestinians out and to kill the idea of a Palestinian State, except as one or more Bantustans within Greater Israel.

Jerusalem Summit
The Summit held three Sessions on 1) Crisis in Morality and International Policy: How Israel may be the Solution; 2) Israel Endangered: A Threat to the Free World; and 3) Alternatives for a Just and Durable Peace in the Middle East.

The Summit also organized 5 Workshops, 3 on 12 October and 2 on 13 October, 2003 on the themes of: 1) Bringing the World to Understand the Immorality of Anti-Zionism; 2) The Muslim World: Prospects of Democratization and Overcoming Hatred of Zionism; 3) Peace Against Truth: When Peace Movements Reinforce Evil; 4) Media: Recognizing in the News; and 5) Academia: Researching Truth or Breeding Hatred? A European Perspective.


The Strategic Dialog Center (SDC) is a think-tank based at Netanya Academic College in Netanya, Israel. Its founding co-chairman is Michael Gorbachev.

The SDC is part of a wider Zionist/Neo-con strategy which wants to show the world that Washington decisions are all "vetted", approved, and crafted not by the White House or Congress, who have "outsourced" or "off-shored" this function to Israel and its Neo-con operatives. Some of the leading and most virulent neo-cons are of course, not themselves Jewish, as in the case of former CIA head, James Woolsey, whose name you see below.

It wishes to signal to the whole world that Israel and the Neo-con machinery is the actual power center behind Washington decisions and that therefore, Israel, the Jews, and the neo-cons rule.

On 6th May 2003, the SDC held it's first US conference at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York.

The Summit was held with the full support of the Government of Israel. Among the Israeli Ministers who participated were Transport Minister Liberman, Deputy Prime Minister Olmert, Finance Minister (and former Prime Minister) Netanyahu, Minister for Strategic Cooperation between the US and Israel Landau and Tourism Minister Elon.

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