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The Apartheid Wall's threat to a viable Palestinian state

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posted on Jul, 23 2003 @ 04:27 AM
Well i donīt want to remember anything that happened to the jews because what they are doing now is more than being racist or nazi, this is WAY TOO MUCH INSANE!!

Israel's Apartheid Wall: The final act in pre-empting an independent and viable Palestinian state

The following text is based on remarks delivered by Stephanie Khoury and Fuad Hallak from the PLO's Negotiations Affairs Department, at a meeting at the Palestine Center in Washington DC on 18 July 2003. The speakers' views do not necessarily reflect those of the Palestine Center or The Jerusalem Fund.

The Wall near Qalqilya in 2003. (Arjan El Fassed)
With a total projected length of 650 kilometers-twice the size of the Green Line-Israel's so-called "security" Wall is the final act in pre-empting an independent and viable Palestinian state. Israel, argued Stephanie Khoury, a legal advisor to the Palestine Liberation Organization's (PLO) Negotiations Affairs Department (NAD), is using the Wall to consolidate and expand Israel's hold on Palestinian land in order to facilitate further settlement expansion. According to Khoury and Fuad Hallak, a technical advisor to the NAD, the Wall is a means for Israel to de facto annex approximately 55 percent of the West Bank from its central, western, and eastern areas, including the Jordan Valley.

Speaking at a 18 July 2003 Palestine Center briefing, Khoury and Hallak explained that Israel's Separation Wall will enclose and isolate the Palestinians in cantons and enclaves on 45 percent of the West Bank. The Wall will physically and functionally sever the northern and southern West Bank.

In total, the Wall is projected to include all of the Jewish colonies-with the exception of approximately 15-some 98 percent of all settlers and 440,000 Palestinians. Approximately half of the Palestinians caged in by the Wall do not have Israeli residency, and 30 percent of them will be in double fenced areas. Khoury and Hallak stated that these Palestinians are in an extremely tenuous and vulnerable situation, they are deprived of their livelihood and access to necessary social services such as health and education. The remaining 1.56 million Palestinians in the West Bank will be enclosed by the fence in large cantons.

Rest of the article:

posted on Jul, 25 2003 @ 12:08 PM
The first statement you make before your article posting really makes you look like a fool CA. It takes a very special person to say something like "Well i donīt want to remember anything that happened to the jews"

That aside, it's nice to see an article posted from an objective fair news source with a title like

Thanks for that

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