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ATS forums : Top 3

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posted on Apr, 13 2005 @ 02:40 PM
just curious if some members have preferences in some topics

here's my top 3 of the moment (its general but you can be more precise)

1. Mysterious subjects
2. Conspiracy related subjects
3. Current events forums

posted on Apr, 13 2005 @ 02:44 PM
geez i just noticed i posted that in the wrong section ... should be in board questions and buisiness instead of paranormal studies (one of my favorite) .. someone can move it? sorry..

posted on Apr, 13 2005 @ 04:43 PM
Edit: sorted out.

[edit on 13-4-2005 by intrepid]

posted on Apr, 13 2005 @ 04:52 PM
hehe thought i would reply as i have moved you around a bit lol.

1, Paranormal forums, Got to love reading all about it,

2, Current events.. I love to keep up to date on whats going on around the world,

3, Storys Love to see the talent and have a good read

posted on Apr, 13 2005 @ 04:53 PM
thanks but no thanks .. read my title ; ATS

i never mentioned BTS anywhere.. should have a sip of magic potion asterix :w:

posted on Apr, 13 2005 @ 04:56 PM

Originally posted by asala
hehe thought i would reply as i have moved you around a bit lol.

oh sorry Intrepid gizmo fuct it up .. could you add this to ATS MR. MOd


Edit : Board Questions & Business
Post A Query About The Board - Errors, Comments , Problems

[edit on 13-4-2005 by kalki]

posted on Apr, 13 2005 @ 05:08 PM
Though this is bts your topic is General Chit Chat.. I know your question is about ATS but this is the sister of ATS and topics can be related...

Again I do think this will get better response hear...
And please if you have any problems with this move take it up with me via u2u as not to disrupt your topic,

Thanks Asala

posted on Apr, 13 2005 @ 05:23 PM
well i guess i'll let it go here just because we got the same top 1

posted on Apr, 13 2005 @ 09:20 PM
1. Religious Topics
2. Prophecies
3. Paranormal Studies

posted on Apr, 14 2005 @ 04:33 AM

  1. New World Order,
  2. Dreams and predictions,
  3. Secret Societies

posted on Apr, 14 2005 @ 06:05 AM

2. War on Terrorism/Political Conspiracies/NWO/Military & Govt (all related IMO)

3. Current Events/Website-related

But my prefs change month to month.

posted on Apr, 14 2005 @ 11:26 AM
hec I only visit weaponry and aircraft projects!!
So you can guess my first two nominations!!
And since "war on terror" is also more or less weapon oriented..

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