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General Election: Top 10 tory 'decapitation' seats

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posted on Apr, 13 2005 @ 11:02 AM
Name Constituency Majority Main Challenger
1 Adrian Flook Taunton 235 LibDems
2 John Horam Orpington 269 LibDems
3 Mark Simmonds Boston & Skegness 515 Labour
4 Andrew Selous SW Beds 776 Labour
5 James Cran Beverley 781 Labour
6 Virginia Bottomley Surrey South West 861 LibDems
7 Andrew Hunter Basingstoke 880 Labour
8 Robert Spink Castle Point 985 Labour
9 Oliver Letwin Dorset West 1,414 LibDems
10 David Davis Haltemprice 1,903 LibDems

and bubbling away just outside the top 10 we have the ghastly old s*d himself, the true number one LibDem target in the entire country and the one man who has pretty much guaranteed the revival of the 'tactical voting' tory slaughter of 97/01 -

*1* Michael Howard Folkstone 5100 LibDems

- It's going to be the story of the night on 5/5/05 IMO; which of the big tory names goes and who survives?

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