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How could the Bible predict the future but not say that everything is written

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posted on Apr, 13 2005 @ 10:05 AM
The bible says about the end times,second comming.These things have not even happened,if the bible is correct then why not tell the reason behind the future predictions.The hindu religion says everthing is written but you can change it so why dosen't the bible says this but states to prophesize the events which have yet to occur?.Why is the bible hiding the fate and destiny stuff?

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posted on Apr, 13 2005 @ 10:09 AM

Originally posted by warthog911
Why is the bible hiding the fate and destiny stuff?

Are you advocating a conspiracy? One in which the Bible hides "stuff."

Or debating the theological components of Biblical doctrine? For which we have another forum.

Nevermind, I know.

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posted on Apr, 14 2005 @ 11:34 AM
No offense but did you miss the part about No man should know the hour nor the day nor the year of my return, so if any man says unto you there is God or over there is God, believe him not for he is a false teacher/profit...

and I know that was not word for word , but there is another It is told that no man shall posses all the knowledge of things to come for he shall become arrogant and think himself equal to the Lord his God and Creator.

Not exact quotes I know but they explain why there is no the end so to speak the term all is written means that all God has shared has been written and that if you look some things where to be with held , IE there where somethings seen in heaven by men through visions such as temples and other structures and it was forbidden that the detailed information and designs or pictures or measurements be released its in the book of either Revelation or John I believe you can find other such references that all things would not be shared with man by God's will and decree.

We are only given that which we have recieved as a basic principle of teachings to introduce us to God and his fundemental desires for us as well as the limited signs of things to come ....its was also meant to exist so as not to allow panics like Y2k leading to the end of the world to be seen as anything other rants by false profits......also is was a stop measure for panic of an impending end comming close driving those who wish to betray God to gain power in order to derail the faithful from their journey in the path of righteousness....its PR control of the oldest fashion you didnt think some 1980's commercial writer coined the term or PR did you.

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posted on Apr, 14 2005 @ 03:43 PM
The book of revelation was the last book added to the bible and it was not because the church was screaming for it actually the church was not very happy with it, The authenticity of the book was in question for a long time by the already establish church.

The most formidable antagonist of the authority of the Apocalypse is Dionysius, Bishop of Alexandria, disciple of Origen. He is not opposed to the supposition that Cerinthus is the writer of the Apocalypse. "For", he says, "this is the doctrine of Cerinthus, that there will be an earthly reign of Christ, and as he was a lover of the body he dreamed that he would revel in the gratification of the sensual appetite". He himself did not adopt the view that Cerinthus was the writer. He regarded the Apocalypse as the work of an inspired man but not of an Apostle (Eusebius, Hist. Eccl., VII, 25). During the fourth and fifth centuries the tendency to exclude the Apocalypse from the list of sacred books continued to increase in the Syro-Palestinian churches. Eusebius expresses no definite opinion. He contents himself with the statement: "The Apocalypse is by some accepted among the canonical books but by others rejected" (Hist. Eccl., III, 25).

More information here

The predictions in the old testament were written after the fact that is why they look like they were real, after all the bible was compiled after the facts.

The same in the new testament the gospels were written after Jesus was death and so the apostles....... so actually it was nobody there to ask how much of the gospels were true or not.

If is something you will never be able to do......... and that is to ask death people to tell you if what is written in their name was their true words.

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