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Mixing food with drugs

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posted on Apr, 13 2005 @ 09:18 AM
I think this is something many people don't consider. Not only do certain drugs don't mix well with other drugs. But certain foods don't interact well with certain drugs.

Avoiding interaction: what not to mix

Warfarin to prevent blood clotting
Reacts with cranberry juice and green vegetables. Efficacy may be reduced by ice cream, soya beans and avocados, although clinical significance and prevalence of this problem is unclear

Cholesterol-lowering or immunosuppressant drugs
Patients should not drink grapefruit juice

Sedatives; other drugs including paracetamol
Should not be mixed with alcohol

Lithium to treat bipolar disorder
Patients must not vary intake of salt once they have been stabilised on the drug

Oral contraceptives; anti-depressants in the SSRI class; anti-HIV drugs
Do not mix with St John's wort, even though there is evidence that it can help treat depression too

Antibiotics in the tetracycline and quinolone classes
Milk and dairy products can reduce their effectiveness

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