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Duality and Physics

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posted on Apr, 13 2005 @ 01:45 AM
Hi all, I am definately no expert in physics (being that I have never studied it in any way shape or form in my life). Now, I believe in the 'duality of life' principle whereby for every positive effect their is a negative e.g. what goes up must come down.

Now as we all know there are the laws of physics created by very smart scientists and they are pretty much unbreakable right? Well If you were to apply the law of duality to the law of physics (and infact every other law there is in the world) For every rule that is made it can be broken.

But is it then true to say following on from my application of the law of duality that: the laws of physics keep us alive but by breaking them does that mean we die? (it is a very general question but if somehow we can break these laws think of the possibilities)

Can a physicist/scientist help me out and give some information about this.

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posted on Apr, 13 2005 @ 02:38 AM
Well, you should know that the physics of today, especially at quantum levels, isn't exactly a system of "Laws" anymore so much as it is a system of "Probabilities". Unlike the old Dualistic idea where things are either Black or White, today's theories come in all shades of Grey.

Another thing is that you're talking about philosophy more than science, at least IMO. By that I mean, Science and the scientific method isn't real inclined to accept ideas such as "For every Rule that is Made, it can be Broken." If they did then it would seriously damage the credibility of their Laws. Which is kinda happening anyway with the introduction of Chaos Theory, String/M Theory, Quantum Mechanics, etc. and this has left many rigid Newtonian physics diehards a bit miffed.

Let me give you an example: Scientists set out to find the answer as to whether or not Light or Photons were a Particle or a Wave. After experimenting their results showed that Light was both depending on the observation. Even more strange was the fact that the Observer actually became a variable associated with the results too. The point being that what they were trying to Solve for was not possible in the terms and parameters they wanted. It was not a "This or That" situation no matter how much they wanted it to be.

Now, more to the point of what you're asking keeping the above in mind. IMO the question isn't about which Laws can or cannot be broken that you should be considering. By doing that you'll always be using some system of Rules which limit your potential. One set of rules will be used to counter another set and another to counter those and so on. The real freedom comes from realizing there are NO Rules to begin with. See past the illusion of Two to the One. Then realize that One is Nothing.

If you've seen the Matrix you should be able to recall some ideas from it that are very similar to this. Can you think of any?


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