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Dog Saved By Doggy Pal After Accident

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posted on Apr, 12 2005 @ 11:12 PM

The black Labrador Sheena saved the golden Labrador Lacey yesterday in North-Wales, UK. Lacey fell 100ft down a cliff, got stuck and was unable to save herself. Sheena alerted the owner of the dogs, Marion Jones, with persistent barking and directed her to the spot of the accident. The Coast guard were called and the whole rescue operation took around 40 minutes.

BBC: Dog leaps to Lassie-like rescue

A black Labrador has been praised as a Lassie-like hero after alerting the owners of another dog, which had fallen 100ft down a north Wales cliff.

Twelve-year-old Sheena jumped to the rescue when she spotted Lacey, a golden Labrador, on a rocky slope in Holyhead. Lacey was lying trapped at the bottom of a gully in a pool of water. But Sheena found Lacey's owner, kept on barking and directed her to the spot.

A spokesman said Lacey would not have been able to climb out of trouble herself after falling down the cliff

The dog was shivering from the cold and a bit shocked and nervous but she did not seemed to be hurt and was wagging her tail

Good doggy...

Other news sources:
icNorthWales: Lucky Lacey saved by doggy pal

posted on Apr, 13 2005 @ 01:18 PM
Awwww...thast is so adorable and intelligent... and some people still say aniamls dont think... that should show them !!


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