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The Alien Janitor

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posted on Apr, 12 2005 @ 11:57 AM
[The following story is fiction, really]

Eventually, I’ll be coming out in a more public means, but I wanted to see how civilians would react to this information before doing so, just so I’d know what I was getting myself into. So, I figure anonymously is the best way to go (at least until I’ve thought, and rethought about all of the ramifications).

I’ve been in the military for many years before finally getting out and living a more quiet life. During that time, I was involved in some extremely weird stuff. At the time, it was pretty mind-boggling, but it simply eventually turned routine over the years. I was content to stay quiet about it, mostly because I assumed it would eventually come out, as things always do, and in a way everyone could take. But, years later, it seems our government is still hushing things up, and before I get to the point of people claiming I can’t remember my own name, I want to come clean on at least the little part I know.

Though I was stationed at many various bases over the course of my career, it was my last assignment (and the longest) that involves this coming forward. It was an area I’m sure all of you are familiar with, but not quite what you are thinking. For one thing, Dreamland is exactly what the government says it is, a top secret base for testing new technology (mostly aircraft). In a sense, I suppose that’s what we did as well, but not quite. Unlike the fellows that’d fly in from Vegas, we lived on base in the residential section. In the morning, we’d go to the base like everyone else, but with a minor detour. Once inside the base, we’d head to a particular office. Upon the usual security procedures, we’d then proceed to a secured elevator, flanked by armed guards of course. (I’m not going into unit names, etc. but to give you a visual, desert camo fatigues and black berets). I suspect they didn’t even know what they were really guarding. Had to be a suck job though. We weren’t supposed to chit chat, just head nods (and occasionally muttering their last names), as we also weren’t supposed to salute. We wore work overalls so no rank insignia. We’d go down only a couple floors worth of distance, and then wait for the train to arrive.

Once the train got there (similar to an airport tram), the elevator door would open (usually only a few minutes wait at the bottom), and we’d go right onto the tram. Usually it was 3 of us, the same 3, barring any schedule changes, sickness, fill ins from within the group, etc. We’d take the train a pretty quick and speedy distance and then we’d be at the “Hangar”. (that’s what we called it). Oddly enough, such a facility isn’t really what you’d picture for such a purpose. The arrival elevator was similar to the one we came from, and only a quick accent to the office. The mundane repeat of the security procedures were done to again verify who we were, and we’d then go to our posts. This facility was inside Papoose Mountain. I’ve heard some have heard this place called S-4. We never called it that, but when you step off the train, there is an S dash 4 painted on the gray concrete wall, so it’s a safe bet that’s why.

My job wasn’t exactly glamorous, but then, I certainly wasn’t complaining. Just like everyplace else, no matter how special a place is, there have to be folks to do the cleaning. I was one of these men. Myself, and a few others. I knew the other two (I’ll call them Bob and John, but those aren’t their real names) as I worked with them, but there were two other fill-ins (night shift guys, and they were all guys, no gals) I’ll call Tom and Harry, again not their real names. Only rarely did I work with either of them, just when subbing. Like most people, I always wondered if aliens and spaceships, etc. were real. At least, before this post. I had a pretty high clearance, (lower than you’d think though), as I had mopped up floors for many black ops R&D areas before, but nothing could prepare me for this.

Since I’m sure you’re wondering what this place looked like, I suppose I should describe it. If any of you have ever seen aircraft hangers for large planes before, this was similar, but it had stone walls, and ceilings as opposed to metal sheeting of most. The ceiling was about 50 feet high and had numerous floodlights shining down. We walked along a catwalk and then climbed set ladders to change the bulbs periodically. From the catwalk is also where you got the best view. Unlike most hangers, this one was incredibly long. It had 10 sections that could be partitioned off, though I can’t recall but a few times such partitions were used. In all but one of them, was a different kind of flying saucer.

When I was briefed for the duty, it was explained to me that the facility housed SCI aircraft that we were working on. My secrecy agreements were already on file for years, but I signed another anyhow, open-ended, like a couple others, so I didn’t think too much of it…(in other words, no expiration period). I was asked some minor questions about my views on UFOs, etc. and I simply said they always interested me, but I didn’t know how much to believe. He simply said that they were building their own UFOs with experimental new drives, and left it at that. So, I wasn’t too surprised to see what I saw, until I got to one of the craft. This one was in the seventh bay. It was shaped like a sharp, flat hat. It was a dull reddish brown metallic color, almost like rust. In the saucer part of the craft, it had what appeared to be a puncture in the skin of the craft…almost like AAA fire, but it was on the top of the saucer. Upon getting closer to it, I noticed the same on the underside of the saucer, so it looked like something (missile, AAA round, etc.) had pierced the bottom and exited the top. This led me to wonder why we’d shoot our own developed aircraft. Then of course, it dawned on me. These weren’t ours…they were THEIRS. The variety of craft then made perfect sense, and I never hesitated to do any cleaning down there when needed, just so I could get a closer look at those things.

(To Be Continued)

EDIT: Didn't know of the Writer status requirement, saw older rules, sorry.

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posted on Apr, 13 2005 @ 07:07 PM
please do continue


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