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My Theory For Orchestrated U.S. Prisoner Abuse: Psyop

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posted on Apr, 12 2005 @ 05:39 PM
Confuse, Divide and Conquer - The Illusion of "Us Vs Them"

My theory of these particular Psyops' goals:

Abu Ghraib
- Increase anti-US sentiment in the West, particularly in Europe.
- Increase anti-US sentiment amongst Muslim nations and therefore add credence to the "all Islam hates the US" propaganda.
- Enrage and thus encourage new recruits for terrorist organizations.
- Further divide Western opinion into the "We are the bad guys" Vs "They deserve everything they get" camps, sometimes called "Liberal" and "Conservative".

Jessica Lynch
- Increase anti-Muslim sentiment ("look how barbaric they are, even to a woman").
- Sob-story/story of human courage to enhance the tough, hardy image of US troops.

Nick Berg
- Increase anti-Muslim sentiment across the globe and particularly in the US.
- Justify all future military and interrogation methods used by the coalition ("We may torture them for information, we may use cluster bombs, but at least we don't behead them with a blunt knife.")

I have a theory that anti-US sentiment and anti-Muslim sentiment is being deliberately fostered across the globe, by the same agitator. Bush and Bin Laden are the perfect poster boys for this end. Three minutes of hate. Orwell would be proud. People just love to hate them, and consequently people just love to hate the US or Islam, take your pick. To what end? The conquering of the holy lands, followed by the partial destruction of the United States and the institution of martial law, and eventually world government. The media attention on the Mexican border is a nice set-up for when they announce that a dirty nuke is somewhere within the borders of the US. "We've been telling them to secure that border for ages. Home Security my @$$"

Arrh, me maties!! There's been a mutiny in America, but no one's realized it yet. Suitcase bombs and martial law ahoy! Arrrh!

posted on Apr, 12 2005 @ 06:51 PM
I agree completely that it was all psy ops. The photos are to well staged and there seems to have been a method to all the madness. Not the work of some dumb MPs. Yes they are going to prison but the higher ups definetly knew what was going on. We torture the hell out of people. In secret "renditions" all around the world. If it prevents another 9/11 then it prevents another 9/11. Most of the time its useless and the detainees will say whatever the captor wants to hear just to make them stop. Its still very shady though. There does not appear at least to be a line between who to torture. Very bad stuff.

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