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The same conversations, again and again and again

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posted on Apr, 12 2005 @ 01:52 PM
Here's an unusual new topic. I've never even heard of this sort of concept as being a phenomenon before.

And, in case people are wondering about how some stuff gets done here, i think this provides a nice illustration. I disagree that the phenomenon is real. So I tried to make my opinion/conclusion clear, without being a jerk about it, and then I also applauded the poster, mainly for searching before posting.

I also started another new topic that I am pretty sure hasn't been covered in its own thread before, and that seems to be the sort of thing that I was interested in when I first started reading stuff here

Like I said, it shouldn't be too much for us all to throw up some interesting topics.

I've often been tempted to post some stuff that is 'relevant' to what goes on in ats, like stuff I've read in the sociological literature, but that isn't 'conspiracy specific' too. Perhaps some other members can try that sort of stuff. If there is a concern over being off topic,

Is a great place to put stuff up. That way, it gets discussed under the 'not necesarily the conspiracy' umbrella, and then can be referenced when a conspiracy concerned thread pops up in A/BTS

posted on Apr, 12 2005 @ 02:22 PM
Very cool post Nygdan.

I have been on a number of other forums, martial arts related, Corvette related, and a few others, but the problem is always the same. People rush in and sign up, then after some indeterminate length of time they become jaded and begin to put down on the new folks posting "old" topics.

Interestingly, most of the stuff that gets posted and probably has been posted on ATS is "old" and very little new has been added in the past 10 years. That is because the theories have not been updated due to no new data, or the theories are simply too outlandish for modern conservative thought (even the Liberals are conservative sometimes ...
), or it's just plain old stuff that has no conclusive possibilities (like the current discussion on Baalbek Stones).

I think this place is not just for the clearing up of mysteries or speculation on often repeated topics, but it is a place for fellowship with fellow conspiracy buffs. For instance ... I've never met Marge, couldn't pick her out of a crowd of two, but in some instances, while I may severely disagree with her, I feel a kinship with her. And she is just one of a number of folks I feel that way about. Sometimes, the Way Above vote is a way to anonymously say, Hey! Your not alone! I'm here. Glad to meet you.

Another reason I feel that we are ok is that when a repetitive post comes up, if I don't want to read it I go on... If it is something that has piqued my curiosity before I will re-read. If I can I post, and surprisingly, I find that I may have changed an attitude, matured a thought, or simply become different thinking. These forums can be a good way to judge growth and maturity for myself as well as allowing me the ability to laugh at some folks that I may think are out of their heads. That's the beauty of a place like this.

I'm all for letting it be as is.

But I could be wrong. Or I could be stupid.

Remember: Ugly is all the way to the bone, but stupid goes on forever.

posted on Apr, 12 2005 @ 02:26 PM
I must say ... if one is bored with the subjects presented, than maybe one should bring new exciting themes to the public... afterall there is no point complaining and not do anything to make it better ... when one's tooth hurts one goes to the dentist... that is if one wants to the tooth to stop hurting ... otherwise...

posted on Apr, 12 2005 @ 03:25 PM

Originally posted by Thomas Crowne

Originally posted by phantompatriot
i wish ats could return to the way it was backin say 2003 and 2004, nevermind my registration date i remember 2003 at ats very well. 2002 was great here to.

I wish we could go back to a time when people concerned themselves with spelling, grammar and punctuation. By the way, the shift button is there for a reason.

I remember ATS, pre-2003, and it was great, then. It is a great place now, as well. Need new blood here? Fine; but there need not be new people. We, the existing people, need to be more curious.

Im sorry that my punctuation offended you Mr. Crowne. From now on I will check over my posts if it irritates you so much.

My apologies.

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