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The 'Global Shift in Consiousness'

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posted on Apr, 20 2005 @ 08:03 PM
May not be soo funny. My gifts manifested in 2000. Ill be 5 years old in December. Mostly Empathy/Vision/Premonition. Was also a bad time in my life.

Wow, Hi Dragonfly,
On October 4th. I too will cellebrate my 5th. birthday!!! A signifigant shift was manifesting in my life for months (as labour pain) and on that date 2000 I was "reborn" sounds stubid but I have no other term. With emphasis on the same gifts as you mention all my abilities where rekindled.

Now in 2005, as of about 5 months, I hear a variety of tones and feel a variety of vibrasions and tremors. My sensistivity to temperture, moisture, pressure changes is unbearable at times. Summer is going to feel like hell.

My awarenes to pressure changes is the one that affects me the most, I have all the other sensations thank God not constantly.
It is sooo nice to hear of another "reborn".

Oh EntityDrifter,
YES,YES I have aknowlegded a significant awarenes change and also noticed that the individuals who strongly hold on to old patterns weather they are new age or red necks run in to serious problems.
As far as I can percieve it is all about flexibility a willingnes to accept and to take responsibility of our planet ourselves and one another. And so much more that I can't explain comprehencivly.
Oh, and I DON'T think we can make much use of the survivers of the 70's at least not those who haven't evolved since then, I call them dinosours and we all know what happened to them?

It's enough to drive me nuts!!
Got Ya

posted on Apr, 20 2005 @ 08:09 PM
Will Somebody PLEEEEEEASE tell me how to arrange my qoutes with the little grey boxes so it looks nice and proffesional not that I am


posted on Apr, 20 2005 @ 09:15 PM
Wren, it's not too hard.
Use this code, but use brackets like these "[" and "]"

[quote]what you want to say[/quote]
Feel free to u2u if you have any problem with the code

You can also click on BB code below for more code information.

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posted on Apr, 20 2005 @ 11:43 PM

Originally posted by Zipdot

Originally posted by An Entity
people aren't even paying musicians anymore, what a thank you for making the music they like so much!

(not that I don't download myself)

Well, I sure do. I am also an artist, however, so I know both sides of the issue - what it's like to get free music and what it's like to not get paid for giving away my music.
I like how they put it in the movie "Anarchist's Cookbook," when a guy says something to the effect of, well, the first music man played was the beating of drums around a campfire, you didn't have to pay. If you wanted to hear the music, all you had to do was show up.

As well, if Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd didn't get some cash in his guitar case while busking in St. Tropez, we might never have heard "The Dark Side of the Moon" or "The Wall." So, basically, I guess I believe that recorded music should so inexpensive that the cost is negligable, but live music should be priced per pound.

Its a technological 'oneness', I hope the real oneness will be just as easy to navigate but without the popups and viruses.
It kinda steals people away in their search but brings people from a distance together so its counterbalanced. We need local internet communities, that'd be intresting.

I really like how you put this. Very well said.

I'm guessing you don't really notice or feel any diffrent now then you did in lets say 2000 or somethng? I have noticed that the years have gone faster but I've heard that can be down to age or something.

No, I felt much more spiritually active when I was in my college years, a few years ago. Back then I had time to develop myself. Now I'm really busy chasing dollars and trying to keep my relationships together - not just with my woman, but with my family and old friends, who seem to be slipping further and further away from me and each other every day.

Not what I would have chosen for myself, if you were to ask the sixteen-year-old Zipdot.


I think, Zip, that you are experiencing the same circumstance that finally put the axe to the Free Love generation, Screw the man, don't trust anyone over 30, etc. Those halcyon days of peace, love, and dope gave way to the crushing weight of reality, white shirts, ties, making the bills, paying rent, buying food, paying for braces, $150 for tennis shoes, Oil, immigration, HIV, Herpes, New automobiles, bigger houses, golf lessons, karate lessons, tennis lessons, keeping up with the Joneses... The cost of food for the South Beach Diet ... Etc. Etc. Etc.

I think 16 year old Zip is no more disappointed than the once idealistic 16 year old Sigung86 ...

posted on Apr, 21 2005 @ 01:50 AM

Originally posted by An Entity
A simple question really;

Does anyone here feel it?

it's like sticking your finger into a light socket.

i'm confused, but, ....mmmmmmsumthin'!

posted on Apr, 21 2005 @ 06:28 AM
Yeesh, loads of mentally capable youngsters on here or am i slightly lost and confused? If you lot are talking like that at the age of five then I need to apologise to a few MPs for taking the piss out of the education system... maybe its not so brainwash after all!... Maybe you meant spiritual five years or something. I'm stupid and good at it.

I've heard about that vibration thing, saw something once where they put some stuff (presumably iron as you mentioned) onto a large metal plate and sent a viiibration through it... they danced and made some intergalatic planetary formation thing! I was flabbergasted and that word is out of circulation... it was that awe inspiring. It made a galaxy! A mini (non-infinite) universe!

Apologies to Menguard, I'm in manchester working and my computer at home (in london) is't connecting to the net. Hardly got to read the PM you sent. I was into Emotion = Energy and talking about empathetic abilities.. don't feel too empathetic sitting here in a suit but I should be back attempting to balance the two by next week Friday.

Peace. The Drifter/An Entity

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posted on Apr, 23 2005 @ 02:53 AM
EDIT: Hi Wren, Got your PM

Finally made it.

Anyway, I believe that you (and many others) came into your power/gifts around that time. 2000 was a year of changes. Im still waiting on someone to confirm the planetary alignments for August of that year. Around the 3rd week the planets were in the shape of a cross. I learned this way after the fact but made sense if I received a calling that December.

Oh yes, we were not 5 years old literally, 5 years old mystically. All of us have power when we are young though just depends on many factors. I found out my gifts were hereditary after years of my father avoiding all talk and destroying print related to magicks. You cant escape destiny I guess, if thats what it is. Now he's older, more humble although not by much and his mind is letting out juicy tidbits here and there.

And the quotes, just click the quote button and edit out what you arent referring to.

So what to do, what to do.........the question that haunts me. Trying to find reasons for it. Should I be enlisting in psychic detectives, should I be at a certain house of worship being cleansed and annointed, or...... (and my most favorite) will I be kicking some demon a*s in the near future.

....Cause Im down for that!!! I choose all three.

Those of you who meditate, you have to tune into the Soundscape channel in Music Choice. I slept like a baby today (I work nights )
. I cant wait to see what types of travel and visions it encourages. I might even meditate someday but I prefer REM.

I really feel like doing a chart especially for the date the new Pope was elected. Does anyone notice a wild look in his eye peppered with fear or some other type of anxiety?? Enough on that though, thats religion.

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posted on Apr, 24 2005 @ 08:33 PM
the most powerful concept of the human is the power of observation

as more "notice" the shift, doubt slowly fades

doubt decreases as possibility/imagination increase

the change may not be as epoch and abrupt as you might conceive, but its still change

but a lot of it is still hype

posted on Apr, 27 2005 @ 02:31 PM

Originally posted by entropy+
the most powerful concept of the human is the power of observation

the change may not be as epoch and abrupt as you might conceive, but its still change

It's definately overall not an abrupt change, I've been a very aware person my whole life, and each year that goes by you can feel the changes in everybody...

people who when we were young thought I was just crazy are now starting to get on the same page as me.

it's wierd.

posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 04:38 AM
^Cool. the people around me seem to have gone crazy, or at least slightly.. diffrent creed of friend I guess

I have been feeling off this year, last year wasn't so bad, this year its been about loosing time/days suddenly feeling I could be somewhere else and feeling too much for people.

Before I came up to manchester there was a day where everyone was being friendly, petrol station keeper actually got out of his box to get me a binliner so I could carry some coal I just bought back home... annoying disrespectful kid waved from across the street and wanted to talk 'business'.

I don't know, i think londons a repressed city, its tough to notice anything unless you go out and walk through camden at night. If you don't get robbed then theres an awakening... if you do then things are ''normal''.

My thread, Knowledge was moved... this site dosen't do what its motto says, it does the opposite but if you could read it. IF IT WASN'T MOVED* you could see that I reccomend or at least would have talked about a book called... The Awakening of Intellegence by J Krishnamurati. Its intresting if not a bit hard to follow but along the same lines as the 2012 prediction.... in fact it is that, seeing as the dude died a while ago its quite amazing IF IT WASN'T MOVED* I'd be able to go into more detail but its hidden away on BTS where it'll drop like a lead shlong in water, I can't post on there cause I'm away from home.

*Mods will be reading.

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posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 11:08 AM
I feel that everything that has happened to me since the year 2000, has been more significant than everything that happened to me before then. (I am now 22) It feels as though my life before 2000 was part of some dream that I have a huge problem with trying to relate to, as it feels like it was from another person's memories.
I *constantly* have the feeling that I am a 'walk-in', that I somehow don't belong in this body. All my old friends, or those that made friends with me when I was attempting to make friends by being the me that I used to be before 2000 (if that made any sense....), are wierded out by what I currently am (or what I am becoming?).
For the past five years, I have always had this ominous feeling of the falseness of the passage of time. Everything feels familiar, and I get deja-vu more than I'd like to admit in public. I can sit on the public train on the way to university, and feel as though I know and can connect with every other person on the train, as if I've already lived out their entire lives in my head.

Now, apparently, in my life prior to 2000, I would get these 'premonitions' of some very creepy #, of which I have trouble remembering nowadays, but can have them confirmed for me by my mother when I need to. I used to be very closed-minded before 2000, and only cared about my little existence, and didn't give two hoots about anybody else. Nowadays, it's all that defines my existence.. I cannot live and interact with another person without 'reading' their entire lifestream, and it freaks the living hell outta me, so much that I try to avoid talking to people, due to the immense stress and pressure that this gives me.

I have never taken any drugs, nor do I drink alcohol, smoke, eat refined sugar, etc... I try to keep my physical form free from as many toxins and contaminants as possible, so that I won't be able to be labelled as a 'crack-pot', or a 'drug-addict' because of my view on existence. I have absolutely no idea why these things have been happening to me, but I seem to recall something that my mum used to tell me, about being a 'white lighter', and a 'spirit leader'? I have been undertaking metitation recently, and it has been showing me some really freaky things, about human suffering, and global depression (sadness, not economics..), so I've been avoiding sleeping a bit, lately.

I remember a dream that I used to have, for a few years up until 2000 (in which it strangely stopped, but I still feel it there always), where I would be walking along a beautiful green field, surrounded by hills, and then all of a sudden the ground would be littered in burnt bodies, with some of them still alive, crying out to me for help. I'd try to help them, but they'd just keep getting further away from me as I get closer, only a few would let me near them, and they would be in 100% perfect condition, unburnt. The field would slowly transpose into a view of a massive, demolished city, looking similar to the views of the WTC after 9/11 (but the ENTIRE mega-city).
I talked to a few random people whom I was mysteriously guided to, in 2000, when the dreams stopped and started becoming residual in my waking consciousness, and they would say the same things that my mother would say when I was a kid, that I was here as a person to lead those from one plane of existence into the next, 'to help peoples spirits move onto the next world'. (which is what my mother said she's been doing her whole life, too)

Call me crazy, call me stupid, call me whatever you want, but I believe that something definitely happened in 2000, and that there's more to come, in the next ten years or so.

Also, has anybody else noticed that the world has begun to speed up exponentially over the past few years since 2000? Everything feels like it is moving way too fast for me to notice, but on the other hand, my mind feels like it has an infinite amount of time to process it all, and that I could re-live the entire history of the world, if I knew how.

posted on May, 2 2005 @ 03:19 AM
Agree that things seem to be speeding up. I feel like its the conclusion of something. I believe and observe signs of Revelations but lets save that for the other forum.

Since 2000 definately.

I remember a day seeming like a week when I was younger but now its dark before you know it. Should be the other way around with all the play and nap times plus school taking a major chunk out of the day.

I flash through geneolgy with a last name and/or facial features. Also feel like I dont belong here. Ive been here done that. I think I was trapped into being born. I feel I may have been beaten or tricked by an evil spririt.

The most bothersome is, I feel an energy within me, almost like a ticking time bomb. I feel like Ill explode one day. Situations and messed up people pull on this energy through my emotions. But its part of me. Cant even go there. Not as easy to explain as other powers. I havnt searched within, but its probably my lifeforce / inner spirit

posted on May, 2 2005 @ 06:24 AM
I've been getting the feeling lately that no matter HOW hard i try to please others, or even to PISS THEM OFF, that they seem to somehow be draining something out of me. When I think about it, it seems that everybody that I come in contact with, tries to drain my essense, somewhat like the feeling of being surrounded by a room full of vampires.
I don't think they'd be doing it intentionally, but it seems to me that the humans around me are selfish, life-sucking creatures, irregardless of their intentions (good OR bad). Even my 'family and friends' give me this feeling.
It has been getting worse lately, with a massive onslaught of people who keep asking me stupid-arsed questions, like trying to justify EVERYTHING that I've EVER done in my entire life, trying to drain my mind of any free thought as they try to make it seem that everything I do somehow relates to things in my past...
I hate it

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