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DC's Countdown to infinite crisis *SPoilers*

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posted on Apr, 11 2005 @ 03:35 AM
>Warning Spoilers<

HOly Freaken Crap I can not Believe that How good that Story was and how much It sucked at the same time. The whole time The Beetle is on to some mystery trying to figure out who jacked 20mil from his company,robbed his warehouse , almost killed his best friend and not one person (aside from booster) actually lends a hand?!?!?!?!?

Now i can understand superman was busy, and wonderwoman had business to attend to . But batman was kinda of a Dick and so was J'onn , You can excuse batman cause not only is he a Dick most of the time, but he's dealing with his own drama at the moment.

But J'onn basically flat out tells him that He being Foolish and he has nothing to worry about? Hmmmmmmmm let me see someone stole a bunch of cash from his soon to be belly up company, Steal Kryptonite from One of his own warehouses, Blows up his ride, Attacks him, almost kills his best buddy in the whole world and yeah It's nothing , your just imagining things Damn........thats cold.

I can say that there was a purpose in treating this character like crap, I think he is supposed to be a Matyr from now on or something but damn that was one of the best characterizations of the beetle for a long long while. and the Ending!!!!! well i'm not giving that away, I'm not that much of a Spoiler
, but hey if you can get it, 80pages really good art and actually some really good writing. There were selling it for a buck i think it sold out and the reprint will be 2bucks, but taht still really cheap folks, All i can say is Damn i can't believe it. Okay i'm done with my bitchin' now .

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