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138 sifns of JESUS' next coming in (*ISLAM*)

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posted on Apr, 13 2005 @ 08:00 PM
Cool, thanks for the hadith links, I bookmarked them all and will hopefully get to them after finals at the end of the month :bnghd: Incidentally, all of my Muslim friends are Sunni, could you maybe explain a bit what the differences are between Sunni and Shiite? I know that there were disagreements in the past based disagreements over who should be caliph, which caused the split in the first place. I've also heard that one of the main differences is that Shiites have the Ayatollahs and other religious leaders as a kind of intermediary, sort of like priests in Christian religions, whereas Sunnis don't have anything like that.

posted on Apr, 13 2005 @ 08:13 PM
Hi Islam.........

thank you for your reply to this post.....
here are my questions again.....
quote//quote: you actually have prophecy on the Mahdi?
Is it in the Koran?
Or is it a prophecy of Muhammad?
Are there any signs of his coming ?
When you say he will come before the Antichrist, how do you know it will be HIM ....?
How are you going to distinguish between the Antichrist and the Madhi?

Ok....sorry my ignorance.....I forgot all about the link you provided.....I will take a look.....

QUOTE//from Islam- Yes I believe in Mahdi.
- It is from the prophecy of Muhammad and not in the Quran.
- Ye, there are signs of his comming and many of it associated with Jesus' becaus Mahdi will come not very far before Jesus.
- He will come AFTER Antichrist to stop him.
- Each one (Mahdi and Antichrist) has special features that was mentioned in Hadiths (Muhammad's sayings).
- You are not ignorant
This prophecy of Muhammad , did he have other prophecy?
Do you beleive that in order for a prophecy to be from God it has to be all true 100% or not true at all, but lies......?

If Mahdi ,as you say(or Muhammad says) ''quote//Mahdi will come not very far before Jesus.
- He will come AFTER Antichrist to stop him......

In the New Testament, Christ will come right before the end of the world right before the ''Judgement day'' to give everyone His reward as it says....
Also He says that many OTHER prophets will come and false deceivers to falsely proclaim that it is Christ .........
So there is some sort of disagreement between the Bible ''Old and New Testament and the prophecy of Muhammed your prophet......
Can you explain this?
You cannot tell me that the New Testament is not right, because then I would have to say that it is your Muhammed that is wrong.....

I will tell you this and be honest with you, I have looked at the prophecy of Muhammed(another Muslim guy pointed out to me) and many have failed to come out........BUT
with Jesus Christ and His prophecy concerning the Old and New Testament .......all have happened ......well, except the end of the world and of-course Judgement of the living and the dead..
Thank you Islam....
Glory be to God Lord Jesus Christ ....

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