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Street Ministry

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posted on Apr, 10 2005 @ 04:34 PM
For a time, maybe 8 months+ I went about passing out bible tracts to people in San Diego. Chick Bible tracts and some other bible tracts, mostly Chick though.

At first I was passing them out to during the Evening in the Gaslamp district. I was too afraid to pass them out to people, so I was leaving them places, such as pay phones near bars, bus stops, etc.

Day later I was passing them out to people, and strange things began to happen, when ever I needed a bus or a trolley one would be there. I never had to wait in line for anything anymore, God was I believe rewarding me for my good deeds.

I started to listen to God (As crazy as you may think that is), he told me to buy a bunch of bible tracts "Who Murder Clarice?" by Chick Publications. He directed to me, each day, like 5+ on EVERY payphone in a particular area of the Gaslamp. So I did, until one day he told me to stop, I asked "Why?" he told me "you are smart enough to figure it out yourself".
which I did. It to stop someone from doing something very bad.

I started to read and follow the Bible. Where the other ministries failed and turned people away. What I learned was, the Anti-LGBTQ groups were going about it was completely wrong. It says in the bible in 1 Corinthians 6:7-11. Basically fornicators, adulters, idolators, homosexuals, thieves, envious, alcoholics, extortioners, proud-boastful will not inherit the Kingdom of God, unless they are washed clean of their sins. Those so called "Christian" Anti-LGBTQ groups focus only on homosexuals.

I decided not to focus on that passage in the Bible, but this passage instead Go forth and preach to every living creature.

Instead of offending people, I decided to teach them about Jesus and not argue with anyone.
God said unto me "It's not about YOUR glory or anyone's glory, it is NOT recruiting for Christianity either, it is about helping people find peace and salvation, which will make this world a better place."

I decided to quit from witnessing from people for awhile, but I will do it later in the future.

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